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  1. I feel strongly there should be a rule that you have to have actually performed before they can nail you for a performance enhancing drug.
  2. Nope. Geno was not smart to post it in the first place, but smart to delete it. Geno is officially a scrub. Someone who has gotten the job well enough done to be someone's second or third string, but not start. NFL coaches are a small world, everyone knows or is connected somehow to everyone else, through former jobs, etc . Smart scrubs shut up about former coaches, say nice things about former employers and project a positive attitude to any prospective team. If by chance the light goes on for Geno, then he's put himself into position to take advantage of that. If it remains unlit forever, then he can profit greatly by extending his NFL backup career as long as he can. Geno should do what the guy who took Geno's job did-project a positive attitude always.
  3. A few years before he died, I saw a news story where Hunter Thompson was clearly insane, he would be sitting and just rattle out words that had no connection to each other. Not sure what role dementia played in this advice to Irsay.
  4. Apparently the main requirement for ranking as a Top State is being under snow for seven months of the year.
  5. Or.... Who loves ya, baby?
  6. Certainly possible, as well.
  7. Will be interesting to see what the time, (and date), of death was. Was Jenkins still in Jersey when he died?
  8. No, he was supposed to be under the other stadium. Although there was an account back then from an informant that Hoffa's body was loaded onto a van and sent down to Florida, (honest). Where is Janoris Jenkins now, by the way?
  9. Or a satire of them.
  10. kelticwizard

    Tarvaris Jackson's Wife is Savage

    Link didn't work for me. Here's another link that did. Ex NFL player accused of pointing gun at woman Christal Hayes Contact Reporter Staff Writer Ex NFL player Tarvaris Dandre Jackson accused of pointing gun at woman. A former NFL quarterback was arrested early Friday after he was accused of pulling a gun on a woman, the Osceola County Sheriff's Office said. Tarvaris Dandre Jackson didn't shoot, a report said. Jackson, who played for NFL teams including the Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks and is currently a free agent, was staying at a vacation home in the Regal Oaks Resort near Kissimmee. Jackson, 33, traveled from Alabama to visit family in the area. He and a woman who he was staying with at the resort had been fighting for most of the vacation, an arrest affidavit said. The arguing continued at about 12 a.m. Friday when Jackson came back to their unit drunk, the woman, whose name was redacted from police records, told deputies. Jackson came through the two-story unit and kicked in the upstairs bedroom door as three children slept in the rental, records show. He started yelling at the woman and started packing, telling her he was going to leave. She told deputies when Jackson drinks he can become violent and has hit her in the past, officials said. The woman went downstairs and grabbed a knife. She told deputies that "she was in fear not knowing what Jackson was going to do since he was drunk," an arrest affidavit said. She said she sat down but when Jackson came downstairs she put the knife down. That's when she said Jackson grabbed a backpack from the top of the refrigerator and pulled out a Ruger SR9C 9mm Caliber handgun, records show. He loaded it then pointed it at her, deputies said. Jackson then told her "I'll kill you [expletive]. I'll kill you," an arrest report said. She ran upstairs and grabbed a clothes iron for protection. Jackson followed behind her and threatened "if you throw that iron I will kill you," records show. A friend followed behind the pair and tried stopping Jackson. The woman put the iron down and shut the door to the room. When deputies responded, Jackson said there was no firearm inside the rental but authorities spotted a gun sitting on the kitchen counter in the home along with a container of marijuana. Deputies reported as they were arresting Jackson he said he did grab his backpack from the top of the fridge but never took out the gun that was inside. The friend who tried to break up the fighting also told deputies a gun was not involved. Jackson told deputies he told the woman that "he should shoot her to which she replied 'You better be accurate because you ain't on the field,'" an arrest report said. Jackson is facing an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge. He was booked in the Osceola County Jail. chayes@orlandosentinel.com or 407-420-5493 http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/breaking-news/os-tarvaris-jackson-arrest-quarterback-20160624-story.html
  11. kelticwizard

    FitzMagic Shirts for $13.50

    When I first saw this I didn't realize it was necro'd. I knew who Fitzmagic was but I actually forgot his real name for several minutes. I had to search on the internet for it. Combination of age catching up and the fervent desire to turn the page as swiftly as possible.
  12. kelticwizard

    Jameis Winston Suspended 3 Games

    That's what jumps out at me too-how completely in charge of his team he is. He's an inspirational leader.
  13. kelticwizard

    Kellen Winslow Jr. Arrested on 9 Charges

    Somehow I don't think he just went on a rape spree. I would guess it's quite possible he's been doing this for a long time, and might very well have dozens if not hundreds of victims.
  14. kelticwizard

    Kellen Winslow Jr. Arrested on 9 Charges

    Right now he needs to be separated from the rest of society. Then have a fair trial. If found guilty, and no death penalty is assessed, he can get some help.
  15. kelticwizard

    Former Jet TE Winslow arrested for Burglary

    In fairness to Winslow, there are a few things about that incident that don't add up. Even if the woman who reported Winslow did park next to him, when you emerge from your car do you see what's in the seat of the car parked next to you? This happened in a mall. The only thing I see when I get out of my car in a mall parking lot is how close my door gets to the other car when I open it. This is Jersey, not some tiny rural outpost where people walk up to a car they don't know and say, "Howdy, I just want to welcome you to town".