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  1. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    Pretty much sums it up. I had hopes that Petty would come around, but it appears obvious the coaching staff had already abandoned hope for Petty a long time ago. He must be a nice guy whom they plan to offer a nice position somewhere in the Jets organization to after the season, because they sure as hell don't look like they ever want him to play QB.
  2. Kerly getting suspended (confirmed)

    Didn't I read something somewhere that you get immunity from suspension if the PED you're taking still leaves you smaller and slower than most other players at the position?
  3. ### Jets \ Dolphins Game Thread ###

    Don't get overconfident. The Jets have a good chance with this one provided they don't get carried away and think of themselves as an elite team.
  4. Cut down bonanza

    I don't particularly feel bad for them unless I've come to like the player being cut. The job pays big money, there is a huge line of athletes, many of whom were the best ever in their high school or college, all trying out. Inevitably some will get cut in favor of a player who turns out not to be very good, but most "on the bubble" players end up being gone at the end of the year or before anyway. There are a lot of "connections" in football, like his college coach goes to the pro's as an assistant and puts in a good word, so the good ones tend to get several chances. I just want my team to be the best it can be.
  5. Grade 1 MCL sprain for petty

    Seems to me if Petty connects on a couple of long passes early in the season-and it looks like he has that ability-that's going to help the Oline much more than they can benefit from any experience McCown has from losing games.
  6. Reputation \ Reactions

    I love the smaller type idea. Another idea is that after a certain amount of political posts, your typeset begins to get a lighter and lighter grey until you are posting white on white.
  7. This is Josh McCown we are talking about. He had a similar role in 2008 down in Miami, a veteran backup just there until Chad Henne takes over, and it looked like he had already lost his job to Henne before the season started. Then when Chad Pennington became available the Dolphins sent McCown packing. He might be a nice guy and a class act, but his performance on the field makes one wonder how he hangs on in the league so long. It is entirely possible that the Jets can decide that that they'll go with the youngsters, for better or worse, and if they don't show anything they're in line for a high choice in a draft class rated strong in QBs.
  8. Maybe a deal is in the works to trade McCown, that's why nobody's talking.
  9. Wouldn't be the first player who turned out good after being slowed by injuries his first few years.
  10. The exclusive "NEGATIVE" thread

    But if you post negative things in a negative thread, mathematically they all become positive.
  11. Quote gEYno: Indeed. Not to get political, but Rasmussen's final poll had Bush winning the popular vote by 9 points in 2000.
  12. I think they'll start the preseason hoping for Hack, but if Petty steps up and clearly outplays Hack, he can get it. If McCown and Petty are near equal with Hack well behind, Petty gets it because he still has upside.
  13. The reason Fitzpatrick has lasted so long despite being "on the bubble" talent-wise is that he exudes positivity. Also, despite not being as swift as many other QBs he's made his running game very effective by choosing his spots to run, efficient use of blocks and putting his head down and pushing the tacklers back. And he doesn't complain. That's why he's in the league, despite QBs of equal or even slightly greater ability not being able to find a team.
  14. And Fitzpatrick has 166 TD passes to 133 interceptions for his career. Bad stat to point to, Vince.