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  1. You been in a coma? https://www.businessinsider.com/espn-report-patriots-spygate-scandal-2015-9?amp The report details Spygate as we've never heard it, painting a picture of systematic cheating that went way further and looks way worse for the Patriots than people previously realized. First, the Patriots had a detailed, efficient system for finding out opponents' plays. ESPN's Don Van Natta Jr. and Seth Wickersham describe a scene in Patriots coach Bill Belichick's office before a season-opener against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers: "[A backup quarterback named John] Friesz was told that the Patriots had a tape of the Bucs' signals. He was instructed to memorize them, and during the game, to watch Bucs defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin and tell [offensive coordinator Charlie] Weis the defensive play, which Weis would relay over the radio headset system to quarterback Drew Bledsoe."
  2. Otherwise know as the QB reputation index lol
  3. I’m sick of rookies. If Zach doesn’t work out, trade him and a 1st for a veteran
  4. First hockey game I watched this year lol. Great game. Still don’t know how that last goal went in lol Zach and Berrios are a cute couple
  5. And all the corporations headquartered in Delaware and the Caymans have to come clean too !!!
  6. My nomination for captain ^^^ @T0mShane
  7. Rex Hogan is low key very pumped about this off season lol
  8. When do I get paid, when the jets exceed the wins or end of the year?
  9. Jets are going to run for 250 and win
  10. The kid that did the Giants pick.
  11. He ain’t wrong. Time to let go of the neurotic fear and embrace this young hungry and talented team!!!
  12. Let’s just show some guts and belief? the schedule thread was lol sad
  13. Cross referencing with rest disadvantage list
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