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  1. Well let’s be real the minnesota pd will definitely be reformed...but lapd and nypd? Good ******* luck
  2. i would but i think reading it would probably make me want to leave this place like i did TGG
  3. Germany has Covid under control
  4. Wouldn’t be opposed to them playing In Vietnam or something where it’s covid free. They could isolate the players and still have them play a complete 16 game season. I just want football idc
  5. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/14/opinion/reopen-america-coronavirus-lockdown.html?auth=login-email&login=email good opinion piece on what we should do. tldr virus is not deadly outside so go barbecue with your loved ones but wear masks and maintain safe distance. Being outdoors big key to containing virus. Businesses should adapt. Everyone should wear masks.
  6. It’s pretty easy to tell man, if you’re getting info from someone from Johns hopkins usually you trust those people more than if you’re getting info from people whose other videos are healing crystal and essential oil reviews.
  7. https://theconversation.com/masks-help-stop-the-spread-of-coronavirus-the-science-is-simple-and-im-one-of-100-experts-urging-governors-to-require-public-mask-wearing-138507 Wear a mask.
  8. I just dont want to see some dumb sh*t like losing to Miami and Cinci back to back. Those are some Jetsy ass things to do.
  9. Joe Douglas was full of sh*t when he said analytics didnt play a factor into his decision. It's clearly dictating a lot of our draft this year. AND I LOVE IT
  10. EDGEs How to read this: “Jabari Zuniga is a 90th percentile Adjusted SPARQ athlete.” Prospect Adjusted SPARQ Percentile SPARQ Percentile Jabari Zuniga* 0.90 0.85 Casey Toohill 0.89 0.94 James Smith-Williams 0.83 0.66 Carter Coughlin* 0.82 0.85 Terrell Lewis* 0.79 NA Derrek Tuszka 0.71 0.53 D.J. Wonnum 0.69 0.53 Yetur Gross-Matos* 0.68 NA Curtis Weaver* 0.68 NA Alex Highsmith 0.68 0.53 Jonathan Garvin* 0.66 0.61 Alton Robinson 0.65 0.72 Zack Baun 0.60 0.55 Qaadir Sheppard* 0.39 0.23 Marlon Davidson* 0.33 NA Kenny Willekes 0.33 0.33 Check out that ******* sparq score boys. We got ourselves an athlete!
  11. Claypool and Mims were there and now Claypool isnt. Were going to be relegated to picking Ardarius Stewart or Chad Hansen.

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