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  1. sounds like someone who hasnt gotten their ass eaten out 10 times
  2. Where there's smoke there's fire. I dont think they can get any more clear here that Watson wants to go to the Jets. our 1st pick and Seattles 1st next year + this years second. Lets get it done.
  3. rooting for Brady too. Hes the GOAT man, **** it,
  4. This. Might have been fine for the Nathan Sheperds and that dude who had 10 sacks but no one still cared about him anyway. But for people who are passionate about winning the Jets would have been totally toxic. Hopefully Saleh does change that.
  5. https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/health/novel-coronavirus/vaccine/registration for you northern va folks you can sign up for the vaccine now if youre 1b (which includes 16-64 with comorbidities) I was eligible and signed up for my place in line. @The Crusher
  6. born Philippines 1984. Then the hard streets of rockland county 1993 till 2003. Boston 2003-2009, Rockland 2009-2010, Harlem 2010-2012, Harrison, NJ 2012-2016, Manassas Park VA 2016-2017, Centreville VA 2017-2020, Chantilly, VA 2020 (bought a house) Probbably another 5 years here, if my company sells we'll move back to Rockland and find a house somewhere in West Nyack. That's the plan at least
  7. stop with this SOJF bullsh*t he wants to come here. Its ok to have good things.
  8. all 2 inches are full mast bro. full MAST LETS ******* GO
  9. lmao im trolling my giant fan friends about getting Deshaun and theyre so ******* bitter. Please let this happen I want to drink their tears.
  10. Brees looking like that game where Quentin couples made him his bitch
  11. Give them our 2 firsts this yearr and a firsst next year I dont give a ****

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