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  1. What's so hard? Howard Cosell's Nephew Says Thibodeaux Can't Bend, A Similar Situation To Jadaveon Clowney"
  2. You're being very kind to him. Don't forget that, against the advice of his professional staff, he asked the Brits to move the British Open to one of his boss' golf properties over there.
  3. Please note the following statement made by Mark Moss, Barry McCockinner's source for this discussion: Quote Mark Moss: I would be wary of spending to much time contemplating the monetary and social theorizing of a guy who confuses WWI with WWII. And even if we just write off that as a typo, who also thinks that mid 1944 was after WWII.
  4. I don't think the year after Joe Burrow leads his team to the Super Bowl in his second year with 9 inch hands GMs are too worried about a prospect with 8½ inch hands. Especially since Pitt is a cold weather city and it didn't bother him.
  5. The boss can play around with other young women of legal age all he wants, he's the boss. Letting his employee take photographic `liberties with his daughter is something else entirely.
  6. Disagree, I'm wondering why the Cowboys got off so cheap. They make such a big, big deal out of what a first class organization they are, artwork on the walls of the stadium, etc. Girls should have gotten more.
  7. Agree on the answer. I've heard of deals done by a municipal body where the homeowners without lawyers got X number of dollars, the homeowners with lawyers got 1.5X. 1/3 lawyer's fee baked in the deal automatically.
  8. If anyone has an operation scheduled, I suggest you call up the hospital and make sure Antonio won't be the one performing it.
  9. That's true. When Vrabel became head coach of the Titans, he hadn't been connected to the Patriots in any capacity for 8 years.
  10. Not nearly as much as Gase, who went from Jets head coach to offensive coordinator in high school. The high school went 4-5, so it's a case of someone being demoted to the level of their incompetence.
  11. Speaking of canids, here;'s a video of some climbing trees. That's right, climbing trees. Only they aren't dogs, they're foxes, who are closely related to dogs. If you don't notice the bushy tail, you can believe it's a dog. "the gray fox's ability to climb trees is shared only with the Asian Raccoon Dog among all canids. Its strong, hooked claws allow it to scramble up trees to escape many predators such as the domestic dog or the coyote, or to reach tree-bound or arboreal food sources." "
  12. On the issue of tanking games-it's funny, baseball has been doing it for decades. The teams out of the pennant race in September play their kids up from the farm system to give them experience. They openly admit it, in fact the leagues probably expanded the roster in September for that very purpose. Yet in football-verboten!
  13. Maybe Graham figured that with the history of Belichick assistants as head coaches, he'll inherit the team when they fire McDaniel soon.
  14. Damn! I found that out a few weeks ago and was waiting for the right moment to break the news on the board. You beat me to it. 4-5 For the Lincoln Railsplitters: https://michigan-football.com/f/ylincoln.htm
  15. OR, maybe Belichick is convinced that Mac Jones has got the offense down so well he decided to replace McDaniel with a puppet who'll stay out of Jones' way and go for coffee, like Gase did with Peyton Manning.
  16. Never heard of a dog breed called Malinois. But take a look at what it can do:
  17. The Giants have won 10 games total for the past two years. If Jones takes them to 8 or 9 wins next year with mostly the same personnel, they should seriously consider giving him the starting job permanently.
  18. That straightened it out. Much thanks.
  19. I thought he got that conviction reversed, or something.
  20. Paul Maguire punter, linebacker for the Chargers and later Bills Played all ten years of AFL's existence Later broadcaster for decades.
  21. Going way back.... George Halas Player Coach Owner of the Chicago Bears
  22. Cut by the Giants, went across town to the Titans, who were a joke. Retired with all the records-since broken of course, but the game has changed. One of the building blocks of the new American Football League and an important piece of New York sports history. RIP Don.
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