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  1. Thats not true. We were only ridiculed at the tail end of his tenure.
  2. Winning changes everything. We haven't been goos at that in a while.
  3. Brady has always had a great sense of humor. I never had any hate towards him. Belicheck on the other hand...
  4. I would assume the NCAA would cancel as well. So we would be drafting based on 2019 stats.
  5. Never knew believing someone was going to sign was breaking a story. BREAKING NEWS I believe Joe D won’t sign Ryan.
  6. The scary part is the one bullet unknowingly being in the chamber. This story could have ended tragically.
  7. Safe to say it is over for Enunwa’s career... atleast as a Jet
  8. Bilal played well last season. I don’t understand why he wasn’t given another shot.
  9. 2021 is going to be another deep WR draft so no. Could probably get another starter with that pick.
  10. I no longer believe Darnold will be a superstar Aaron Rodgersesque QB I hoped he would become. However I would be very happy if he gives us 2015 Ryan Fitzpatrick level production. I definitely believe he is capable of that this season.
  11. Honestly this was our best draft in years. I’m really excited about this upcoming season.

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