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  1. I resent that. Lots of choir boys have smoked weed. Way back in the day, I was one. Stuff is legal right now in a ton of states, almost certainly ready to become legal nationally. Regardless of your opinion of the advisability of using marijuana, in no way does it compare to violent crime. And it's on its way to becoming legal.
  2. If I were Bowles the decision I would regret the most is benching Geno for the whole season and letting Ryan Fitzpatrick be the QB the whole first year. Geno was a young QB who the organization still believed in and Bowles was no doubt expected to see what he can get out of him. If after one season-or certainly two-Geno doesn't develop then it would not be held against Bowles if he says, "Draft a QB in the first round so we can start over". Spending four years with career journeymen at QB without giving the team a chance to try to get a franchise QB to build the offense around until your fifth year was Bowles' doom-and probably should have been Mac's doom as well.
  3. kelticwizard

    Robby Anderson

    Exactly. After so many drafted washouts at WR, Robbie falls into our lap for nothing, gives us solid production, and these guys can't wait to unload him as soon as they can.
  4. kelticwizard

    Chad Pennington

    Have it your way. Just please answer one question: If Chad had Darnold's arm, speed and general escapability, do you think Chad would have played the game the same way he did, or would he have played differently?
  5. kelticwizard

    Chad Pennington

    Unless you have come across new research into genetic transference, Chad's arm strength cannot replace Darnold's simply by standing next to him. Also, I don't think Darnold even knows how to throw a ball that hangs in the air. Chad had much less physical ability than Darnold, but had a successful career by knowing how to maximize what he had. Imagine what will happen when Darnold maximizes his greater physical gifts.
  6. kelticwizard

    Chad Pennington

    Checking down when you have Chad's arm is one thing. What Chad would tell Darnold to do with his cannon is very likely quite another.
  7. kelticwizard

    Miami to move on from Tannehill

    Let's put it this way-it's not nearly the same importance as actually winning the Super Bowl. If winning a regular season game is a one and winning the Super Bowl is a ten, losing a conference championship game is a three. Any more obscure statistics and weird qualifications you care to come up with? Eli went to two Super Bowls and won two Super Bowls, the second of which was against a team with a perfect record that the media had already dubbed The Greatest Of All Time. They were the Greatest Of All Time until Eli led the Giants to two go-ahead touchdowns in the fourth quarter, something never done before. If Bortles somehow finds something and elevates his game in the future, more power to him. But as of right now, I don't see Bortles winning any Super Bowls. I'm not sure I see Bortles in the NFL a couple of years from now even.
  8. kelticwizard

    Adam Shein on Todd Bowles

    Best season in what way? Wilson won two Super Bowls, and this year was not one of them. The best you can say about Schottenheimer is that several years after somehow surviving in the NFL, he has reached the point where if you put him in charge of a QB who has already been excellent since he came into the league seven years ago, the guy won't collapse. Whoopee.
  9. kelticwizard

    Miami to move on from Tannehill

    In what way? Unless you win, you still can't get into the Super Bowl without a ticket. You have a wonderful Twilight Zoney consciousness where separate seasons, separate years, who won and who lost all fall into a deep obscure mist and all that matters is one team scored more points against the Patriots in some past game which was not enough for them to win, but was more than the points Eli's team scored to win the Super Bowl against the Patriots when Eli's team did win. You seem to feel strongly this proves something. The rest of us can only marvel at the wonder of it all.
  10. kelticwizard

    Miami to move on from Tannehill

    NO. Whatcha gonna do about it? I'm even more sure Bortles couldn't be anywhere near the Super Bowl to begin with. Unlike Eli, twice
  11. kelticwizard

    Adam Shein on Todd Bowles

    Oh Puh-leeeze. Wilson had been a top NFL QB for seven years before Schottenheimer ever got his hands on him. And you're saying Wilson's quality is any of Schotty's doing? 🤣
  12. kelticwizard

    It doesn't matter.

    Oops. He meant Matt Ruhle.
  13. kelticwizard

    It doesn't matter.

    At first I thought he meant McCarthy was the coach who only looked good because he had Hall of Famers playing for him, but then I saw that Jim Caldwell was also under consideration. So I figure that Jet Engine meant Caldwell was the one we should pass over and that McCarthy was the one who could develop Darnold. That's my surmise. But I'm not positive that's what Jet Engine meant.
  14. kelticwizard

    Ravens put Joe Flacco on the trade block

    Dunno. He probably still has a cannon for an arm. You figure most likely backup but if some team has a strong running game and a couple of long ball threats, he might do well as a starter.

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