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  1. So disappointing we don't we JRIB here in Canada. Rome was giving The Jets some love today on his radio show. Saying the NFL is better when The Jets matter.
  2. Lets go Flames! It's actually kind of sad we have to play the Blackhawks in the 1st round I really like their team. And Go Blues Go! I hate the Canucks!
  3. I'd love to go as it's in Canada, but realistically it would probably be cheaper for me to Fly to New York and watch a game at the Meadowlands than fly to Toronto and watch a game at Rogers Centre.
  4. I'm all for this! I've been a fan of Cutlers for some time.
  5. I know the late night radio guy for ESPN (Jason Smith) is a Jets fan, hardly famous though.
  6. So let me just get this clear, we can still get in if the we Win and the Ravens lose?
  7. Well they both see all and know all, that's for sure.
  8. Ha! Quick Kick, and the wind takes it down too the 1.
  9. What kind of call is that on 4th and 2? Garon is a moron.
  10. Reminds me of the place I live, every couple of weeks we get 120km+ winds.
  11. How does Farve not read the Conner Blitz? I saw that coming before the snap.
  12. Wallace could knit a sweater before he felt any pressure.
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