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  1. No one knows how that last goal went in. thats the BREADMAN for ya
  2. good. I dont havee to buy NFL Sunday Ticket and can wait to see if the Jets are dog sh*t
  3. parents are immigrants and still dont understand why id root for such a sh*t team and not someone like the giants
  4. I mean, yea. We'll be absoutely smoked in run defenes especially since Quincy Williams can't read screen plays. We will suck defensively. What we're looking for is Zach to make that jump at QB. Honestly? I'd rather lose 45-40 than win 10-7. That'd show progress for the Jets
  5. Exactly this. The talent on this team on offense is too good to suck. It'll be ready for someone to step in and lead them.
  6. Love our offense. Our defense will probbably not be able to stop the run, but this offense should at least be league average
  7. It wont matter. We've got a sick ass offense so if he's not it he can **** off into oblivion cause a league average qb should ball out with our weapons
  8. Shades of Vernon Gholston losing his car in the parkiing lot..
  9. We'll see. I'm actually not 100 on any of our 1st round picks, and the fact that he's got a top 8 grade on JJ while a lot of other teams didnt even rate him in the 1st round is worrying. I think it's more likely that at least one of them busts rather than all three busting, but I'll wait and see and give him the benefit of the doubt.
  10. Does this FO realize Stafford was essentially wasted bbecause they waited 5 years to draft a TE (Ebron) and he sucked ass? Don't make the same mistake assholes
  11. and yet here we are jets fans, 7 rings that brady has latre, desperately trying to cling onto anything negative we can find about braddy
  12. Haha as soon as they almost lost to the Jets i knew they werent going to get past the next round
  13. Married Moved to VA Had a kid First house Gained 100 lbs
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