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  1. I like what I've heard from Mary J. Blige. The rest of them, not for me. But it was inevitable-maybe overdue-that hip hop would break through to the Super Bowl halftime.
  2. Your link doesn't give information. FWIW, I believe it was five or so fatal clots. New information has come forth that points in the direction that the Johnson and Johnson shot's immunity against the Delta version of Covid doesn't last longer than a couple of months, however. So if you can take the Pfizer or Moderna without worries about allergic reaction to Poly Ethylene Glycol, (PEG), by all means do so. PS: Anything more to say about the fact that 98% of the Covid patients in the hospital were UNvaccinated? Or is that not important?
  3. So now the Pats are ready for a let down. Why? Because they're not that good in the first place and they played above themselves last week.
  4. True, but he did make at least one big mistake QB-wise. After New England cut him loose, Jim Plunkett went to Bill Walsh at SF, his college coach, and Walsh couldn't do a thing with him. He let him go to the Raiders, where he won 2 Super Bowls. Guess even the good ones screw up sometimes.
  5. Don't know but I believe all the people with the clot reaction were women. And there were only five or so.
  6. Not a medical expert, but I've been doing a lot of reading. I got the J&J vaccine specifically because I am allergic to Poly Ethylene Glycol, (PEG), which is in the other two. Found out later it was large amounts of PEG, such as the amount in a pre-colonoscopy preparation, but still would choose to avoid it. I prefer the J&J vaccine also because it uses a virus that has been used in other vaccines for a long time, and used in laboratories for 40 or 50 years. The Mrna vaccines are brand new, and I am skittish. Also, I am not scared off by the lower Efficacy rating of th
  7. Everybody is forgetting the blocking scheme the Jets have adopted is very effective, but takes some time for the linemen to master. That's why they were so terrible Week 1, but have gradually improved since. I look for improved blocking on the offensive line, improved mastery by Zach in the short game plus a couple of killer bombs at the expense of the Pats' secondary. Jets win.
  8. It's not surprising, really. The extra weight makes them sit down more, which leads to them calmly contemplating better plays and strategies.
  9. During WWII, Winston Churchill once said of the at times overbearing Charles DeGaulle: "He thinks he's Joan of Arc but my bishops won't let me burn him".
  10. Kellen Winslow Jr looked like he might settle in for a little time but stuff happened.
  11. So if a guy does well and decides to move to a pretty town like Mystic, CT, that means he despises black people? Maybe he just likes boating and a nice little cultural scene.
  12. As a general rule, I like to watch sports but I don't particularly like people sitting around a table talking about sports. I wish ESPN would return to the early days when they showed actual games, and replace all these sports talk shows with Australian Rules Football, which was a gas to watch.
  13. He's appeared on Broadway in To Kill A Mockingbird. He's done a series on the black experience in America. The Michigan town of less than 5,000 people where he lives happens to be almost all white-so what?
  14. Absolutely. And whatever else it is, it is the family's business.
  15. Inflation cuts into a little bit of that. It takes $1.59 now to equal the value of a dollar in 2000. So that makes the Jets worth about 3.02 Billion in 2000 dollars. An increase in real, (inflation accounted for), value of about 5.4% a year. Still a great payoff.
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