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  1. I honestly can't think of a movie that I wanted to see so bad that I went to the theatre for. Maybe I'm just getting old.
  2. I suggested Sourceworx use John Wayne Gacy's clown pic as an avatar but the Lost in Space one is funny as hell.
  3. I don't remember what you had posted originally but this wasn't it. Your membership in the troll patrol is in jeopardy. PS. We still on for the matinee showing of Finding Nemo?
  4. How many times can one man watch the Tebow throw against the Steelers in the playoffs?
  5. He got the jello in his mouth on the first try.
  6. The only throw I want to see broken down is when Mo throws Carr to the ground.
  7. I woulda figured you for a Teddy Bridgewater guy. You know, because he looks so young.
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