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  1. It's been a while since I have posted here. Enough said! Edited by BP No, not enough said. You hate the NFL but come here and post, check. you make photoshop pics with the NFL logos and pedophile comments in it, check. Good bye, tubby.
  2. Well, to me, rape, and pedophilia is nothing to joke about. Now, sometime people make fat jokes around me, and I can laugh it off. Sometime I even joke about my weight, saying things like, it takes me two trips to haul ass, or to get on my good side you have to take a bus and two trains, or that I have my own private zip code. So, fat jokes don't bother me. I'm also Polish, ans sometimes people will tell Pollock jokes, and I'll laugh it off. And so, I do have a sense of humor. But not when it comes to rape jokes, and pedophilia is not a laughing matter.
  3. OK, when I want to Google, I typed in Anti-NAMBLA Forums and it came up with the following . . . Obituary: 03/30/08 - Page 29 - JetNation.com - 1:12pm I believe that forums and posting for your favorite teams should be .... all viewpoints are welcome. as long as you don't post anti-NAMBLA propganda. ... www.jetnation.com/forums/showthread.php?p=833980 - 88k - Well, when I saw that, about not posting "Anti-NAMBLA propaganda" I just had to come in here and stomp this sucker into the ground! Only a pedo-symp would say something like that.
  4. You're welcome. No, don't worry. You're not going to get into trouble because you Googled NAMBLA. The guys who were caught by Dateline were chatting with under-aged kids and talking about sex, and trying to set up meetings with them. No need to be so paranoid.
  5. It's what I call a pedophile sympathizer, a shortened term that I use for one who sympathizes with pedophiles.
  6. Well, I'm not a sports fan, so I don't know about starting at QB for the Jets or Kellen. But yes, I would say that cheating most definitely, and absolutely, tarnishes winning! Whether it be sports, and any other endeavor, it is wrong to cheat.
  7. I found this forum thread quite by accident while searching for Anti-NAMBLA web sites using Google. So, when I found the idiotic post by Johnny Green Balls requesting that we not post any "Anti-NAMBLA propaganda" and that there is no room for hate here, well, I just had to jump in and respond. When ever I see anything on the Internet that is Pro-NAMBLA, I'm going to come down on it really hard like white on rice! NAMBLA deserves to die, and all pedo-symps who support NAMBLA should be taking a dirt nap!
  8. Well, to me, that seems to be a contradiction. On the one hand, you say you don't laugh at some one getting raped. But on the other hand, you joke about it. Sounds like Orwellian Double-Think to me. Yeah, you're a double-plus-good-double-thinker, just like in Orwell's 1984. One who can hold two contradictory views, and hold them both as equally true! Have you been playing with your home lobotomy kit again?
  9. Well, since most of you monkey-boys can't keep your rockets in your pockets, you'll eventually end up in prison for rape. Then it won't be funny anymore! You're all low-life pedo-symps! Hope you'll all like being in the slammer! Short Eyes!!!
  10. Yeah, I was right! You monkey-boys think rape is funny! I rest my case!
  11. So, you all think it's funny! Eh? You're all a bunch of dumb jocks who's collective IQ is exceeded by your shoe size!
  12. When I was 17, I only weight 250 pounds, and the guy who attacked me was much stronger and I was unable to fight him off!
  13. I was 17 when it happened many years ago and back then I only weighed about 250 pounds. Some of you here seem to think rape is funny. But what can one expect from jocks who can't keep their rockets in their pockets???
  14. Sorry, but I don't think pedophilia is something to joke about. It is not funny. So, your offended by my user name Fat Man! Eh? What, are you prejudiced against fat people or something? I happen to be a fat man at 5 ft 6 in and 400 pounds, and I like being that size I am, because now, I'm much bigger than anyone who have ever bullied me around when I was a kid. Well, I'm glad you agree with me that pedophiles should be dead. By the way, I'm liberal on some social issues but I'm conservative on some issues, so you can't say that all liberals sympathize with the likes of NAMBLA. I have nothing against gays in general because what consenting adults do is their own business, but children are not old enough or mature enough to give consent, so adults do not, and should not have the right to have sex with children. Anyway, when Johnny Green Balls said don't post Anti-NAMBLA propaganda, that hate speech has no place here, that really set me off, so I just had to respond. I'm not a sports fan. I'm the typical nerd or geek, so this is the first time I have ever registered to post on a sports forum, so I had to give Johnny Green Balls a piece of my mind to let him know what I think of pedophile scum. NO! Pedophilia is NOT a laughing matter. When it comes to Pedos I have no sense of humor!
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