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  1. kelticwizard

    Jets Waive ArDarius Stewart

    Please delete
  2. kelticwizard

    the fitz saga continues

    These two choices are not mutually exclusive. I'd say both.
  3. kelticwizard

    Some additive thoughts

    Using a good running game doesn't necessarily make you a game manager. If anything, getting a lot of 2nd and 3's means you're going to be throwing deep often with the opposing linebackers forced to play in a step or two to prevent the run.
  4. kelticwizard

    Doris Burke- MNF are you Kinding me?

    Up here in Connecticut I miss a lot of Jets games. So I never heard the female announcer until last night, but heard a ton of bad about her. I was waiting to find out what was so terrible about her. The answer is....nothing. She did a nice professional job, about the only thing I disagreed with is on the first touchdown drive she was too quick to pronounce a No Catch on that key pass that touched the ground but was ruled caught. But so did Brian Griese. Got no problem with her announcing at all. "Oooh she has a Midwestern accent". Yeah, so? U
  5. kelticwizard

    Jets Knew Lions Offensive Calls

    Phil misread your first post as a condemnation of Detroit's coaching staff not preparing, instead of your post praising the Jets' coaching staff for great preparation.
  6. kelticwizard

    After Watching the QB play today

    Don't jinx the kid.
  7. kelticwizard

    NFL Transactions

    I'm old enough to remember when most of the league's receivers were white. Maybe the Patriots are striving to be the NFL version of the Lawrence Welk show.
  8. kelticwizard

    Ira from Staten Island

    Ira is one of the senior officials in the Jets administration working diligently from within to frustrate parts of the owner's agenda and his worst inclinations. I would know. I am one of them.
  9. kelticwizard

    Jets add Quarterback John Wolford

    You're right. We might get McCown starting again this year. Three years of starting McCown. This is the same guy the Dolphins cut as soon as Chad became available. Darnold-please save us (no pressure though). 😩
  10. McBride showed too much in the other preseason games to cut.
  11. kelticwizard

    Geno, the one who got away.....

    Seems to me if a guy is with you for a couple of years, doesn't make it and gets released but is able to hang on with somebody else, good for him. I don't get the "dump all over our old players" thing at all. And Geno seems to be a special target.
  12. kelticwizard

    Jets add Quarterback John Wolford

    Why are we all so sure Teddy is leaving? Maybe Teddy starts the season and depending on how he looks and Darnold is coming along we may or may not bring Darnold in later in the season. From the looks of the last two games I don't think Darnold is ready to open the season as starter.
  13. Used to be normal for a QB to sit for a few years before he was considered ready. Then Marino came in halfway through his first season and set the league on fire. That changed people's thinking, but most still think the rook will benefit from being on the bench for at least half the season. Most highly rated QBs do.
  14. kelticwizard

    Hackenberg signed by eagles

    Absolutely not. You never go to a lesser league unless the NFL cuts you. As long as you are in the NFL, the guys ahead of you can get hurt or suspended and you can have an opportunity to shine. Even if you don't get into the game, some assistant coach might like you and when he moves on to a higher position on another team, he can speak up for you. Never ever leave the league willingly if you want to play.
  15. kelticwizard

    It's like Christmas Eve

    You're from the New York area, and you don't get that one? I'm Irish-Ukrainian, and I knew that one from the second grade on.

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