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  1. We do this because we are in a decades long effort to convince ourselves the Jets are not in the worst-in-the-league category, the Jets are in the bad-but-almost-mediocre category.
  2. Don't think it's a good model. I'm just commenting because you used the word "decoupling" in your thread title, which, despite the good quality of your posts, seems to indicate that your profession is more likely engineering than sportswriting.
  3. He was a great coach, very prominent in his era. Doesn't seem that he retired that long ago.
  4. I firmly believe that at age 66 you should qualify both for full Social Security and full immunity from consorting with prostitutes charges.
  5. Of course, you can read something into the fact that the Jags merely contradicted the report that Marrone was informed he was getting fired-conspicuously leaving open the possibility that he will be fired soon. Usually, if a team comments on reports that the coach is getting fired, it's to affirm that the team still has confidence in the coach and will keep him.
  6. Proven players, like Robby, whose skills seem to be improving year by year. He's developed a very good set of hands, very useful for a guy who can get behind the defense.
  7. You don't suppose that Robby's low catch rate is because a lot of long passes get thrown his way due to his ability to get behind the defense?
  8. Down boy, things are not as bad as you think. For all the talk of the debt, the GDP has been going up year after year. The critical number is government debt to gdp, and that is only increasing slightly. There are a lot of countries out there who have worse numbers than we do and they are nowhere near collapse. Don't start digging yourself a bunker just yet.
  9. It actually started out as a joke. People over 50 or so are usually not quite up to the latest technology, like writing a check in front of a long line at the supermarket instead of using a credit card or even using a computer. Lately seems to have escalated to more than that, though.
  10. Just going by what Summer of Sam said earlier in this thread: He went on to say: " Keep in mind Chad works for the Jets (does film breakdowns on the team website) so he’s not going to say anything negative." I know if I worked for an outfit I sure wouldn't say anything negative unless something illegal or really bad was going on. If they were just incompetent stumblebums, like the Jets ownership has been so far, I would just let it ride.
  11. These days they have SSRI's to help you get past that kind of thing.
  12. Chad works for the Jets. So don't expect anything but the company line on anything.
  13. If the "really good No. 2" can routinely get behind the secondary, then yes.
  14. A receiver with the knack to get behind the defense and catch the ball is not easily acquired. We have one. And now people want to ship him out.
  15. Well, yeah, he was a scab during the strike. Oh, I'm sorry, "replacement player". For what it's worth, he played quite well during those games where the management was trying to break the union, so he stuck. I really disliked this guy at the start for that reason. However, as the years went by and he turned in good plays and helped the Jets a lot, I decided that he had more than proven he really belonged in the NFL despite the way he got to the Jets, and grew to appreciate him.
  16. The guy was in a rehab boot so he could walk a couple of days ago.
  17. Bingo. Veteran's Day is on the calendar, he knew the day the lunch was and he knew his rehab was that day, he could have easily told them a week in advance. Instead, he doesn't even call in.
  18. I would second that emotion but right after you posted this the thread commenced its descent into political talk, "SJW" accusing and all the rest. I stopped at Page 3, the thread had become unreadable by then. So yeah, for the first two pages this thread was smart and interesting.
  19. I think the horrendous blowout by the Patriots set the Jets back for several weeks, and they are only recovered as a team vs the Giants. So I think the Jets beat the Redskins by double digits, with 20 points not being out of the question.
  20. And so the segue into taxes and politics commences. Again.
  21. How many good players is he surrounded with? A team has 11 members, remember. What is the overall talent level of our team vs Pats? That will require an influx of better players and better coaching than we've had so far. That doesn't mean Adams hasn't played very well for us overall. So who says he's a great player? So far, he's been a very good one for us. Take a look around our team-how many notable, above average players do you see? You're confused. I didn't post this thread. Who cares? He backs it up with good quality play. This team needs more players who perform at or near Jamal Adams' level.
  22. News flash: I'll talk whenever I damn well want. That's what this board is for. Refresh my memory-how did Adams make All-Pro by being a lousy player? He's surrounded by mediocrity or worse, and yet he makes plays. That's what you haters don't realize.
  23. We've gotten quality play from Jamal since he showed up here. If he sometimes talked a little too big, so what? It's a game that emphasizes aggressiveness.

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