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  1. 4 weekly grounds passes available. They include Mon, Tue and Wed practice rounds. Thurs thru Sunday and Monday if a playoff is necessary. Official program. $405 each set. (my cost) email me @ mdp15@optonline.net
  2. Sec 303 Row 27. $85 each. Call me if interested 516-317-0785
  3. You can get 1 on Ebay for about $50
  4. I am just trying to recoup what I paid for them. I was using these tickets until I was invited to a luxury box. The seats have a great view.
  5. Remember: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! Say hello to the girls at Crazy Horse II for me!
  6. Myself and 6 others will be going to SF with a side trip to Vegas Sunday night.
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