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  1. I don't think so. It's a super simple fun plot. I might geek out if they make a nod to the originals but this movie looks like a blast.
  2. Bates will shock the world with his new 4 TE offense No worries mates!
  3. I found this at the end of an article about the firing today...... Should I start on my pet peeve stuff now?" Zimmer said at the NFL combine. "I get criticized for blocking guys and stuff like that, but loyalty, to me, is a big thing, right? So I come in here four years ago and the offense is 29th, 27th, 26th. But I keep them. So the first time our offense is pretty good, then I'm supposed to let all my coaches leave? I don't think that's right. "If I'm going to be loyal to them and not fire them after they don't have good years, then I don't think they should not be loyal to me." Ummmmm. Well OK zimm
  4. I would imagine this is related to the story about defilipo calling exotic plays to audition for jobs
  5. Larz

    IF Jets finish season with 2 more wins

    The hello joke was a reference to herms speech that you still don't get You went from saying 1 win was a disaster to saying 2 wins would impress you 20 but fumbles dude? Get yourself together nobody cares
  6. Larz


    Oh stop it. You made a connection between a physical blunder by a player and a coaches decision that was made an hour and a half earlier and when confronted with the facts resorted to the old fan speak of just go get some first downs like all the coaches have to do if press a button 5 out of 6 coaches defer because the nfl is a clock game and what matters is when you have the lead
  7. Larz

    Whats Jets' Nation Got?

    2 turntables and a microphone?
  8. Larz

    Josh Rosen's best game

    That was Darnold 3 weeks ago They all need 2 years before we make any judgments
  9. Larz

    Sam has elite accuracy

    Yesterday was what we were waiting for! The scramble and TD pass then the 2 minute drive to take the lead and a WIN on the road in freezing Temps with no gloves! Came back from an injury! Bounced back from an ugly pick as well Great great great day for our team fellas!
  10. Just watched it on the big screen at home ******* unbelievable how much fun this looks! The dirt boy has to be anguirus or baragon The other one has to be kumonga the tips of the legs look similar and he appears in the desert and he fights monster 0 in another movie

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