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  1. Good let the backups get reps
  2. Oh for ****s sake will you guys please get over it? I want a lot or I keep him if you disagree I don't care
  3. If negative opinions mattered the Jets would be a dynasty That Smith guy is the worst
  4. Teddy and Sam need the reps
  5. Let it go dude Don't turn into this guy ๐Ÿ˜‚
  6. We disagree You ok with that?
  7. I'm basing that on Sperms post from a few days ago. Feel free to take it up with him I don't have the time ๐Ÿ˜‚
  8. You triggered bro? I mean really we disagree who gives a sh*t? I made an off hand comment and you're doing a thesis on it ๐Ÿ˜‚ I want a ton for my young pro bowl QB or I keep him, let's just leave it at that. I'll take the comp pick if he leaves. The differential between the comp pick and a 4th is worth it to have teddy come in so we don't have to see uncle Josh anymore. Alex Smith got a 3rd and a very good young cornerback, a premium position That's teddy's neighborhood if he stays healthy and the Jets wait for the right opportunity Smith is 33 and a playoff loser. What do you think a young healthy Bridgewater is worth? This all assumes he's healthy, which he has 2 more chances to prove
  9. Larz

    Is Terrele Pryor a little beotch?

    Flinching is a reaction to a surprise act I could make any internet tough guy flinch I wouldn't send Pryor as 1st guy off the bus but he's an NFL player let's have a little perspective
  10. Nope He's way too young This isn't Pennington and even that one bit us in the ass lol
  11. Yup Circumstances set the price Keenum apparently had a rough start the other night Bridgewater would be in the running for starter there no way I trade him under the premise it's to back up nooooo way I say wait until someone gets desperate or keep him
  12. Every QB and situation is different We won't have a good look until the Giants game If he can handle the mental side of it play him
  13. Young QBs that have been to a pro bowl have value I'm not trading him in the conference for less than what the Vikings paid for Bradford to replace Bridgewater Bradford is the same guy, shot knees but accurate and smart and proven Bradford and Bridgewater are almost the same player right down to career rating of about 85 Hold onto teddy until a contender needs him or just keep him Let's see if he can get through a half Thursday night No way in hell am I letting him go for some stupid 4th round pick Prove he is healthy than put their feet to the fire It's a QB for crying out loud lol