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  1. I'm indifferent on McShay. I'll say this about him though: I don't feel like switching off the channel when he's speaking.
  2. I love how dudes on this site rage at every mannish article but somehow excuse ciminis behavior who’s been doing it for longer
  3. Or he’s a control freak that doesn’t like people backtalking. Miami fans hated him for this reason and you’re seeing it happening first hand. You’ll hate him when he dumps all of the talent on this team cause they weren’t “his” players. Just wait. This will go down in flames holaroously
  4. Wow yea from worst to least worst: knicks Mets jets
  5. I want a good laugh. Seeing gase crash and burn ruining darnold (going to guess season ending injury) alienating bell and trading cj Mosley for conditional 7th round picks to the Seahawks will be my season highlights.
  6. Wasn’t that rumor started here? Anyway if it ain’t coming from Tony Pauline I don’t trust it
  7. ill be more suprised if he takes the job than if he turns it down. Ive seen this song and dance before.
  8. This is what’s super baffling about this whole ordeal. Why give the reigns to this squeaking runt when he’s done nothing to deserve it? He hasn’t had an offense in Miami that finished inside 25 and now he gets to call the shots! Anyone with half a brain knew he was a power hungry cock sucker coming in and now you’ve given him what he wanted. Kudos jets no plan in place shoot from the hip. This is the sign Tebow cause he’ll sell tickets thing all over again
  9. It’sjust another day orb westerosi style politics in jetsland
  10. Lmao and making gase interim gm. Yea give the job to the head coach who got rid of all the talent from his previous coaching job
  11. I ******* hate Minnesota now. Im sick of their sh*t. I look forward to price gauging their free agent players for them ala Kirk and Barr.
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