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  1. Cautiously optimistic but I think I will be ecstatic if we show progress and have another great draft.
  2. You would probably hate to be inside the locker room
  3. This is what I have been trying to tell the pessimist. We got great value in the late rounds.
  4. Stop looking at the position. Most these ”safeties” are hybrids and can play LB.
  5. Hopefully he is as good as the last DB we drafted from Pitt
  6. Looks like we are keeping the pick
  7. As much as I would love to trade down, there is alot of first round talent still on the board. I would love for us to get Elijah Moore. That boy is going to be a star.
  8. We can trade down in the 2nd for more picks
  9. Bc they know deep down Wilson may be a bust
  10. We are gonna regret not drafting Fields
  11. Voted no bc he will be a bust. Holding out hope that Joe sees the light.
  12. He seems to have a bit more charisma than Darnold. I think that is a trait that definitely helps in the huddle. One of the reasons I really liked Fitzpatrick before sh*t hit the fan.
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