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  1. Look Bob, I know we got off to a rough start this summer. but we are around the same age and have a lot in common. be my friend?
  2. I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I've only been given jurisdiction over JM67 in the recent hearings. you will have to go to the supreme court (Max) for a jetsrule verdict. I'm sorry
  3. The court will listen to the evidence against the stalking youngster from Long Island. But I must remind you, it could be much worse. we could have that poster SBIIICHAMPS over here. which would you prefer?
  4. It has come to this courts attention that JM67 is really a Seahawks fan. Since this makes him guilty of heresy, I declare that his user name be changed to Seahawkman67. Poll to come
  5. I think this will have to go to a vote whether we should continue or not with the jury. Mr. BP, can you add a poll to the sequestered jury thread?
  6. Jetman67, you're out of order. this is just another reason why we're having this case to begin with. you said earlier in this thread that you were not going to be a trouble maker. what happened?
  7. Too late, you should have known he was a dumbass when you accepted being his defense attorney. did you think this was going to be easy? Bob the Jets Fan
  8. Very well, with opening arguments completed I would like to start with the prosecution questioning the defendant. Mr. MurphKlecko73, you may begin grilling the defendant.
  9. OK, I would like an opening statement from the prosecution first. and then a rebuttal from Bob the Jets Fan
  10. OK, here are the jurors for the upcoming trial. Abobo InstantClassic Irish Jet Scott Dierking SoFlaJets #27TheDominator Green DNA joewilly LiLMiCKMANTLE shawn306 Panzer Division Marduk Sperm Edwards Arsis Lil Bit Special THE_STOOLSPRAYER BP and Murphklecko73 are the lead prosecution team. Bob the Jets Fan
  11. The judge has to go to the gym very soon. he will have further information tonight and this weekend, as this entire court proceedings have been sequestered.
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