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  1. I mean... this is coming from Ian O’Connor so why should I trust it
  2. talisaynon

    Game Observations (MIA)

    We need to cut either Herndon or Pryor. Should be no reason for that kind of laziness on the team. Kearse and Enumwa are going to give 100% out there. No use for having 2 ******* slugs like them. Next men up.
  3. talisaynon

    Game Observations (MIA)

    Watched this game and I couldnt help but think why is this dogsh*t quarterback beating us when ours is so much better? Hopefully we won't have to sit through this again in the future. Cause Tannehill is dogsh*t. And it was typical Miami wildcat bullsh*t that's maddening to lose to. Can't wait for Darnold to be able to put his team on his back and say **** you oline, defense and special teams, you're dogsh*t, it's going to be all up to me, and then proceed to win games on his own
  4. Darren Lee out here quoting Drake :joy: now I know where he gets his charmin soft reputation from
  5. talisaynon

    Monday night announcers

  6. talisaynon

    Monday night announcers

    This is hilarious. So many people triggered at a woman calling a game. You snowflakes are all the same 😂
  7. talisaynon

    Doris Burke- MNF are you Kinding me?

    I think she’s great.
  8. talisaynon

    Happy Birthday Bart Scott!

    Ill always remember him not being able to stop Pittsburgh’s last drive in the afc championship game. So happy bday Bart
  9. talisaynon

    Josh Norman on Darnold

    we shouldnt trade teddy because with our luck darnold is going to have a career ending injury midseason. make the playoffs with teddy. win a playoff game. teddy gets a career ending injury during his next playoff game and mccown gets blown up. Just keepin it real fellows
  10. Seriously Adams sucked last year so he should shut his mouth. It's one thing if he actually produced, but he was all talk and sucked. Also Patriot Killa you're such a homer
  11. our new Leon Washington???? Would be nice. We've never quite replaced Leon.
  12. as a minority, i thought Sar's joke was hilarious. But I've followed his rich white guy schtick from the beginning, so it might be lost on some people here.
  13. Nah **** that. Sam knew how desperate this fanbase was for a QB so he should have told his agent to take the damn deal. He can go kick rocks. I hate these bullsh*t stories about how desperate Sam wants to get into practice. Nah he's not at practice. He can suck dick. Did anyone give Revis this kind of leeway? Nope.
  14. talisaynon

    We just can't have nice things I guess

    part of being a jet fan bro. ive lived in New York, Boston, now VA...a lot of changes..but one thing's for certain that doesnt change Jets will always find new ways of disappointing you.

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