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    post here

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    beating the Jags at home in a div playoff game after having the bye
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    fake spike game. I was there.
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  1. Nope We obviously have no control here why poison your opinion of the next jet? we know next to nothing about how the new staff feels about veterans, what the new head of scouting is all about , or a single scouting report I have some basic opinions of course but whoever they pick I will support
  2. Larz

    Jets Oline Struggles.

    Cool story did you hear the Jets traded for an all pro offensive lineman? I’m sure that thread was 25 pages !!!
  3. Larz

    SOJ or beginning of a new era?

    New era for sure I have deep scars that will take lots of winning to heal but Sam and bell should make a huge difference
  4. Larz

    PFF Big Board

    Oh yeah no question he didn’t love football
  5. Larz

    PFF Big Board

    He has a very successful business now helping people He worked the system and left the nfl healthy and wealthy sucks for Jets fans but there is nothing missing between the ears with him
  6. They’ve already edited the trailers in a misleading way, so I’m not super sure that there are 17 titans but this is a lot more action than the first one that’s for sure
  7. Larz

    Draft Trade Rumors

    Fan callers and oil
  8. Larz

    Draft Trade Rumors

    Latest is that the Jets could possibly do something

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