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  1. Watson has a no trade clause. No way he chooses to go to Detroit
  2. Colts: trade 21st overall and a 3rd rounder for Stafford Lions: trade 21st overall, 7th overall and 2nd rounder for the number 2 overall Jets: trade the 7th overall, 21st overall, 23rd overall and Darnold to the Texans for Watson
  3. I dont care if they make him the waterboy, as long as we can get atleast a 3rd rounder for him
  4. Maybe alot of trade options opening up for Darnold Colts, Saints, Steelers?, Bucs?
  5. I agree with OP but if the Jets miss on these picks we will be kicking ourselves forever
  6. Add Darnold and subtract 2 of those 1st rounders and I am good with that trade. The number 2 overall is worth 3 picks
  7. If the Jets want Watson they should trade down with the 49ers the offer the 12th, 23rd and Darnold for Watson. Stack future assets and have a franchise QB
  8. I think we will now trade the pick, keep Darnold and sign Mullens
  9. The Jets actually picked a coach I wanted? Lets go!!!
  10. 13 dislikes makes me think we have some members on the no fly list lol
  11. After doing some research on the situation in Philly, it’s probably best we pass on Doug. He doesnt seem to have deep relationships with many coaches in the league and wants to stick to guys he knows (think Gase and Loggains).
  12. I dont know what to feel about this one. Tanking that last game really rubbed alot of players the wrong way.

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