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  1. Per Curb Your Own Enthusiasm Per Blowjob queens spicy food makes gentlemen's relish taste great, not sure if that was Garb was going after or not
  2. Bullsh1t if the players sucked there would be no big TV deal. Gimme a break
  3. Bullsh1t if the players sucked there would be no big TV deal. Gimme a break
  4. My Point to you is..Do not complain about the players, specially when you are buying their jersey, paying $50 to park and $150 for a ticket. Until fans walk the walk, the $9B will only grow and not decline. I assume you spend your coin to watch the players and not to watch Kraft pick his nose. The players generate the $9B in revenue not the owners.
  5. Comparing buying tangible property vs a ticket now? Maybe Kraft is sending to you the seat where your fanny sat in You must be a born and bred masshole or at least from Lowell
  6. Yet you support the entertainment industry by going to movies or games or buying a Pats jersey, in the name of ned beatty bend over sheep.
  7. Yet i assume you pay the $10 to watch a movie, or pay ticket price to watch pats. You are not going to pay diddly to watch a carpenter hammer or a coal miner dig. The NBA is not generating huge revenue, so my guess owners will lock out and noone will care
  8. If you were the 1500 best at what you do in the world, how much do you think you would be worth? Ever go to the movies to be entertained. Your argument on coal miners etc is weak. Entertainment industry is a bit different than everyday jobs. You should boycott your Patsies with your tude.
  9. Oh you mean Partners!!! Clueless in PA, the owners walked away from current CBA not the players.
  10. Einstein..without the current players the $9B drops to $5B in year 1 to $2B by year 2. Replacement players will not work and the owners will eventually say Uncle. I am 100% pro player. 100% of Owners are all slime. Most of which inherited their ching and add nothing to the game. We pay big $$ to watch the players.
  11. You are like talking to a wall. Anyone on the Billionaire Owner side hasnt got a clue.
  12. You are clueless, Go ask Dave Duerson (oh wait) go ask Kevin Turner while he is still with us
  13. No one is paying to watch your dad bang nails, these are entertainers generating huge sums of coin! If not a cane, they are getting their knees redone, hips replaced, shoulders and back surgeries. Small pension as well
  14. Great call!!! So with 7-8 new rookies drafted with no OTA's and TC, the pats have to be the favs, as these kids will prob all start on that wretched defense. That is unless Bill drafts 5 more TE's
  15. Sorry after 3 years of HS and then 3-4 years of college games and practice and then 2-3 yrs in NFL practice/games and these so called fortunate ones may make close to $1 million after 3 years and are walking with a cane by 50. These so called fortunate ones who happen to be among the 1500 best in the world at what they do, deserve every bit and more. Now go make me 100 copies i am running late to my meeting
  16. You do realize the owners cant cut them at their whim right? expect Leon to be asked to take a paycut or be cut
  17. Players are Partners with Owners because they are the PRODUCT!! People pay good money to be entertained. These are not accountants pushing paper around.
  18. Ummmm we pay to see the players, they are the product, the movie so to speak, we do not go to stadium to cavort with Woody at the stadium.
  19. LOL Players tend to die young, they assume plenty of risk they are partners whether you like it or not
  20. Bullcrap they are partners not employees, we pay to see them on field not the PR guy. partners deserve to see the books end of discussion
  21. Way off base, this is Entertainment business, Did Hoffman and Beatty give back $20M when Ishtar bombed?
  22. You have No Clue Owners did not invent football, they are making billions and their bodies do not turn into mush when they turn 50. They are partners, we pay to see Players Play, we are not accountants. Partners share cost data plain and simple. 100% on Players side.
  23. The players are not employees in my mind, they are the Product!!!!, If they were beancounters or worked some boring job that most of us do in life....it would be different.
  24. As oppose to pats fans living on a jets message board, so who is obsessed with who?
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