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  1. Calvin has to be chomping at the bit to play on a Defense that can really shut down anybody
  2. REX said the clown is to talented to not play. so your calling rex a lier. I for one IN REX I TRUST
  3. JETS wanted to deal chansi instead of the clown. If the clown would of had huge numbers right now Mangini would of wanted the clown instead of chansi. What a chess game within the game.
  4. When was the last time the JETS can play jumpball in the redzone. Edwards might have a couple of drops. but just his presence on JETS offense opens up so much. Cotch's fantasy stock rose big time. Defenses aint going to be able to double team both. Lets give the kid a chance winning changes everything, He will become a team player especially when he's the new guy.
  5. You forgot to mention Johnny lam Jones, dont tell me Edwards dont catch the ball like him, always jumping even when the pass is 2 feet off the ground and catching it with his body
  6. check out my work. screening room then click girls video Currie woods in Jersey city and life of crimez video in Paterson NJ http://uptopfilms.com/
  7. I didnt read your post , before i posted . B Edwards catches with body not hands thats a bad habit to break
  8. he doesnt use his hands, because he catches the ball most of the time with his body and jumps even when he doesnt have to. he looks like a young Johnny lam jones. he caught that pass on video because he used his hands. Look at his other highlights, he dont catch with his hands
  9. I dont know how long you been watching football, but peyton and indy always makes it to the playoffs and then they get bumped off.
  10. The road to the superbowl in the afc still has to go through the Patriots. JETS offense today didnt know the Defense can shut down such an offense and tried to make shi_t happen and it cost them 14 points and the game maybe now they know the Defense can shut down. and a punt is way better then a turnover for a TD
  11. Revis was man to man all game and it was bump and run. Those 10 yard cushions was for Mangini's Defense. I think bart must of told Revis with your skills u can talk some smack because Revis said I had moss all game, if he went to the bathroom I went with him. lol Bart said Revis is better then advertised, and what revis did against 2 WR's that had big games in the other game they played says it all.
  12. He is going to cost a bunch but he's worth it. CB's like that dont come around that often. Tanny can renegotiate next year flashing money( U know the guaranteed stuff and signing bonus) and JETS training facility are good carots on a stick. If he doesnt remain a JET watch him end up in pittsburgh and thats like giving steelers another ring with the defense they have already.
  13. too early and to much to give for a gamble. a move like that is made ,if its for an Elway or a Peyton. No wonder the JETS havent been to a superbowl in 40 years, they dont know what they are doing and they been pissing away there draft picks to move up a couple of slots for past 3 years. The draft is how u build a championship team,giving them away makes it harder to be champions.
  14. Coaching is the biggest factor to winning and loosing. Suttons rush 3 and drop 8 isnt good coaching
  15. Its hard to believe the Cardinals are going to the Superbowl because of the ass whippings they took in the regular season. That almost sounds impossible
  16. mcnab 1-5 in championship games, not to shabby. Its better then K Obrien, R. Todd, Boomer, B. Nagle, Chad Pennington.
  17. Marty not only gets his team to the playoffs, he's been to alot of championship games, Yeah he lost them all (he got ELWAYED in most of those Championship games). even Tuna got Elwayed. IMO he is bound to win one. The chargers under Marty looked unbeatable, now with turner they are lucky they got into the playoffs at 8-8. Marty can make the best with what he got, uses his players stregnths not expose there weaknesses. He wont change players to run his system HE will use the system that best fits his players. JETS pass him by they will make another mistake like the many they made th
  18. After beating an elite undefeated Titans and patriots teams on the road. I was on top of the world. What happen after that could only happen to the SOJ's We always blame the coach, but this time this collapse is his fault. things were going bad but Mangini kept the same approach. He must not have the Juevos (balls) to make changes/adjustments. The JETS in 3 years under mangini never scored in the opening drive of the 3rd qtr. it shows how good he is on making the half time adjustments needed to win the game and That rush 3 and drop 8 philosophy really sux, just when i thought i seen it all
  19. i aree with fish, we long over paid our due's
  20. WE are paying our DUE's, time after time. we are doing our sentence but commited no crime. And Bad mistakes JETS made more then a few (alot). WEve had our share of mud kicked in our face(mudbowl). Its been no bed of roses. I consider it a challenge before the whole NFL. WE will keep on fighting until the end because there will be a time when the jets bring fame and fortuen The JETS will one day take there bow and curtain call, because they will have no time for loosing or time for loosers. they will keep fighting to the end. AND THEY AINT GONNA LOOSE BECAUSE THE JETS ARE THE CHAMPIONS MY FRI
  21. Mangini and shotty dont know how to use that weapon, 3-4 touches on offense for Leon Washington is inthinkable. Gholston over Mayo is looking like Al Toon over J Rice. 8 to 10 years down the line we will see if it is or not. That Mayo is an everydown Play maker, and VG! well lets just say he is still raw, very raw.
  22. As much as we hate the patriots, that MAYO can play some ball. with Mayo's developement, V Gholston has alot of catching up to do. A win is a win and ill take it, but with all the injuries the Pats have gone through, and the way the 1st half played out . the jets failed to go for the jugular. This should of been a 3 score victory rather then a OT victory. If the Pats would of won OT coin toss , JETS fans would of been blaming everything and everybody including the statue of Jesus on the neighborhood church
  23. Chad's int vs the bears pissed u off, i could only imagine how pissed off U are with the Favre's INT's, they been coming a dime a dozen, the one against the bills could of been the momentum changer if it wasnt for TJ running buck wild and killing the clock. a game well in hand, that int turns it into a nail biter. Not only was it an INT, it was a pick six.
  24. D LOW was benched 2nd half, I dont know why, its not like he was getting toasted. The Penalty he got I think his body language got the flag thrown. He pointed to himself like who me and then the flag came out, he shouldnt of done that, rookie mistake. D LOW still got his air time after game on SNY. he contributes and has good DB instincts, he could also develope into a safety later on, he's a keeper. top 20 rookie impact players of the draft on espn which is more then VG or Keller can say.
  25. yeah if not for Leon JETS loose this game. Leon also won bengals game with his punt returns, JETS started in bengal side every possesion.
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