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  1. talisaynon

    Jets minicamp - Day 1

    I think we'd be better if Darron Lee stays far away from this team. But then again looks like Bowles has tied his cart to this horse, so good luck to him. If it goes bad he'll be fired.
  2. talisaynon

    Welcome Nathan Shepherd

    It's alright, players that shoot up during the senior bowl never bust, like Kyle Wilson
  3. talisaynon

    Site Issue Fixed & Guest Traffic

    im sure a few of my cpu cycles were used for russian bitcoin mining
  4. omg this guy suck draft barkley if rosen or darnold arent there plz
  5. but were drafting saquon barkley with the third pick if darnold or rosen isnt there. he's not a qb but ill still get behind the pickq
  6. talisaynon

    Tony Pauline shares one team's big board

    lol at Josh Allen being second. If anyone thinks this is a real draft board Ive got some ocean front property i want to sell you in Iran. Another ******* smoke screen. These teams are really going in this year.
  7. talisaynon

    Josh Allen pro day...today [Friday 3/23]

    jesus christ wash the cum off your faces half of you this guy SUCKS REMEMBER THE TAPE DONT FALL FOR IT !!!!! DONNNNNNTTTT
  8. talisaynon

    Will giants take Barkley?

    No, because Cleveland is taking him. The general consensus I am getting from my friend is that they want Barkley bad and view him as a better player than any of the top 4 QBS. They also are fine with any QB falling to them at 4. They love Mayfrield thanks to the destruction of Ohio State and also love Allen as they feel he fits the mold of AFC North QB (Flacco, Ben). In fact my feeling is they probably want those two more than they want a California QB. Cleveland fans are weird. But it's their loss.
  9. talisaynon

    Jets to sign Trumaine Johnson

    BLESSED ARE THE CHEESE MAKERS!! for not being able to sign him!!
  10. good. demario was an overrated bum. glad were not paying these ******* bums their money just cause were the jets. wait *remembers Mccown signing* FUUUCKKK