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  1. The difference between the DeShaun Watson and Robert Kraft cases is that Hunt's woman didn't contract beforehand to get kicked in the head by Hunt for a certain amount of money.
  2. Not different. Aren't there several dozen women giving accounts? That's evidence.
  3. "Look at his pace." And here I thought the Pats were trying to get to the Super Bowl, not the Kentucky Derby.
  4. Totally agree. No question she reached too far, but she never lost it completely. At least she didn't try some unique, out-of-whack "styling" that I've heard. Marvin Gaye's was brilliant, of course, but some of the people who came after.....
  5. If he's like our new QB, it better not be
  6. It's in the interests of the Jets to promote the idea that they're taking Wilson at 2 so if they want to trade that pick on Draft Day for a lower pick some Wilson-hungry team antes up big with the draft picks to trade for their boy. Then the Jets go down a couple of picks, get the guy they really want and then get his line protection with their new pick.
  7. I won't "book it" but I would like to know how, in the space of a month, Justin Fields went from sure second best with some saying the best, to Wilson who was considered good at the end of the season but not the top notch. Add in the fact that it is very much in the Jets' interest to stoke the "Wilson is the obvious best after Lawrence" fire in case they do trade down after Jacksonville takes Lawrence, and that tells me there is a decent chance-not 50%, but decent chance-Wilson won't be our pick.
  8. Back then they didn't have strength and conditioning. A perennial All-Star defensive lineman back in the early seventies, when asked about lifting weights, said, "I've never seen a player worth his salt fool around with those things". So although you were allowed to hit people in more ways back then, the men hitting you were both smaller and non-weight-trained.
  9. NY Titans-Jets had 3 coaches and at least four QBs in five years. Coaches: Hall of Famer Slingin' Sammy Baugh, somebody named Bulldog Turner, and the legendary Weeb Ewbank. Starting QBs: Al Dorow, Lee Grosscup, Dick Wood, then Mike Taliaferro/Joe Namath in 1965. I seem to remember others starting as well, but forgot the names.
  10. The way it's traditionally been done is that when they trade you, you leave.
  11. Do we even know the criminal complaint is about massages or sex? It's at least possible it's another matter.
  12. Nobody said the owner has to be a current NFL owner. Let's trade the #2 for Elon Musk. At least he's somebody who knows how to look ahead.
  13. It can happen. Remember-Mike Pagel beat out highly rated rookie Art Schlichter as starter for the Colts in 1982. By the way, Schlichter is still in jail.
  14. I think it's only fair to point out that over the last three years, Flacco has a winning percentage of 6-15, (40%). Darnold has a winning percentage of 13-25, (52%). So this year was not a statistical anomaly, QB comparisons-wise.
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