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  1. A receiver with the knack to get behind the defense and catch the ball is not easily acquired. We have one. And now people want to ship him out.
  2. Well, yeah, he was a scab during the strike. Oh, I'm sorry, "replacement player". For what it's worth, he played quite well during those games where the management was trying to break the union, so he stuck. I really disliked this guy at the start for that reason. However, as the years went by and he turned in good plays and helped the Jets a lot, I decided that he had more than proven he really belonged in the NFL despite the way he got to the Jets, and grew to appreciate him.
  3. The guy was in a rehab boot so he could walk a couple of days ago.
  4. Bingo. Veteran's Day is on the calendar, he knew the day the lunch was and he knew his rehab was that day, he could have easily told them a week in advance. Instead, he doesn't even call in.
  5. I would second that emotion but right after you posted this the thread commenced its descent into political talk, "SJW" accusing and all the rest. I stopped at Page 3, the thread had become unreadable by then. So yeah, for the first two pages this thread was smart and interesting.
  6. I think the horrendous blowout by the Patriots set the Jets back for several weeks, and they are only recovered as a team vs the Giants. So I think the Jets beat the Redskins by double digits, with 20 points not being out of the question.
  7. And so the segue into taxes and politics commences. Again.
  8. How many good players is he surrounded with? A team has 11 members, remember. What is the overall talent level of our team vs Pats? That will require an influx of better players and better coaching than we've had so far. That doesn't mean Adams hasn't played very well for us overall. So who says he's a great player? So far, he's been a very good one for us. Take a look around our team-how many notable, above average players do you see? You're confused. I didn't post this thread. Who cares? He backs it up with good quality play. This team needs more players who perform at or near Jamal Adams' level.
  9. News flash: I'll talk whenever I damn well want. That's what this board is for. Refresh my memory-how did Adams make All-Pro by being a lousy player? He's surrounded by mediocrity or worse, and yet he makes plays. That's what you haters don't realize.
  10. We've gotten quality play from Jamal since he showed up here. If he sometimes talked a little too big, so what? It's a game that emphasizes aggressiveness.
  11. There's your problem right there. The pic you posted, (reposted here), is not from the AFC CG. You post a pic with Sam at QB, but try to talk about a game Sanchez played in. Suggestion: Take a vacation from the board and get yourself a couple of hours more sleep for a few days. It often works wonders clearing up mental confusion.
  12. I'm getting real. I mentioned Maybin was vet minimum when we got him because he was highly drafted but was a bust for somebody else. As I stated also, when he first got here he was a holy terror for several weeks and got our hopes way up that we found an effective rusher. But then he just became ineffective and became a bust for us too.
  13. Ahem. In the picture, Sam has just completed a backward step. Measure your stride-you will find it is between 30 and 36 inches. Sam is tall so it's probably closer to 36in. You say the proper play was for Sam to step forward instead of backwards. If Sam did that, his position upon release of the football would be two steps (between 60 and 72 inches), closer to the sackers than it turned out to be The tacklers, at the instant Sam released the ball, were about five feet, (60 inches), from Sam. Therefore, it Sam did as you advised, he would have been swallowed up entirely by two opposing players. No chance at all for the ball to be released. Instead of refuting lounap23's point about Sam's mechanics being thrown off by the opponent's unblocked sackers, you select a perfect example to prove lounap23 is correct.

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