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  1. Free Agency & Draft Mock 2018

    Fwiw Enunwa is a long shot medically and skrub played well down the stretch
  2. Free Agency & Draft Mock 2018

    how did you miss the chubb jokes? You're slipping
  3. Where else can we upgrade?

    The entire off season should be dedicated to the foundation of get the QB Protect the QB Rush the QB after that, special teams is the best way to improve on a cost basis and this team has ignored specials for way too long
  4. Word Association

  5. Word Association

  6. We might get news on cousins tag soon, and trade talks might heat up because of that. Otherwise yes we are in silly season
  7. When Tanny had to sign 4 first round picks, he gave them more guaranteed money in exchange for a lower cap hit If cousins is willing to sign for overall less money in exchange for more guarantees, fine If the only thing we get in exchange is a signature, not great. If you have to beat someone over the head with a bag of money for them to take the job, it's usually a big mistake. They have to want to be here. Sure, a good agent is going to get your best offer, more than you wanted to spend, but you shouldn't over spend by any significant margin. If you have to go way over and beyond you will regret it. My approach would be to structure a deal that makes him the highest paid player by 3% and give him a day to consider it. Psychologically, you have to be prepared to sweeten the offer or you risk losing the "how much do they really want you " discussion So after the counter offer I close with highest paid player by 5%. If he balks, I withdraw the offer and go after someone else. If he balks, you are being used to get the offer up where he really wants to be. His agent and wife have had weeks to look at school systems, taxes and real estate. This shouldn't take long.
  8. Who'd you rather?.......

    Saffron? Gwen?
  9. Who'd you rather?.......

    Jenna? Zooey?
  10. Too bad it wasn't painted with sateen duraluxe, the problem would have taken care of itself
  11. Who'd you rather?.......

    Paulina? Elle?
  12. They probably had scaffolding up to paint that building This wasn't some random gang sign painted in 25 seconds
  13. Movies We've Seen Thread

    Let's try that again. lol OK so I just got back from black panther. Quick review, 4.5 mjolnir's. They were able to cash all the checks they wrote. The jokes worked, the tense scenes worked, the action worked, the awe scenes were awesome, the eye candy was sweet. I appreciated that the bad guy had depth and complexity. I loved that for a franchise movie they had a proper beginning with a back story, a middle and a resolution and a real ending. Too many franchise movies are all middle. They are just a commercial for the next movie. I saw it in IMAX 2D. Theater was packed Smattering of applause at the end. Only negative was it was a little long. Maybe 2 parts of the movie my mind wandered.