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  1. I said before the season Pennington would actually be the perfect QB for this Jets team. If he was QB, the Jets win that game last night. We'll trade him back to you for a 2nd round pick
  2. The crazy thing is Ginn single-handedly beat the Jets last year. And those draft busts haven't caught up to us when it comes to beating the Jets, at three straight and counting...
  3. Ummmmmm, I don't think Pat White is eligible for the PS. Pretty sure you guys added Patrick Turner, who was cut by the Jets and then added to the PS.
  4. John Clayton knows a lot of things, but analyzing plays and the X's and O's of football aren't among them. And LOL at defenses figuring Henne out in the second half of the season. Would that be the part of the season where he ran off a string of 300 yard passing games? Henne actually got better as the season wore on. Aside from the Jets game in Week 4, his first half was nothing to write home about.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if this were true. Revis was never going to miss any regular season games, the Jets would never allow that to happen. One of them were going to blink at some point.
  6. Don't lie. You laughed...then cried.
  7. Damn. Guess Favre had more picks in New York than we were aware of.
  8. He also went on WFAN and said the Dolphins were the team to beat in the division, and that Henne-Marshall was going to be a better tandem than Brady-Moss this season. Again, all shtick.
  9. He's based out of South Florida now. And Sid has been accused of many things, but I don't think being a "reporter" is one of them.
  10. LOL @ the "What? Me?" routine Sid. Maybe, just maybe, you sabotaged your OWN interview with Marshall because, I don't know, you were like the 4th or 5th person to interview him? So, you pontificated on-air that you were going to ask him some BS questions. The Dolphins heard about this and promptly canceled the interview, as they should have. NO ONE on ThePhins said anything bad about you (some things were in jest, but you should know that) until you went off on a post attacking the fanbase. Do me a favor, call the Jets fanbase "transparent" on this site and see what happens. k
  11. He may or may not mention JN. He may just say "That Jets website". The point is, he manufactured a controversy at ThePhins, just so he could use it for material on his show. He called out the fans to get a response. I'm accusing him of a lame shtick.
  12. Sid, Sid, Sid... I see you're peddling your crap here now as well. Just like you did at ThePhins.com when you attacked the fanbase as "transparent" You start off with a "Hey guys, how do you feel about the season?" BS, then you'll start some kind of controversy and use it as shtick for your show. THEN you'll cry and whine for 20 minutes while Florio talks you off the ledge. Sad stuff. It's getting old REAL quick buddy. And with the Lebron/Bosh/Wade stuff making LeBatard's show pure gold right now, I think it's gonna be a tough haul for you. Sorry Max and the other mods for this
  13. I fully support Darelle. Take as much time as you need buddy.
  14. That's sig worthy. Only thing that would've made it better was if you typed it into Comic Sans font...wait! I'll do it for you!
  15. New York/New Jersey's sports teams are considered mutually exclusive to myself and most Floridians. Sorry.
  16. Or he doesn't have faith in Cleveland's ability to surround him with talent? But, I'm sure you'll be able to provide countless examples of NBA Superstars who've won titles completely on their own.
  17. You're right, I forgot, the Heat will show up to the arena and the Celtics, Magic, Hawks and whoever else they play will just forefit. My bad. Jesus, you guys are Jets fans. You should be well equipped to avoid being butthurt in a situtaion like this.
  18. So wait...someone who wants to leave (and take less money) to go to a better siutation isn't competitive? Jesus, there aren't enough hours in the day to post examples of how flawed that logic is.
  19. HA. Sounds like me at a Dolphins/Jets game in SoFla.
  20. How is it a cop out? Because he's willing to take LESS money, play with his friends, and win a title? I don't get that. People would rather he stay on a team that can't surround him with talent just to take more money and stay with his hometown team? THAT is a cop out.
  21. Beasley is gone. Trust me on this. And the Luxury Tax means nothing to Mickey Arison. He whipes his ass with the Luxury Tax.
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