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  1. Wtf I thought the game started at 6?!? Missed most the game already.
  2. Damn if it’s only one helmet then you have to go with a white version of our current helmet. I would like an all black as well.
  3. I think this deal is more about the uncertainty of Becton than anything else.
  4. 1st Mosely, then Maye and Crowder https://youtu.be/vfCxVPsmLtg
  5. I’m talking about him actually become a top 10-20 player in his league like Embiid. Of course him being injured does nothing for the team but Becton is far from being great player…yet.
  6. If he reaches anything close to Joel Embiid’s level of play we should be happy.
  7. I think that Michael Carter (the RB) is going to be a star.
  8. Sanchez > Darnold > Geno Sanchez had the most success Darnold had the most potential Geno was just a bum
  9. Cautiously optimistic but I think I will be ecstatic if we show progress and have another great draft.
  10. You would probably hate to be inside the locker room
  11. This is what I have been trying to tell the pessimist. We got great value in the late rounds.
  12. Stop looking at the position. Most these ”safeties” are hybrids and can play LB.
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