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  1. kelticwizard

    Nick Bosa injures hamstring during OTA

    Anabolic steroid-induced tendon pathology: a review of the literature. Laseter JT1, Russell JA. Author information Abstract Anabolic steroids have attained a prominent, albeit highly controversial, position among ergogenic aids for power athletes. Adverse effects of these compounds are well documented, but their popularity persists. One of their possible side effects which has received little attention is abnormal form and function of connective tissue in steroid-abusing athletes. Scientific and medical literature addressing this concern is scant and is generally limited to observed effects in animals. Anabolic steroid use paralleled with exercise may lead to dysplasia of collagen fibrils, which can decrease the tensile strength of tendon. Changes in tendon's crimp morphology have been shown to occur, as well, which may alter the rupturing strain of tendon and the normal biomechanics of the extremities. Given the megadoses of steroids taken by some athletes and the large forces incurred by power-trained musculature, the integrity of tendinous tissue in these athletes may be at significant risk of compromise if steroids do, in fact, exert a destructive effect. Additional investigation in the area reviewed here is warranted before anabolic steroids can be decisively implicated in human connective tissue disruption. It is recommended, however, that consideration be given to including potential tissue alterations among the side effects of steroid abuse. PMID: 1997802 [Indexed for MEDLINE]
  2. You're a lot more likely to get injured playing pro football than almost anything else.
  3. kelticwizard

    Your vote for the new GM!

    Bill Parcells. No more worries about Gase's ego.
  4. Not sure I see how the fact that one guy with business experience means that all owners need to run businesses, especially since the whole league was started by rich heirs who couldn't get into the NFL, so they formed the AFL and forced themselves in.
  5. kelticwizard

    So when is Bell getting cut?

    I'd be a little more concerned with a rookie, because I would think he'd be licking his chops just to show what he could do on the professional level for the first time. He's finally achieved his goal. With Leveon, he's gone to the Pro Bowl several times, and while this is a different pro team, he knows he can play in this league and what he needs to be prepared to function optimally.
  6. I should point out that entire American Football League was started by owners who were mostly trust fund babies, like the Hunts. One of the jokes that sportswriters tied to the NFL at the time made was that the new AFL was run by people "in the inheritance business".
  7. kelticwizard

    So when is Bell getting cut?

    It's a voluntary practice. And even though he doesn't have to be, Bell is on the premises working out preparing for the season. It's not like he's partying in Aruba or someplace.
  8. kelticwizard

    So when is Bell getting cut?

    Very underemphasized point. This "countdown to 30" for RBs exists because their legs take a beating, what with running through the line and having to pass-block defenders 50 lbs heavier than themselves. Bell has taken a year off while uninjured, so the "countdown to 30" gets set back a couple of years. Oh yeah, Bell is about 20 lbs heavier than the average running back, so the people he's pass-blocking against are only about 30 lbs heavier than Bell. After several years of doing this, that makes a difference in wear and tear on the body.
  9. kelticwizard

    Whether you are happy Mac is gone or not

    Seems weird, Mac screws up and screws up and they keep him. Then the light at the end of the tunnel finally appears, and you boot him out.
  10. kelticwizard

    Daniel Jones vs Sam Darnold

    Glad you finally agree. So what are you complaining about? Brady got the ball with 7 min+ and scored the TD with 2 min +. A QB playing a great game doesn't do that. Brady gets a B: He got the TD, but he left too much time on the clock for a dangerous QB to come back and score. Many times in the past it was Brady who was the dangerous QB, this time it was Eli, at Brady's expense. Thank you. And taking advantage of the opportunities your opponent gives you is what winning is all about, as any sports fan knows.
  11. kelticwizard

    Daniel Jones vs Sam Darnold

    But those things did happen and you're using this board as your personal way of saying they really didn't. Get a grip.
  12. kelticwizard

    Daniel Jones vs Sam Darnold

    Oh, please, how old are you? Mr. Snowblind By Statistics now wants to count drops as receptions that enable the team to run out the clock?  So much for your mathematically precise analyses about football. Oh they're both great but when they met in the Super Bowl in 2008 and 2012, Eli was the better man. Which is another way of saying Brady couldn't run the clock down before he scored in 2008, or make the first down he needed in 2012. Eli ran the clock down to under a minute before his team scored both times. That's why he was MVP in both Super Bowls.
  13. Tight End Chris Baker had a lot of people believing in his eventual greatness.
  14. Tim Tebow certainly had his cheering squad.
  15. kelticwizard

    Daniel Jones vs Sam Darnold

    Brady led his team to an 80 yard TD drive which left well over two minutes on the clock. That's very good, actually, but great QBs only need two minutes to come back. Manning topped Brady by leading his team on an 83 yard TD march leaving only 29 seconds on the clock-not enough time for anything for miracles. Very true. Eli engineered the go-ahead TD drives for the Giants which scored with less than half a minute left in the first game, and less than a minute left in the second. It's a mark of great field generalship when you make sure you score with little time for your opponent to respond. Which is why Eli was MVP in both games. Thanks for proving my point.

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