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  1. Probably figured that with the bye week coming up, risking anything at all with Darnold's ankle doesn't make sense, no matter how minor.
  2. Somehow I don't think the Jets' medical staff went along with the idea of putting a boot on Darnold in order to perpetrate a ruse. Licenses are involved.
  3. Depends on whether the boss knew it was coming or not. I've worked for large companies where the supervisors were asked to make out lists of people he considered expendable, and they found out that the company added more people to the layoff role than the supervisor put down on the list. The boss might have not included Integrity on his list, figured he was safe and gave the bicycle advice, and two days later the layoff comes down with Integrity's name on it.
  4. kelticwizard

    How To Find The Rerun on NFL Network?

    Good idea. I'll check that out.
  5. kelticwizard

    How To Find The Rerun on NFL Network?

    Much thanks, Joe Willy. I'm not an Amazon Prime member, but I will investigate what it takes to become one.
  6. kelticwizard

    How To Find The Rerun on NFL Network?

    I realize that quite a few posters have said they won't be watching the game, and McCown vs Barkley is not exactly a marquee matchup. But I'd like to see the game anyway, and since there aren't too many Jet fans in this part of Connecticut, in the past I have been able to record the Jets at various times and been able to make sure I don't know who won, thereby making it seem that the game is actually being played days later. But I would like to know if there is some way to find out when the NFL network announces the day and time it's being shown, so I can watch or record it. It's easier to prevent knowing what happened if it's broadcast on Tuesday than if it's broadcast Thursday or Friday.
  7. The game is not being broadcast in most of CT, including my area. I do have the NFL Network though. I'd like to see the game without knowing who won on the NFL Network if it's not broadcast too late in the week. When will I be able to see this game on the NFL Network?
  8. In that case, feel free to rip him up as often as you like. Turnabout is fair play.
  9. kelticwizard

    Man you guys are reactionary

    So you all think Bowles schemed with the doctors to put a boot on Darnold as part of a ruse? Don't people lose licenses for that sort of thing?
  10. kelticwizard

    Darnold in a walking boot. Not practicing.

    Bolding mine. Isn't this reasoning 180º contradictory to your screen name, playtowinthegame?
  11. kelticwizard

    What happens if McKown pulls a Fitzmagic

    McCown can't become FitzMagic because we've already had him 2+ years and we know there's no lasting magic there.
  12. kelticwizard

    Jets thinking about bringing Pryor back

    Deontay Burnett is still on the roster. My guess is that he'll be on the bench.
  13. kelticwizard

    Is Darnold the Starter In 2019?

    Then the league would have two Jewish starting quarterbacks.
  14. kelticwizard

    Jets thinking about bringing Pryor back

    Certainly possible. Didn't Enunwa get into some trouble his first year for holding a hooker by the arm? Or was it the ankle, I forget.

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