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  1. He said he’s skipping voluntary workouts if he doesn’t get one. I think an extension would actually help this year and something about void years. I’m probably not reading it correctly but on otc if you click on the extension column it shows a cap savings of 6 million for ‘23. my best guess is they get it done 3 days before voluntary workouts.
  2. Former Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott has narrowed down his options about where to play in 2023 to the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Jets and Cincinnati Bengals, sources told ESPN's Adam Schefter. welcome back to the NFL my crazy friends 😂
  3. Everyone got what they wanted. It was a good trade
  4. It’s almost like the packers have a reason to wait and the jets are ok with it because Rodgers isn’t really a fan of voluntary workouts If the draft comes and goes, JJ or Davis and a conditional 2024 pick should do it.
  5. He’s kinda like Deion Sanders, the superbowl contenders want him because he is a difference maker. You don’t make a mega investment in him. That ship has sailed for him. He’s a hired gun, a mercenary. Wouldn’t shock me at all if he’s signed after the first game by somebody so his deal isn’t guaranteed
  6. The main idea here obviously was the 2nd round pick for Moore that is going to be offered to GB. Hardman is a backfill replacement that also returns kicks. Hackett said this when Denver hired him “We want to be able to move people all over the field, whether it’s motions, shifts, those little jet sweep fly things that everybody sees,” Hackett detailed. “There are so many different ways that we can do that.” I mean how can you knock this. It was a pretty sweet swap
  7. Chiefs at Jets. 2023 JN outing. @T0mShane @Maxman
  8. You stole the face saving idea from otc lol. There are some benefits to waiting if you are Green Bay and I’ve discussed those in the past. From a salary cap standpoint the Packers can split his dead money up as $15,833,770 this year and $24,480,000 in 2024. So rather than losing salary cap space in 2023 they would actually gain some room. a benefit is a benefit. Losing is different than gaining. You’re wrong
  9. It gets split over 2 years if the trade is post June 1.
  10. I don’t see brinkmanship negotiations happening. The contract is what it is. There is no competition, no fear of loss. Nobody is walking away from the table. The only plausible explanation for the delay is the June 1 issue. This would have been hammered out with conditional picks while Rodgers was hallucinating if not for the June 1 issue. The packers will need the cap room for loves 5th year option alone. The basic point I’m making is I don’t think anyone should be checking their phone for news until it’s 90 degrees out and the sun sets at 8:00 lol
  11. They only get to split the money over 2 years after June 1 It’s a 25 million dollar difference before and after June 1. That’s a lot of cap space. I don’t think it’s done before then. They would need a huge offer to justify taking a 40 million dollar hit this year especially if they plan to do the 20 million dollar 5th year option for love. settle in for a long wait.
  12. It’s going to take this fan base some time to get used to the QB taking up 20% of the cap and having no cap space
  13. https://www.espn.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/91530/examining-the-challenges-of-an-aaron-rodgers-trade-between-jets-packers the jets will have to make it worth it for the packers to deal him before June 2. Basically both teams are better off waiting. Rodgers doesn’t attend voluntary workouts anyway. Loves May 1st 5th year option is as Cimini says, a sneaky issue. the packers will want to have the 25 million in cap room to accommodate the 20 million guaranteed for Love for sure it’s possible that the packers value a pick(s) this year more than cap space but if that was the case I imagine some sort of combination of conditional picks and/ or players would already have been agreed upon, because then the timing isn’t an issue. it’s probably the best thing I’ve read from Cimini in 10 years, worth the read. maybe June 2 they announce 2 conditional 2024 picks and a player like Corey Davis ? JJ? thats the poll option I would take lol
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