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  1. Anyone know how good or bad our wide recievers are at blocking?? For everything we've heard about cotch/coles and everyone else, I have never heard anyone mention theyre blocking skills? So from word of mouth or someone really paying attention to this, can anyone enlighten me on our WR's run-blocking (or pass) abilities???
  2. hopefully with all the additions if one player gets double teamed someone else who wouldnt be double teamed should be able to steup up...Our LB's all have good pass rushing abilities and kris jenkins should be able to open up things for the rest of the D. Like i said in an earlier post, it is kenyon coleman and shaun ellis that make me a little nervous at the DE spots. But yes Bob sutton also makes me nervous about using this potentially great defense very conservatively (like mike heimerdinger used to do by running up the middle on 1st and 2nd and throwing on 3rd EVERY SINGLE TIME)
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    the pass rush will definitely come from mostly the LB's (pace, thomas, etc.) but what worries me a little is that the LB's for the most part can only generate as much pass rush as the D-Line allows them to. Again, Jenkins doesnt worry me too much but can ellis and coleman put enough pressure on the O-Line to free up some space for the LBs to rush. Overall though the run defense is what worries me the most in terms of the DE's.
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    there were a handful of games after the bye where we looked decent against the run (KC, Miami, Pit). Hopefully thats the line that will show up every game this year. Of course Jenkins should help but we still need the DE's to be at least okay-solid to allow our LB's to make plays and have a decent run defense. Does anybody feel comfortable with Ellis and Coleman as our DE's?
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    yea i know the O-Line has looked real good so far but the D-Line makes me a little nervous...Hopefully Ellis and Coleman will play better than they did last year with Jenkins in the middle. With a solid D-Line, we could have a great defense.
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    Hey just joined the board after reading for a long time....I was wondering how people think our D-Line is gonna look this year. After everything that we have done in the offseason, the D-line (more specifically the DE's) never get mentioned. Ive heard Jenkins has been great but how do Ellis (who i know has been hurt recently but just came back) and Coleman look so far?
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