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  1. No were just not used to good playmakers
  2. This is why I’m not too worried What matters at this point is if he can learn from his mistakes. I figure about a week from now he’ll start showing more consistency
  3. Prayers for Clarke has Lawson been beating Becton mostly or are they moving him around?
  4. - Impressive performances by Hamsah Nasirildeen and Jamien Sherwood. Very sound in handling their assignments, did not make mistakes and did an excellent job in timing their blitzes. Nasirildeen is running with the #1's at WLB while he and Sherwood replaced CJ Mosley and Jarrad Davis in a coverage package. ive been excited and curious about these guys. Can’t wait to see them play!
  5. for every tweet that includes “with the “ we all take a drink!
  6. It’s all reputation based. they are going to have to put back to back winning seasons together to get respect
  7. I would laugh at them. Good luck breaking into Texas with a bunch of Yankees lol
  8. Actually, a vagina’s most sensitive part is only the first two and a half inches
  9. Just checked my basement. Forgot why I went down there and wound up cleaning the dryer vent
  10. Do yourself a favor. Put aside 7 minutes to give this your full attention. It’s a rare song that grabs you from the first chord, like whoa this is going to be good. Jaw dropping. Mesmerizing. chills.
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