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  1. Please. ESPN still had us below the Jets and Pats after beating the Vikings. So no, they weren't "vastly overrated". And how is one loss to a divisional foe who happens to be 3-1 mean we're "back to earth". Someone had to win. If the Dolphins won does that mean they weren't overrated?
  2. Overrated by whom? I haven't see any outlet anywhere rank the Dolphins very high at all.
  3. Pats have the better offense, Dolphins better defense. Although, the Pats only put up 14 against the Jets, whereas the Phins had their way through the air. Should be close. It's a must-win for the Dolphins.
  4. A cover up on our own site where exactly 9 people post? What sense would that make? And I'm a mod there, believe me, we IP checked him the very first day and subsequent times he's posted. If he's an alternate/fake account, he's one dedicated dude. His IP came back from New Jersey also, which seemed to validate his story.
  5. We were wondering the same thing at Fanhell. He posted a huge smack thread before the game and hasn't been there to gloat. We all have our theories, the most popular of which is that he's dead. We can see no other reason for his absence after a Jets win over Miami.
  6. So...you lurk at Fanhell but don't have the balls to chime in and mix it up with us? I see. Lame dude. EDIT: That was totally an invitation to come mix it up with us
  7. Doesn't surprise me. The Pats utilize their TE's as well as anyone in the league. Hernandez is a perfect fit for that offense, where they don't need him to block. He, like Keller, creates mis-matches for opposing D's. It's what I hope Miami will wake up and soon realize.
  8. Because this regime has a conservative approach on offense. Henne didn't disappear in the first two games, because that would require showing up in the first place. He doesn't call his own plays, Henning does. He only threw 15 times against the Vikes, you find me a QB in the history of the NFL that's had gaudy numbers throwing the ball 15 times. When the Jets went up 14-0 in the first quarter, they let him air it out. Henne has always been capable of that. Whether it's against the vaunted Jets D, or the Pats, or the Titans, or whoever. You have to take what the defense gives you. Th
  9. Don't even go there dude. You know exactly how the Jets sneaked into the playoffs last year. If I were you, I'd be worried about the secondary. Kyle Wilson is a total liability, and the Jets will face much better passing teams than Miami if they want to get to the Super Bowl. Peyton Manning carved up the Jets D with a healthy Revis back there.
  10. Uh huh. Well, gassed or not, Henne lit them up. You can make any excuse you want, he pissed on them. R Kelly style. Too bad our defense was also getting the golden shower treatment.
  11. I bet. I changed the channel or got up to take a leak.
  12. No doubt. I'll be shocked if Luck isn't the first QB to come off the board. He may be better than Sam Bradford was. You can tell if you watch Locker, he's a baseball player playing QB. What I mean by that is, it's clear his athleticism is what makes him successful. He's got the measurables, but not the intangibles (intangibulz!). I think he could be solid if he matures as a passer, but he's venturing dangerously close to Drew Henson territory IMO.
  13. That's...basically what I was saying. Thanks.
  14. Like I said, stubbornness. You're talking about an OC who once said (recently) that he would run the ball every single play if he could. They are perfectly happy letting Henne throw only 15 times in a win. He's totally handcuffed when the game is close. The ONLY reason he was able to air it out last night is because of the early 14-0 hole and the Jets forcing him to pass. He has the ability to do that more often though. I know the coaching staff knows this, but refuses to give in. Maybe it's a good thing? Not sure. But I can tell you with the way our defense played it won't be the l
  15. Jake Locker is the most overrated player in college football. He should stick to baseball. Washington plays nobody, and when they do, he looks mediocre and confused. Andrew Luck is so much better it's not even funny. That said, you're probably right. The Bills probably would take Jake Locker.
  16. I was pissed the Phins didn't draft him. Unfortunately, he does not fit this regime's requirements for a TE, whom they prefer be more of a blocker than a pass catcher. Trust me though, I know he'll be trouble next Monday. I watched him at UF and knew he was gonna be a good one.
  17. Well, it's clear we should've abandoned it against the Jets. After it was stuffed the first 5 or 6 times (even more if you go back to the second matchup last year) to continue calling it is just plain stubbornness on the part of Dan Henning. I can see using it against a non-conf or non-divisional opponent, but the Jets have schemed and game planned for it as much as any team, not to mention they have the personnel to shut it down. Also, it was clear passing the ball was the way to win last night. The Wildcat effectively stalled drives that had momentum. At least running out of the b
  18. If Will Allen can cover Randy Moss from IR, that would be amazing. I think you meant Jason Allen, whom Moss abused in 2008. It was...not pretty.
  19. Can't disagree there. You should have seen the game thread at ThePhins where we cursed OC Dan Henning countless times. Ronnie Brown looked fresh at the end of the game, so running it at least once, with two timeouts, may have been a good move. I hate to criticize one play here or one play there, because in a close game you could literally point to a dozen plays and say "we lost because..." but Henning play calling was pretty atrocious the whole night. I honestly think Henne masked a lot of that with his great play, especially on third downs where he was very good. But, the Wildcat ne
  20. Could be very similar to last night's game. The Pats D is horrid, but after last night's performance the Phins D may also be in trouble. Randy Moss will get his obligatory TD against us for sure.
  21. The Jets were gassed in the second quarter?
  22. Agreed. I said last year this would be a fun rivalry between Henne and Sanchez for years to come. It def looks that way. Both guys seems to step up their game when they play. Like I said in the OP, great game by Schotty. He was as good as our OC was bad. I know a lot here hate him, but he plays to his team's strengths and appears to know their limits. I only wish our defense had executed better. Horrible showing by them. You're not gonna beat anyone with no sacks and no turnovers.
  23. I knew there'd be a lot of these type of posts. Par for the course. But the Jets Run D was solid without Jenks, and I'm not sure Pace makes that much of a difference. He didn't do much against the Phins last year, and was actually a ghost in the first game last season. Man-handled. Revis, yeah. He probably affects the game because then Hartline probably doesn't abuse Cromartie the way he abused Kyle Wilson.
  24. Well, a great game last night. Actually, it ******* sucked because the Phins lost, but a great game to watch. The Jets looked great on offense last night. Props there. I knew Keller would give us problems (he always does. And as much as you guys rag on Schotty, he called a helluva game and attacked our weaknesses with great success. Lots of 3-step-drops for Sanchez, lots of short passes to build his confidence. That's smart coaching. Anyhow, I was also pleased at our offense. The play calling was atrocious (Wildcat on 2nd 16?)but Henne and Co. lit it up. Failure to get TD's on the Re
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