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  1. **** the dolphins
  2. talisaynon

    Mike Maccagnan Appreciation Thread.

    lmao you pay a fat piece of crap 61 million and start the appreciation threads. ok mccagnan we know its you, stop moonlighting under fake posters on the internet and get us a pass rusher you putrid piece of crap
  3. yoooooooo I'm DEAD 😂😂😂
  4. This is dumb to compare this to Cousins. Smart jets fans wanted no part of Kirk. This though is an abject failure by management, specifically Mac. Complete and utter disgrace to not have him here. Again we have no pass rusher. Insane.
  5. talisaynon

    Barr Stays with Vikings

    well **** this guy. and this makes overpaying for CJ mosley a lot worse. **** you mac.
  6. talisaynon

    Barr to the Jets, or not

    wow a ******* pass rusher? what year is this? 2004??????
  7. talisaynon

    Jamal Adams on Undisputed

    Jamal is super overrated and j cole blows. Tom Shane gets it right again.
  8. Remember when we had him and Brian schottenheimer at the same time? lol
  9. talisaynon

    AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    ******* bob sutton coaches this defense?????! Why?????
  10. talisaynon

    Goodbye 3-4

    lmao yea. i remember reading those stupid jets.com article about the transition in 2006 and being giddy. Thought we finally got our pass rusher in Gholston. Was screaming J-E-T-S walking down the block to the bars in Boston land. Love it. Bye 3-4. When your best pass rusher is Calvin Pace you know you done ****ed up. Jesus 10 years and our best pass rusher was Calvin Pace. Bryan Thomas, Aaron Maybin, Vernon Gholston, Mauldin, Pace. YIIIIKES
  11. talisaynon

    This Oughta Be Fun

    So Rex all over again huh. How bout we get a coach that can lead the team.
  12. talisaynon

    Defensive Coordinator

    White Todd Bowles but on offense. Just another day in jet land 🤪🤪🤪

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