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  1. I just made a comment in a thread over at JI (the thread title is something about someone nephew) My comment was directed at 2 people who had made very racist comments. I said (racism at JI who would have thought it) 32 green who is a new mod over there and who must also be a racist BANNED ME FOR A MONTH. He let the racist comments slide and banned me???? Needless to say I am finished with JI and what would appear to be several very racist people as well as racist mods. I understand I am a Patriots fan and several of you would tell me to GFY but to those who visit
  2. No mention of the Pats being the same team as in week 2??? Mankins (did not play in game 2) will open some nice holes for Woodhead (did not play in game 2) and Branch (did not play in game 2) will tear the Jets a new a$$hole.
  3. Ditka gave up his entire draft plus a 1st and a 3rd the following year. Nothing Williams ever did could make up for what Ditka did.
  4. Based on what the team gave up to get the player my vote is.. Ricky Williams.
  5. I am sure Mr Shane will get no sleep because you don't like him. His post was reasonable and responsable. Way over your head.
  6. You know whats sad. These same people who have no problem with what their team is saying will be crying here on Monday if the Patriots win big and score during the final 2 mins. The Patriots are scum bags for running up the score
  7. Can't argue with that. Maybe by Thursday some of you will understand that you are not playing the Texans again next week.
  8. If you say so. Its one game folks, calm down.
  9. Your defense looks strong up the middle. I expect Brady to operate out of the shotgun with 5 wide. This will spread out your defense and take away your strength. Always works against the Steelers.
  10. Oh look its some bait, I will read the thread now and see if you caught anything.
  11. The Vets are tired of watching these rookies make more money than them without ever having played a down in the NFL. $ 15 million over 5 years for the # 1 pick sounds good.
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