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  1. This booth sucks too. How hard is it to put together 3 guys that can call a football game lol
  2. I hope you don’t think that you proved anything here? To hate on a top 10 draft pick, 1st team all pro, NFL top 30 player Jets fans have; created a new absurd idea of a shut down safety crested a new absurd idea of a safety with a W/L record created a new absurd idea that 1 player is responsible for team defense rankings as a stat nerd you should be ashamed of this nonsense
  3. So presumably one of these agents leaked it to cowherd? gase is bad but it’s not a good look for the Jets if true nobody can make a change now anyway bizarre story if true
  4. Substitute teacher and everyone knows it real owner doesn’t give a crap and everyone knows it
  5. Adams is not my cup of tea personally, but are you guys really trying to make the case that he’s not good at footballing?
  6. The Johnsons were told of maccagnans intentions a year before that
  7. Can you imagine being a Southern California kid taking an 0-3 USC team to the rose bowl and getting credit for saving the coaches job,being called the savior and the chuck Norris memes and then this franchise drafts you with no offense and you become an actual joke?
  8. which is a standard that no other defensive player has ever been held to to hate on Adams some Jets fans invented the shut down safety and the wins gained pretend statistics to disparage a first team all pro , NFL top 30 player that get reps at outside corner, slot corner, outside linebacker strong safety and free safety

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