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  1. Should just be the draft choices
  2. Bold Prediction

    They won't know anything worthwhile about teddy's knee until August
  3. Bold Prediction

    Letting your fans debate QBs for a month and drafting a RB gets you fired before camp lol
  4. I really wish I hadn't watched this lol Pretty rough for Bill's fans tho
  5. Can you guys help me find Shane in this gif 😂
  6. Do you hide behind big guys in fights too? Go away lol
  7. Draft Day. April 26.

    To be fair, how many great draft days have the Jets had? 1?
  8. Ok, it's not the offense lol I'm trying really hard not to rank these guys so I can enjoy draft day so I'm just going to stick to my plan that as long as they don't take chubb or Barkley I'm good
  9. Thanks. I found a list where the top 16 career completion rates were all recent players, but there was a guy at 65 % from the 80s and Steve Young was 65 % I have seen evaluators mention the Wyoming offense goes deep a lot with few screens and short throws, which is similar to an 80s offense. What makes Allen interesting is how much he seems to have improved in the last 3 months I would be more comfortable with Allen if the improvement occurred during actual game play, but it's still there. I can see why people don't want Allen, but for a franchise that plays outdoors in bad weather with 2 bridge QBs it's not a crazy idea to take him My concern with Allen is more decision making and happy feet. Can bates get him to the point that he can reach his potential? That's the question
  10. It's weird how the NFL insiders consider Allen a legit prospect. They should listen to the fans more often I guess. Most QBs have a weakness to some area of the field. Kirwan said it's footwork related and easily fixed Brady can't throw deep anywhere, pats just don't ask him to do it If I'm Chris Johnson the key factor with Allen is asking if the Jets have the staff in place to develop him.
  11. Did you miss the point intentionally or are you just off your game today?
  12. Pretty underwhelming group I think this team needs big uglies Oline or dline The Jets only have 6 dlineman under contract, it's a pretty good bet the pick here is dline
  13. Show your math Find the average college completion percentage for 25 QBs taken in the first round or so in the 80s If it's under 60 %, your point stands Otherwise you need to find a better explanation
  14. Draft Day Movie Discussion

    You know the little plastic thingy on the end of the string that you use to raise and lower window blinds? Wtf is that thing called?