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  2. talisaynon

    What do you think of McGuire?

    hes not like, alvin kamara
  3. Bates is terrible. The only person ever good at this position was Chad Morton and we let him go. Same stupid franchise. Schotty, Bates, the dead guy, that guy from philly were all ******* terrible. Good lord do we have the worse luck with offensive coordinators.
  4. talisaynon

    LET’S SAY WE ARE 6-9....

    1) were not going 6-9 going into the pats game. 2) I always root for the jets to win 3) Bowles is getting fired anyway cause he’s too much of a risk to ruin darnold— our greatest asset. So this scenario is stupid
  5. talisaynon

    Vig Fangio

    Another DC? 14 years of failed experiments aren't enough? Jesus.
  6. LMAO Id rather you sh*t in my mouth than have Josh Allen as my QB
  7. Lmao **** that he can go eat another ass on national television and ruin some other fans Holliday . Sanchez sucks and I’ll never wish him well. **** you suckchez
  8. talisaynon

    Locker Room After Game

    Leader of men. Just make sure 22 doesnt see the field again. And if he does the little chicken sh*t things he's done the last 3 games he did then 6 gets in his face. **** that I got paid bullsh*t.
  9. I mean... this is coming from Ian O’Connor so why should I trust it
  10. talisaynon

    Game Observations (MIA)

    We need to cut either Herndon or Pryor. Should be no reason for that kind of laziness on the team. Kearse and Enumwa are going to give 100% out there. No use for having 2 ******* slugs like them. Next men up.
  11. talisaynon

    Game Observations (MIA)

    Watched this game and I couldnt help but think why is this dogsh*t quarterback beating us when ours is so much better? Hopefully we won't have to sit through this again in the future. Cause Tannehill is dogsh*t. And it was typical Miami wildcat bullsh*t that's maddening to lose to. Can't wait for Darnold to be able to put his team on his back and say **** you oline, defense and special teams, you're dogsh*t, it's going to be all up to me, and then proceed to win games on his own
  12. Darren Lee out here quoting Drake :joy: now I know where he gets his charmin soft reputation from
  13. talisaynon

    Monday night announcers


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