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  1. The take away is Douglas worked for Ozzie for 15 years or whatever I would have loved to listen into the call between the 2 of them after the game
  2. Yeah take that all you pie in the sky optimistic Jets fans!!!
  3. Should we form a club with a cute name? too soon?
  4. The most awesome part is his team building approach seemed to be more value based than allotting resources into specific positions, but these almost random decisions didn’t even yield good value. He was always more sold on things like “his teammates respond to him “ than pure athletic ability In the draft he always seemed to be trying to outsmart everyone instead of just getting the fast tough guy that was something of a prick
  5. Randall Cunningham? Steve Young? Vince Young?
  6. Aikman mentioned the problem. Sam doesn’t figure out where to go with the ball quickly enough based on reading the defense. I hope that he can improve.
  7. fwiw his pff of a 65 is backup territory hard pass
  8. I dunno maybe the all pro that plays 5 positions?
  9. Sam isn’t seeing the field like he used to Not sure why Really hope Gase isn’t effing him up.
  10. The vast majority of us predicted a total beat down before the game a lousy roster has been gutted by injuries lets not get too carried away here in

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