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  1. What a total disaster that was. A division title won at Giants Stadium. Effing' disgrace.
  2. I have been shamed. You sir are a master of the written word and I will now bow out of this thread. Nice work, Captain Comeback.
  3. We could say the same thing about transplanted Jet fans who live in Florida who attend Dolphins games. Actually, we do say that. And I expect better out of you than to complain about trolls. You know you enjoy the back and forth. The slow, hard motion of the exchange. You do like that, don't you? I know you do.
  4. (Out of all the dumb posts in this thread, it should tell you something I chose this one to single out.) Ah yes, the ole' "They didn't win the game, the other team lost it" defense. Appears to be a popular mantra of Jets fans, and apparently not limited only to when they are playing the Dolphins. I guess the fact that the Vikes held the Saints to 14 points (on the road) or the fact that the Vikes have had the best Run D for last half decade doesn't mean anything to you. Fair enough. I'm sure you thought the Jets outplayed the Phins in both losses last year and they gave both of those
  5. He did the same thing last year, except their mouths were filled with words instead of foam. Hopefully (for your sake) he spends a little more time in the film room and less time acting like the Jets are the greatest team in the history of sports. THAT was the reason the Jets lost to us twice last year. Well, that and Ted Ginn bukkaked all over Westhoff and your special teams unit.
  6. C'mon dude. NO ONE gave us a chance to win at the Metrodome. No one. In fact, Boomer Esiason said on The NFL Today, "Miami doesn't have any chance at all in this game." That's not a cake walk. Regardless of Favre playing one year too long, that's a tough place to play. As evidenced by them not losing a single game in that place last year. And no, we weren't "handed a victory". The defense made plays. How many teams in the NFL do you think stop Adrian Peterson three straight times at the goal line in the 4th quarter?
  7. I'm still crying laughter from that. Almost as funny as the Ethan Albright letter to Madden.
  8. My bad, gave you too much credit, the Jets lost at home to the Bills last year.
  9. I wouldn't call it scraped by. With the exception of one drive that resulted in a TD due to a busted coverage, the Bills moved the ball about as well as the Jets did. Which is to say, not at all. Plus, it was on the road in Buffalo. You know, the place where the Jets and Dolphins both lost last year.
  10. ESPN didn't seem to think you should feel like sh*t. They dropped you two spots for a loss at home, while they dropped the Dolphins 4 spots FOR A WIN ON THE ROAD.
  11. Misleading title. I thought you were talking about Jade Green.
  12. You've been saying that for two years /will always be your bodyguard
  13. I'd say if you were gonna get banned for something, this would be worth it. Put the shoe on the foot, and everyone here would be laughing their asses off.
  14. I agree. I think because the game was so close Shotty though it best just to not throw the game away. The problem is, it's hard to go to that well when you need most when you've avoided it all game. That last drive was...well, I've seen Henne do the same thing a few times. Not pretty.
  15. Let me ask you guys this; If Sanchez has a similar performance against the Pats, do they considering benching him?
  16. Well, good luck with Sanchez then. I'm sure he'll be much better against great defenses. My offer for a second round pick still stands
  17. I don't think so. That would require your OC to actually call passes to WR's instead of backs. Honestly though, I don't think all the blame can be put on Sanchez. He seems to be getting mixed signals. On one hand, Rex seems to be telling him he's the greatest QB of all-time during the week, and then on game day they don't let him throw a pass more than 5 yards down field unless it's 3rd down. He looks lost out there. Did in preseason as well.
  18. I'm not so sure about that. A couple things: The Jets have much better WR's and TE's than the Dolphins had in 2008. They also have a very good O-Line, probably better than the Dolphins had in 08. Pennington was harassed in that game, whereas Sanchez had time to throw. And lastly, the Dolphins were behind most of that game, so Penny had to air it out. The game last night was close the whole way, so he could've managed the game with his dink and dunk style. Say what you want about Penny, he moves the offense. He's not going to hang 40 on anyone, but he makes good decisions and with a great
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