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  1. I don't see this disparity in talent you speak of, but ok. If you had Revis, Jenkins, Holmes and Pace playing (and we don't know how much Edwards will play) that would be one thing...
  2. No, I provided other examples. But just what are you basing your prediction on?
  3. Well, the Heat haven't played a single game yet, so you're kinda premature on this one. I think you meant to say, "Overrated teams never live up to the hype." Which I would normally agree, especially in the case of this year's Jets teams, which some picked to be in the Super Bowl.
  4. You must've missed my other post where I provided other examples. (Jets injuries, being at home, etc.) I'll forgive you though.
  5. Oh yeah? Like Cromarite saying the Jets are "The Miami Heat of the NFL"? You mean that type of overrating?
  6. The only thing better than all of that jargon I stopped reading after the first sentence (to avoid blacking out) is the attitude of Jets fans every year proclaiming themselves Super Bowl Champs in the off-season. Face it dude, neither of our teams have done anything relevant in a LONG TIME. At least we know our team's limitations. I'd be shocked if you heard or saw one fan predict a Super Bowl for this team this year.
  7. Why stop at the whole decade? Why not compare Super Bowl wins, division titles, Hall of Famers,hot women who reside in our respective states ans penis size? You said Dolphins fans were delusional. Why? Because the Phins have beaten the Jets three straight and someone on message board expects them to do it again?
  8. I expect nothing less from you, Sir. In fact, I'd be disappointed in anything less. As you were.
  9. You're hilarious. I bet you do stand-up for a living. I bet your act consists of you standing on stage and pissing all over yourself. I would pay to see that, actually.
  10. And again, you're an idiot if you think the Vikings are an easy opponent. THEY HADN'T LOST AT HOME IN 2 YEARS. Jesus, this is like arguing with an autistic monkey.
  11. And the last three times the Dolphins and Jets have played have been what? A figment of my imagination? I stopped doing hallucinogens years ago, so I'm pretty sure we won those games. I said we should win this game. We're at home, it's the Jets first road game, our defense is better than last year, we have Brandon Marshall now, and the Jets are banged up. So yeah, if we lose I'll be disappointed. Vegas agrees with me.
  12. And if you can't see that the schedule doesn't mean dick you're as clueless about football as Antonio Cromartie is about condoms. We're two games into the season. sh*t, the Buccaneers are 2-0. Good thing we don't have to play them this year huh?
  13. The irony of this post is delicious coming from a Jets fan.. Other than a horrible, Hochuli-like call that costs us the game, there is no excuse. The Dolphins should win this game.
  14. If my aunt had a dick she'd be my uncle. The Vikings played the Saints, on the road, and lost. Then we harassed Favre and forced them to beat us on the ground with AP, which they nearly did. They're not 0-6, they're 0-2. I know you will never admit the Dolphins are actually a solid team anyway though, so it doesn't really matter what I point out to you.
  15. That's actually a pretty fair prediction. He had two decent games against us last year. I expect this game to be close, and Miami winning of course. With all the guys the Jets have hurt, I just can't see us losing this one. Not at home.
  16. Sigh. The surest way to show your ignorance of football, and sports in general, is to try and predict wins and losses game by game. Or I could be wrong and you picked the Dolphins to beat the Vikes in Minnesota.
  17. You are the reason I love this site. Don't ever change. Don't ever, ever change.
  18. Nope. The Dolphins had that first, had it since the 70's. Unfortunately, the guy who wrote the song didn't copyright it, and neither did the Dolphins, so anyone was free to rip it off, and they did. Besides, Fireman Ed is a total fraud. Men have been on top of each other screaming since the dawn of time.
  19. He can do anything he wants. If someone gets arrested for any reason, he has the right to suspend them. Hell, Roethlisberger has never been arrested and he was suspended.
  20. I've said this for years. It's a great point. In SoFla, it's so goddamn hot, of course you're going to get the darkest tint possible. Cops know this, and use it as an excuse (aka "probable cause") to pull over someone they consider to be suspicious.
  21. Ha. Wishful thinking on your part with the Sith Lord Goodell on the throne.
  22. Except this would be Strike 2 for Braylon. Nice try though.
  23. I think I found my favorite poster in the history of the internet.
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