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  1. What's Jachai Polite doing these days? He did sack Alex Smith last season.
  2. They had a whole show about that on Tom Snyder back in the 70s. Apparently there was an organization devoted to the practice of Procrastination, (seriously). They met whenever they felt like it and did things that should have been done long ago. One project was repairing the crack in the Liberty Bell, which crack has no historical significance. They contacted the bell company, still in business at that time, named the Whitechapel Bell Company. The company wrote back and with a sternly worded letter informed them that they make only the finest bells from the best materials and
  3. The Episcopal Church had a heresy trial in 1996. The defendant was acquitted. Not trying to make a political point here, just giving the facts of a heresy case, a charge most people associate with being burned at the stake. TOP STORY: HERESY TRIAL: Episcopal court finds bishop not guilty of heresy c. 1996 Religion News Service WILMINGTON, Del. (RNS)-Saying there is nothing in Episcopal doctrine to bar non-celibate homosexuals from becoming deacons and priests, a church court dismissed heresy charges against a retired bishop Wednesday (May 15) and opened the possibility that
  4. The condition I made-paying out to your charity if Darnold does not start at least 8 wins in a 10 win or more Panther season-place no burden on you at all. Heck, if the Panthers win 11 and only 7 of those wins were started by Darnold, under the rules of the bet YOU would have to pay out. After the condition I added, I would have to pay out. What could possibly be your objection?
  5. I am talking about the bet is a Darnold bet since I've declared, in addition to the Panthers winning at least 10 games to tie or 11 or more to win, that if at least 8 of Darnold's starts are not wins in addition to the team winning 10 or more games, I will pay your declared charity $25. What are you going to do to stop me-sue the Red Cross on the grounds that they don't deserve the money because you feel it wasn't part of the bet?
  6. It's a Darnold bet if I pay out $25 to your charity, the American Red Cross, if Darnold doesn't win 8 starts in a 10 win Panthers season. I've already declared it, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Only Darnold and the Panthers can stop it by winning 8 starts and 10 or more games respectively.
  7. Slight adjustment in our bet. jgb just made the same bet with me as you except he chiselled out 10 Panthers win as a push. Since I gave him that, and we're making the same bet, I'm giving that to you as well. You don't have to pay the International Relief Committee unless the Panthers win 11 games or more. I like to be consistent in my bets.
  8. Well, I said more. Whatcha gonna do 'bout it? My proposed bet was 10 wins for the Panthers equals a win for me. But no matter-I accept 10 wins is a push. You finally chiselled it out of me. Easy enough. Unless Darnold wins 8 starts I don't consider Darnold as doing enough to lead the team to 10 or more wins. So I pay up to your charity. It's my voluntary pledge. We just made one. Darnold wins 8 starts toward the Panthers winning 10 games, (push), or 11 or more games, (win for me). Charity bet, 25 clams.
  9. Thoughts and prayers for Lauren and the rest of your family, Max. May she come through this and return to health soon.
  10. Accepted. $25 to the American Red Cross if you win, or to the international Rescue Committee if I win. The loser posts a pic of the contribution. Additionally, even though the bet is 10 wins or more for the Panthers, if Darnold does not start at least 8 of those 10 wins I agree to send $25 to the American Red Cross or charity of your choice. Deal?
  11. Wrong. I said that I would place a charity bet on the Panthers winning double the amount of games this year than they did last year, and you started hemming and hawing. When you said that Darnold had to start all 10 wins, I decided to meet you way more than halfway and proposed Darnold start at least 8 of the wins with the Panthers still required to win 10 for the season. Not only was that not enough, but you started making noises about requiring Darnold to be chosen as at least an alternate for the Pro Bowl as well. After this, I figured you just weren't serious and just decide
  12. Didn't see anyone paying out to your charity when you backed out of the bet. I paid out your losing share to my charity since you weren't making the bet and I couldn't stand the thought of 10 year old refugees going without food due to your inability to back up your talk with action. Another member honorably stepped in to take your place and made the bet. More power to him.
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