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  1. Bill Bellichick is a troll and would never let anyone in on his secret sauce for evaluating players. Lets be real they're a Boston sports team so they're going to be heavy into analytics.
  2. Some Cincinnati favorites AFC playoff game https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLqEJGr3Yxg Last game at old giants stadium
  3. Dustin Keller's spirit was murdered by that one hit by Ray Lewis in that prime time game. He just had enough after that and wasn't the same. He tried coming back multiple times but he was completely broken. Check his twitter out, he completely just disappeared.
  4. Dom listen to Adam's post game interview he called out the team on missing those tackles.
  5. I've changed my mind. He's a great leader for this D and we should sign him to an extension. He's calling out players on missed tackles despite the win, and he's challenging the team to do better. Lets get it Prez.
  6. Now what is buffalo needing the last game to get into the playoffs and us playing spoiler. That’s what
  7. Blew up at Thanksgiving dinner and everyone was scared to talk to me. Luckily my niece was 1.5 years old at the time and loved Annie so we just ended up watching it and singing the songs together (no one else in the family likes Annie) so that made the night.
  8. So guy is divorced and just lives for his Sundays. Eh at least he has his hobbies. Good job
  9. Seriously. You create a great thread and you get ******* trolls trying to derail it. Garbage.
  10. Yea it was clear from the buffalo game what gase was trying to do was make Sam into Peyton Manning dunking and dunking. Round pegs in square holes.
  11. Well now that that raider piece of crap has shown up in this thread would love nothing more than to pound their asses to the ground next sunday

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