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    booing Zach

    Amateurish assumption by JD thinking that he would get two tank ( sorry , competitive rebuild) years in a row and fans would support it it’s been 556 weeks since a Jets playoff game. He’s in over his head.
  2. Score more points than the opponent
  3. He’s probably sandbagging hoping to escape lol
  4. How many Jets definitely start for either the Chiefs or Ravens? 1? Corey Davis ?
  5. It’s been 556 weeks since the Jets played in a playoff game
  6. With a bunch of rookies JD picks ?
  7. Drew Brees and Dungy just specifically used the same phrase “ looks comfortable “ so happy we’re starting over!!! I was worried about the cap whew
  8. Yup. My bills fan nephew was doing the “don’t rub it in I’m sure he’s hurting “ thing today that’s always the worst lol
  9. Does it matter? come to the dark side we have cookies
  10. Herndon and Austin were both active toda if I’m not mistaken
  11. Calm down ? it’s much worse I barely give a crap, it’s just amusing now, like ha-ha funny
  12. JD : “ I have an idea. Draft a franchise QB the year we try to install an offense it takes years to learn after trading a QB that we invested 3 second round picks in because we wanted to reset the clock “
  13. At a family party. How is it going?
  14. Bleaux for thibideaux!!!!!
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