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  1. When you combine it with the fact that he covers receivers 20 yards downfield.
  2. At least John Dillinger has part of him preserved for the ages in a very large jar in the Smithsonian Institution. That certainly won't happen with Brady.
  3. Yeah, the Steelers have done great since he left. If he's just the average 4.0-a-carry running back, how does he lead the league in first downs with the Steelers?
  4. He's older and presumably more mature, his team is better and his coaching is way better. So vast improvement is possible, but by no means guaranteed.
  5. In fairness to Geno, he went whole stretches of a season where his only healthy receiver was Kellen Winslow Jr, who for some reason had difficulty holding onto an NFL job.
  6. Nobody ever does that. Rule Number One for any NFL player who has lost his job is get back in the league any way you can. The only exception is that once every couple of decades, the CFL tries to prove it can rival the NFL and signs an NFL star or top draft choice to a big contract. The fantasy doesn't last long, however, and things soon return to normal.
  7. We don't really know if he' a solid backup or not since he really hasn't seen the field much once he left the Jets. Still would be funny to see him have a 10 year NFL career after being considered a league doormat.
  8. Second worst according to Football Outsiders. Fifth worst according to PFF.
  9. Burning the evidence against a popular championship team might be shady-heck, was shady-but that's a far cry from scripting a complex game with all kinds of complicated coverages and TD passes which are inches short of being intercepted. Don't think you can script an actual game.
  10. I wonder if it is really possible to script an NFL game. So many interceptions and turnovers are such athletically great plays-how can you script that?
  11. From quoted news article: 1. Assault-or whatever it was which happened-occurred in 2017. And nobody's still heard of him. 2. Wonder if Tajae Sharpe is related to Sterling or Shannon Sharpe, both of whom were great NFL receivers.
  12. Or with the same club but no longer viewed as starter.

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