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  1. Man, haven't felt like this since 93 when I just expected the team to go out there and dominate nightly. Thank God for the Knicks
  2. Damn good show last night. Didn't even bother watching that sh*t show which is the Yanks (so predictably bad) but wow the Knicks...they are DEEP this year..
  3. https://www.espn.com/radio/play/_/id/32335926 Bart Scott is not happy with this defense at all. He calls them "unsmart and undisciplined" lol
  4. The SNY post game crew seems to collectively blame the DEs for that not helping with the chips
  5. BTW they were effusive about Sheldon Rankins. And they sh*t on Huff. I'm glad our post game teams not a bunch of homers.
  6. Bart probably has memories of Sanchez missing those same throws and gets triggered subconciously
  7. He's just disappointed he didn't make some of those passes that should have closed the game out, like the OT pass to the TE or the pass to Corey Davis that would have been dagger. I mean he's got a point.
  8. After watching crowder today I don’t want to hear you mother ****ers calling for him to be traded. We saw this sh*t with cotchery let’s learn our lesson from this please
  9. I want to watch the knicks then jerk off thinking about all those butts i see at the gym. thanks though
  10. Yea lets play 90s football in the 20s great thinking. Eyes rolled to the back of my head so hard I hit my medula
  11. this quote truly sums up the organization that is the jets of new york
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