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  1. Douglas supposedly turned down a blockbuster offer that offer is not enough I think Douglas wants players more than picks
  2. Depends on free agency and trades but they need to construct a proper roster ernie accorsi said the hierarchy of football needs is; get the QB, protect the QB, rush the QB so OT, OT, EDGE, EDGE
  3. If I’m not mistaken Thursday and Sunday nights are the best. when are most people home and ready to watch tv? friday and Saturday nights are not a good ratings slot
  4. They won’t give up a dollar in ad revenue all they have to do is move the game to 4:15 on Sunday but even that gives away ratings $
  5. Looks like they managed to keep the news from tiger while he was playing and he just found out in the scorers area.
  6. He also hit the crossbar from 50 yards away. cmon man
  7. 36 TDS, 6 picks , 66%, and a rating of 113. Without his running abilities he is far and away the best QB in his class
  8. I agree but it’s very likely that the top 2 tackles are gone and wills weakness is pass protection so the Jets could very likely be in a position where the best option is a WR or edge rusher
  9. Douglas asked for Tyron Smith He knows he has one of the best young players in the NFL in Adams Its much more likely that he gets an extension
  10. I keep reading that wills is a suspect pass protector we’re got a long way to go but not thrilled with that pick right now
  11. I love the title edit, makes this thread sound as silly as it is 😂

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