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  1. Anyone think we draft Kyle Hamilton and play him at LB?
  2. Detroit vs Seattle is our Super Bowl. Need Detroit to get the W here.
  3. Yep he has never been the same since that hit. He clearly has some form of CTE.
  4. Played well and maintained draft pick positioning. Today was a good day.
  5. Maybe his time on the bench, allows him to play his position of head coach better.
  6. I don’t think I am going to watch another game this season. I truly don’t know how some of you rooted for this team for 25+ years. I am completely burnt out as a Jets fan. Zach was my last hope.
  7. He is not the one. It’s frustrating but there is nothing we can do but hope he finally gets it. Sadly this may cost Joe his job.
  8. The league is more of a QB league now then it was back then.
  9. I think Rex forgot he has a 46-50 record as the coach of the Jets.
  10. I just want the media to keep the same energy they had when they were shutting on our franchise and sucking the skin off of Darnold. Dude is a bust and has not improved at all.
  11. All this makes the Flacco trade even more frustrating.
  12. Are we watching the dethroning of Zach? This is the best game by a Jets QB in 20 years. mind blown!!!
  13. Wtf I thought the game started at 6?!? Missed most the game already.
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