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  1. Yankees dismiss Meacham, Monteleone from coaching staff

    My ass hurts.
  2. Anyone for golf?

    I'm gonna call Jerry Manuel. Looks like he'll be available.
  3. Anyone for golf?

    I'm gonna have a lot of time, starting next week. I called Torre, but he said he has to work.
  4. Phil Hughes

    I have a GREAT record managing young pitchers! Ask the Marlins.
  5. I'm gonna be one of the greats.

    Hank said so.
  6. oh my god, Girardi is horrible

    Did you see me argue that call in the ninth? I'm hardcore.
  7. AJ Burnett owns the Yankees

    All I know is that it's not my fault. I hate to lose.
  8. Joba Chamberlain on the 15 Day DL

    It's Cashman's fault.
  9. Joba Chamberlain on the 15 Day DL

    Joba didn't work hard enough in spring training. He should have run more. He'd be fine if he just ran more.
  10. Cleveland Sucks..Cleveland Sucks..Cleveland Sucks

    Cleveland does not hate to lose. I hate to lose. That's what makes me a winner.
  11. Joba Chamberlain on the 15 Day DL

    It's OK. I don't need him. I have the fire to win. I'll have another team meeting. That'll fix everything.