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  1. So what would a pass rushing OLB that can cover the slot receiver or play deep safety be worth? $18 million? $20 million?
  2. Why then did the ravens tag him and then sign judon? weird, right? even you don’t believe your own bs lol Thanks for going on record that Adams is worth significantly more than a pro bowl pass rusher Might have to put that in my sig
  3. Not the political disinformation one I just saw that’s for sure
  4. You suggested a pro bowl player making $17,000,000 plus 2 draft picks. so what kind of contract does Adams deserve? $20,000,000 ?
  5. It kinda represents the sojf thing tho. A jet is automatically not as valuable as other players a lot of Jets fans can’t balance Adams value with reality. what position does Adams play anyway? corner? Linebacker? Secondary?
  6. Wasn’t the dak hip thing a Tom house drill? thought I saw someone doing it in a show about him
  7. McClendon is very underrated around here love that guy
  8. What a shame about Mosley last year that one half he played was amazeballs lol
  9. Judon has agreed to a one-year contract with a guaranteed salary of $16.808 million, according to Tom Pelissero of NFL Media. The number they arrived at is the average of the $15.828 million franchise tag for linebackers and the $17.788 million franchise tag for defensive ends. so if you don’t resign judon to a mega deal you wind up with the 60th pick in 2021 brilliant
  10. Are you really to cowardly to put forth a fair offer? what are you afraid of? last chance

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