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  1. Not sure who said we had great QB'S (plural) to take over. A lot of people were sold on Beck, I had my suspicions because of the weak conference he played in at BYU. Henne was drafted as part of the new regime and will take over for Chad when he's ready, which could be as soon as this season. Pennington was brought in for his veteran leadership, not to make the playoffs which will be a couple years away. (Not too mention hes a Parcells guy) As for the term"Flippers", the mongoloids over at Billszone come up with better smack names. Frankly Im not impressed.
  2. I always bashed him because he was a Jest, but always had respect for him because he killed us. I feel the same way about Brady, and felt the same about Jim Kelly... and Browning Nagle
  3. Yep. I just flew in (horrible, horrible pun intended). Im a lounge geek at TP.
  4. I'll still be here, we were 1-15 last year. It cant get any worse. I expect us to lose week 1 anyhow so...
  5. I wouldn't go that far, but keying in on Ronnie/Ricky will def be high priority for Dolphins opponents. Say what you want about Penny's arm, Ted Ginn stretches the field. Its obviously going to be a dink and dunk/power running offense, but Chad can expolit that type of D you described. He did it for you guys for 8 years. Another thing that type of offense does it allows us to shorten the game and run clock. Which will be good considering our lack of depth/inexperience on D.
  6. Hmmm, 77 consecutive sell outs and the Phins are #28. Guess that makes sense. Even though Miami is horrible sports town with all the transplants.
  7. Is that your quote about Favre in his sig? Good stuff bro
  8. And you're basing this on what? The fact Chad hasn't been sacked in the entire preseason or the fact your D-Line is just that good?
  9. Guess I should formally introduce myself. 124 invited me over from ThePhins.com. Pretty nice digs here, wish you guys had a POFO (insert cheap choke here about Jets fans and politics) but everything else seems cool. Good luck this season fellas and gals
  10. Or the Bravo channel. Sometimes, if you're lucky, and have shrooms present, something like this comes on at 3 AM.
  11. Not sure about the TOS on this site (I refuse to read fine print) so here goes... Non divisional game with no playoff implications is simple, I go "Mormon Conversion" and still catch the play-by-play noise. If its a divisional game then I go "Croutching tiger, Slapping monkey" that way I can still see the game with pretty decent clarity. If its a playoff game, and its new strange, I go "Epileptic Seahorse" to finish the job as quickly as possible before the 2-Minute Warning (my apologies to the lucky lady I'll have to finish her at the half) Super Bowl... Super Bowl I p
  12. As am I Mr. Phin. All Jets fans on this board have 124 to thank for showing us to your humble abode. (Insert Obligatory 17-0 smack talk here followed by "Were You born in '72 yet?" retort)
  13. Had I seen that poster 2 months ago I woulda thought Sam was back on the bottle. Crazy how things turn out...
  14. We're actually one of the lowest, although Wayne hit is in the wallet bad with all the renovations being done to Dolphins Stadium. I lucked out and got a Club Level seat for $100 (They're going for about $500-$700)
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