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  1. If a Kaepernick signing is all it takes for you to stop rooting for this horrendous franchise, then you have bigger things to worry about lol.
  2. I’m on the fence. While the offensive line has been horrible, Darnold still displays huge flaws. I think he will get better but his ceiling is alot lower than what I originally believed.
  3. The Packers look alot better without him
  4. They better trade everyone in the offseason.
  5. I think Robby is getting traded bc 1 we still have to pay Enunwa and 2 we are drafting a better WR in the 2nd round of the draft
  6. I've never heard men complain about J. Lo or Shakira lol Who gives a f about the half time show anyway?
  7. Probably drunkenly reconnect with my old friends who are also Jets fans and celebrate in the NYC streets.
  8. Looks like he is going to summon a dragon using a flute.
  9. I never knew this. I thought Woody owned the Jets by himself.
  10. I dont care if the Jets go 0-16, I want to watch every game.
  11. Actually, the NBA and MLB are two of the top 10 most watched sports in the world. Outside of USA, nobody really cares for our beloved football.
  12. I dont think any of you have watched a basketball game since the 90’s lol. The Jets and Knicks are clearly on the rise. Knicks have young talent, a top 3 pick and are likely to get KD, AD and Kyrie this summer. They are in the best position to succeed in years. The Jets Franchise hinges on how good Sam Darnold real can be. From what I saw last year, I’m optimistic. Mets are clearly the worst.
  13. I am glad a few of you are just fans and not GMs lol. I was actually cool with every pick except Polite. I like Polite's ceiling, but we will regret not taking Winovich as he will be a future all pro with New England.
  14. Draft - Josh Allen, Bosa ahould go #1 or 2 which works out for us bc we can draft the player with the higher ceiling. then Draft the best 2 Linemen available around our picks in the 3rd round (preferably C and OT) Best CB available with the 4th
  15. Judging by that contract, the man didnt want to play for us. On to the next one.

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