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  1. That's where the GM comes in. Good GMs acquire more good players than bad GMs. DeShaun might cost us big for a year, but the improved front office should be bringing in better players in the next few years. Watson has proven he can elevate the players around him.
  2. We finally have a front office structure that is functioning the way good teams function. We have a GM running it that most football people think knows what he is doing. Good GMs frequently find people in the lower rounds who play as well as people in the higher rounds. The major exception to this is QB. There are only a certain number of good ones, and you have to get one or you don't have squat.
  3. Three #1s most likely, which is two more #1s than it would take to get Wilson. Of course, since at least one of those #1s will be in 2022, it will equal a #2 in 2021. So to get Watson we have to pay one more #1 and one #2 than we have to use to get Wilson. Let's just say that if we get Watson we will have to get lower drafted wide receivers. As I see it, I would rather take my chances on Watson throwing to two second round wideouts than Wilson throwing to two first round wideouts. Wouldn't you?
  4. I give him credit for realizing the management methods needed changing. Chris Johnson came on as a placeholder until his brother came back in a few years. As such, he tried to just run the team as his brother did, selecting the coach and GM separately. This was unsuccessful, as it was unsuccessful under his brother. So he decided to make the change to where the coach is selected by the GM and answers to him, the way successful teams run things. You might say it's no big deal, but somebody had to do it and he did.
  5. Okay, there's been some discussion about what the circumstances are about this, so I'll clarify. The question is would you prefer DeShaun Watson or Trevor Lawrence if it takes a somewhat similar amount of picks or players to pry each away from Houston or Jacksonville, respectively. If you don't believe that one team or the other will actually part with their QB for any price, just accept hypothetically that it might happen, and tell us which QB you would prefer.
  6. I'd rather have DeShaun. I know he's really good at the NFL level. Lawrence very probably will be.
  7. As Dennis Miller once pointed out, Custer was nationally hailed as a military genius until the Battle of Little Big Horn.
  8. I heard Belichick has already pencilled him in as QB coach for Stidham.
  9. As of September 2020, in the 32 team NFL there were 3 black coaches in a league where 70% of the players are black. In this respect, we would appear to be a lot closer to 1977 than you thought.
  10. I'm allergic to PEG. I heard that can cause problems with the vaccine.
  11. This was all over the radio and hated it every time I got stuck listening to it.
  12. Are you saying that any black head coaching candidate interviewed early in the process means the team is not really interested in hiring him, only satisfying the Rooney Rule? Whether he is the right one for the Jets is open to opinion, but Bieniemy has the credentials to earn consideration on his own, Rooney Rule or not.
  13. Sometimes he looked okay, but I'm still seeing a mental replay of that long pass at the goal line that he didn't even lunge for....
  14. Don't think so. Bienemy's name is on every list I've seen of desirable head coaching candidates. This interview should surprise nobody. Besides, it's not like our offense doesn't need reworking.
  15. New York vs Jacksonville? Lessee..... Murders per 100,000 people: Jacksonville-19.2 New York-3.8 I'll take Manhattan.......

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