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  1. Easy. In the beginning, Gase thought Falk was the better QB. After playing Falk a few games, Gase no longer thought so, and cut him.
  2. I agree, he did bring us fun and energy. But the article's analysis is correct, he didn't develop a young QB, and that is what is needed in Washington. And it's true that Maccagnan and Bowles didn't draft or develop a young QB as well, but we're not considering hiring them again either.
  3. https://gamepass.nfl.com/packages I went for a two week visit in the Chicago area and for various reasons I'm still there. Be going back home in some months, but meanwhile I'm stuck watching the Bears if I want to watch the NFL. Nothing against the Bears but they are not my team. I'm going nuts. I don't mind paying $100 for the season nor waiting for the game to conclude before I can watch, since I frequently record games for later viewing anyway. Just want to know if anyone has had experience with this outfit and whether they deliver what they claim. Some posters on websites are complaining, but no way of knowing if they are real posters or trolls hired by competitors.
  4. By this website, I counted 24 Division I schools in California, so they can play each other with room to spare. Granted, not all of them are presently big football powers, but if there is an influx of sought-after players looking to go to California colleges so they can get paid for all that effort, those lesser schools will become real good quickly. Talented lesser high school players will also be drawn to smaller California schools because they know that if they can make good plays against USC, UCLA, and Stanford, they are going to move up NFL teams' draft boards. The NFL will of course be drafting players from the new collegiate league right away. While a recruit to a California school will not be able to play in the NCAA championship, getting into the NFL is more of a draw for collegiate players than the college championship anyway. Besides, the California league will have their own playoff system which will gain notice.
  5. Must disagree. California is over 10% of the country's population, and produces a lot more than 10% of the country's outstanding athletes. If the NCAA kicked them out, California can just laugh and start their own collegiate league immediately. Guaranteed, the NFL will be drafting kids from the California league right off the bat. Not only will the California league easily hold its own against the NCAA from the first year on, but if they partner up with other states like New York and others, the NCAA is in distinct danger of being replaced as the primary representative of collegiate sports by the new league, since the California league will be offering outstanding players a better deal.
  6. So I'm a Moon Landing denier because I won't spend an hour of my life watching a documentary YOU recommend? It's your responsibility to make a cogent argument, and telling people "watch this documentary" doesn't qualify. Belichick stunk as Browns' coach and he got fired. End of story.
  7. So? The San Diego Chargers anounced in Jan. 2016 they were moving to LA, and their record actually improved from 2015. The St. Louis Rams announced before the 2016 season that they were moving to LA, and their record in St Louis actually improved the year after the announceent. Belichick's Browns team didn't stink because the the team announced a move-it stunk because Belichick couldn't get them to play.
  8. Taking over a team with a bad record the year before and leading them to a good record the next year does not make you a coach for the ages, immune from being fired for many years. Hell, "Mangenius" took over a 4-12 Jets team the previous year and led them to the playoffs, only to watch them fall back the next year to 4-12 again. Mangini was gone the following year. I remember the Browns that year, I think Belichick's final game was something like 24-3, or similar.
  9. What about watching the tape of a 5-11 team is going to change my mind that the coach was doing a lousy job?
  10. ??? Leveon's gained over 200 yards for the two games this season. What are you talking about? Belichick stunk the place out in Cleveland.
  11. If Siemen can't go next week, we need a backup. What's Bryce Petty doing these days?
  12. It should be pointed out that when even Nathan Peterson was playing QB,Bils fans were saying the receivers were dropping his passes. If true, it's conceivable Allen's low completion percentage last year was at least partially due to receiver drops-that is, perhaps both Peterson and Allen were not as bad last year as stats indicate.

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