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  1. donated. good luck and much love max
  2. Having the runs in Brooklyn at 3 am and stopping to take a sh*t at the penn station at 4 am is…an experience…
  3. Saleh and joe Douglas factored into this regrade. It’s stupid. Draft does not deserve an A
  4. I went to Favre's first practice that was fun
  5. Nothing but respect for Luca. He's going to be a GOAT
  6. When I was young and stupid my friends and I would go through the tunnels on the side of the mountains in piermont right on the Hudson. Some of those tunnels are so dark and you can’t see sh*t one time all we could hear was a rattling sound. We got to the end of the tunnel and at the end was a ******* copperhead blocking where we could climb up so we had to walk past the rattling snake and climb down the side of the mountain. sh*t was scary af
  7. lmao i was at that game. Fans were jumping up and down seats ripping them out and stuffing them inside their shirts as memarobilia. It was hilarious. Great game too. Smoked em.
  8. Love how he ******* compares their stat lines like it means something. You really think you did something here huh ryan, you disingenuous turd. To be fair im bearish on ZW, but this is just Skip Bayless levels of worthless trolling
  9. Dame should just come to the knicks and be great. he'll never win with portland they suck Also I'm done with the fluff pieces and jif is right. Show me bitch.
  10. Jd lied when he said analytics wasn’t the focus. and I couldn’t be happier
  11. after fourth = 5th and up. so sure analytic all you want. It's a pretty good strategy
  12. Seriously but omfg we could have had ardarius loser in the third round or Lorenzo maudlin prospect instead!!!
  13. Seriously this kind of thinking gets you chad Hansen
  14. no, draft a stud that deell uck this trade down bs
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