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  1. Carolina was in both games they lost. I am sue their fans are more optimistic about their future than we are.
  2. The coach that should be coaching this team is in Carolina.
  3. LMAO the professionals also said Demario Davis, who is now arguably one of the best ILB in the game, was overrated. Look at our ILB’s now. There is numerous examples of this on this site. The fact people want Joe Douglas fired is just the natural reaction for the ever-suffering needing to be instantly gratified Jets fan. Moral of the story: Don’t take anything on this site seriously.
  4. I never understood the Jeremy Bates hate. Darnold and McCown looked good in that offense. Imagine if he had 2 more years to work with Darnold. I think Gase’s offense is too complex. We need someone that can taylor an offense to Darnold’s strengths.
  5. Really is. I thought Rosen was going to be the best QB in that draft. Followed Darnold, Baker then Jackson and Allen. Boy was I wrong. Hopefully JD picks the right next franchise QB for this team.
  6. People complain about him not getting free agents like players are knocking the door down to play here. Our biggest acquisition in the pst couple years was Leveon and that was only bc he had no market and we offered him the most money. Same with CJ. So either we go the overpay Macagnan route or we make this a more desirable location by building through the draft.
  7. This is a personnel problem. Parcell couldn’t coach this team to a win.

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