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  1. Centsports

    very cool website where they will start you with 10 cents and you can make bets on sporting events. If you reach 20$ you can cash out and recieve a check for your earnings. Very addictive. Just don't bet on the Jets http://www.centsports.com/?opcode=112581
  2. T-shirts

  3. Very true about J-mac aka Stone Hands. I guess your right about proving yourself but wouldn't you say ronnie brown proved him self.
  4. Any one else having dreams of a three reciever set of coles cotch and clowney?
  5. I'm no expert but according to espn and other sources ricky Williams looks like his old self again and that we can expect big numbers. Also the bills have some great young players and there defense should be pretty good. I'm not saying there a playoff team but there going to give us some tough games. Same goes for Miami.
  6. I've actually heard that the bills look fairly strong this year. Also ricky Williams and ronnie brown could be a rediculous 1 2 punch. I hate to say it but the AFC east is not going to be to shabby.
  7. Seem to be best buds. They spoke on the sideline nearly the entire game.
  8. the announcing of starters is going to be practically magical.
  9. push for lynch?

    Besides a kick return specialist.
  10. chad hatred?

    right because kellen Clemens is such an all star
  11. chad hatred?

    I'm not saying that were going to superbowl with chad. I'm saying that he is our best option. Let's be real here kellen Clemens threw more interceptions than touchdowns last season. Sure he might have a good arm bit we have no down field homerun hitter. Were just not that type of team.
  12. I'm obviously new here but I have done a bit of searching around and found the general consensus to be that nobody is happy with our quarter back situation, not a surprise. Some say give chad one last shot others say put the ball in the unproven hands of Clemens, some even hope for favre to become a jet. As of now it seems that chad is going to be our starting quarter come September. So my question is why all the hating. Chad pennington had a great year in 04 he took us to the playoffs in the competetive AFC, don't get me wrong I would be the first to say that the past to seasons have been atrocius but the offensive line he played behind was reminiscent of a pop warner team. Despite that he remained one of the most accurate passers in NFL. So I say we give him one more go at it.
  13. The Jets' weak link(s)

    no point of having a good O-line without great quarter backs? Maybe our starting running back will get more than one rushing touchdown this season. So your right there is no point.
  14. If Tampa trades for Farve...

    I completely agree with you. Brett favre would cost the jets money, draft picks, and possibly players. For what? One or maybe 2 years at the very most. He's over the hill any way we need to give Kellen Clemens the chance to prove him self or let Chad prove himself again. Lets be real here Chad is not a horrible quarter back, hes played with arguably the worst offensive line in the NFL for the past 2 years. I say give him one more shot before we do anything drastic.
  15. Chad is gonna be the QB

    We'll get to see vs. the browns. I am expecting they will both take some snaps with the new line before they take them out. Last year they let chad play the entire first quarter.