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  1. Please forward this email to all Giants & Jets fans. I am organizing a Public Rally about the Personal Seat License policy for the new Giants / Jets Stadium. The Giants play the Jets in a Preseason Game on Saturday, 8/23 at 7pm. The Rally is to occur at 4pm prior to the game in the stadium parking lot. The New Jersey Sports and Exhibition Authority granted their approval for the Rally to be held in the east grandstand apron between the racetrack and the new stadium. I am currently contacting all local media and radio stations to have them help publicize the rally. I have set up a website for the rally at www.pslrally.com The website allows fans to sign up to speak at the rally, give feed back on the policy, and provide alternative suggestions to the policy. Please feel free to contact me back with all questions. Let your voices be heard. Steve Kern 973-316-2542 pslrally@verizon.net

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