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  1. Larz

    Yesterdays broadcast team

    My heart belongs to Olly you miscreants
  2. When the owners lock out the players, the franchise tag will get redone so players have less leverage to do what cousins did and bell is doing I bet
  3. Good Let Sam dethrone him
  4. Dang those things linger Bring up Sam's buddy!
  5. If I was a coach I would get in trouble over this constantly. The injury report exists for Vegas. I would give as little info as possible. JPP only had a case against Schefter because Schefter was dumb enough to tweet an actual chart that he got from a real covered entity It's a shame, the players deserve privacy and protection. The NFL isn't what it used to be, but a running back doesn't want the defense knowing about sore ribs
  6. "I don't know. I think there's some kind of like HIPPA law or something like that. I can't talk about it," Gase said HIPAA often excludes employers. The privacy rules only apply to “covered entities.” Under HIPAA, a covered entity is either a health plan, health care clearinghouse or a self- insured provider Every time the NFL fines someone over the injury report HIPAA comes up So Gase is full of it and a bad liar
  7. Reminds me of when Rex ran big nickel against Peyton to dare him to audible to a run, but that defense could stop the run Smart game plan for the colts Bowles said after the game that there were issues in the middle of the run defense in the second half that they will clean up I sure hope so lol
  8. Great news! Any low class posts about this should be treated accordingly
  9. And they scored twice!
  10. Arians pointed it out as well, that they can't play man. They went single high safety multiple times
  11. Next year's class is deep in pass rushers and I suspect it may be another down year for tackles Center needs another upgrade and you can get that. this board is obsessed with drafting oline but the league is trying to acquire veterans because of what is coming out in the draft and how long it takes to develop them
  12. Crap call but a dumb player It's 2018, you can't hit a QB in the head after the ball is gone
  13. Begging or choosing build an offense first. You have to manage the resources look at next year's contracts, there is literally no offense around Sam under contract
  14. With 2 minutes to go after the pick the offense should have just run the ball and chewed up clock they got lucky that luck missed the easy TD pass after that I will say it was nice to see them rundown the field with awareness and clock it without a penalty I don't think Bowles is against trying to score, his offense was very aggressive in the overtime win vs the cheaters, I think he hasn't trusted his offense a lot recently

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