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  1. The child is safe. The authorities have taken charge, and they are not releasing information. The NFL clearly feels that they want ONE punishment only to come out of this incident, even if it's lifetime ban, rather than adding more and more punishments as the facts emerge. The NFL's just waiting to get the whole picture before the punishment.
  2. Had the Jets going on a little streak there, didn't he? He was one of the best Jets head coaches.
  3. You're possibly right. In fairness, Robbie was just doing what he does best-sprinting-when he got hurt. He didn't get hurt doing something normally risky.
  4. The Shah, yes they did as I recall. The other two had their job termination and life termination occur too closely together to allow for interviews.
  5. He was Mr. Excitement every time he got his hands on the ball. Super quick.
  6. The situation that brought McCown here was that two years after Geno was judged unfit to lead the football team, we were still reduced to signing yet another career backup and making him the starter. On the field, the results were predictably abysmal. Just what about this inspires fond reminiscence and appreciation?
  7. So the Jets' fan base is now reduced to looking back fondly at players who couldn't be expected to actually win, just lose in a routine, unremarkable manner? Is there no hope for us?
  8. You must remember that Lawrence played in the eighties. When you say "he's doing drugs" you have to specify relative to who.
  9. Decent reasoning. However, it is possible that the new GM and coach might think that Anderson will grow into a #1 receiver himself, and deciide to tend to other needs. Even if Robbie's level stays the same, he's still dangerous and stretches the field.
  10. Well, that was quick. Glad everything was successful.
  11. Yeah, that's the first thing I thought of too-fire your GM after the draft-the Jets have started a trend!
  12. He's been useful to us-if he can find a place spelling LeVeon, why not?
  13. Leveon was never Gase's guy, and his signing conceivably might have been part of why Gase angled Macc out of there. It is possible that now that he's in charge, Gase might look for ways to move Bell out of there. On the other hand, Leveon is a rare talent who has apparently invented a new form of running, a hesitate-and-go move which gives his blockers a split second longer to successfully make their block and who can immeasurably help our young QB. Unless Gase is mad with power and feels the need to show everyone he is in charge to the detriment of new team, I think he'll get along fine with Leveon.
  14. Just forgot to turn it off during the biggest public appearance in his life? Don't think so. He's a wealthy businessman, he gives speeches and he appears on various stages for one ceremony or another. He's well used to turning off his phone. I think this is deliberate.
  15. Bell is young, single, wealthy by his own effort and does extensive charity work. Why all the satisfaction at seeing him ripped off?

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