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  1. But they make sweet beautiful music together. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  2. Who had a much better offense in Washington than he will in Oakland and was still horrible. Jason Campbell is a lower-tier QB. Bottom 5.
  3. LOL @ the Raiders being anywhere but the bottom 3. EDIT: And Holy **** at the Eagles ranking. Kevin Kolb?
  4. He's mocking Ryan in a hilarious fashion. What's not to like? I enjoy all Magary's stuff though. The dude has a way with words. His Peter King posts are pure gold.
  5. The Dolphins haven't had a regular season game blacked out in over a decade. Even in 2007 when they were 0-14 they didn't get blacked out. So he has nothing to worry about.
  6. The Saints didn't get a lot of love in several predictions I saw. Surprisingly, many are putting the Falcons ahead of them. I don't see it. Matt Ryan is a good, not great, QB. Everyone thought he'd throw for 4000 yards with Tony G. last year. I expect the Saints to steam roll that division again.
  7. What's my reaction after both Jets/Phins games last year have to do with this?
  8. Ok, I'll bite. How did our shaky defense get worse? Gibril Wilson and Akin Ayodele were HORRIBLE last year, Porter was nothing special and neither was JT. We also brought in Karlos Dansby and got a lot younger and deeper through the draft. Not to mention our rookie corners should be better. Not saying I agree with King's assessment, but I don't agree that the defense got worse.
  9. They are judged by wins and losses, but you can't look at that in a vacuum and base your opinion of his play solely on that alone. BTW, he actually had a really good game against the Jags. He ran for a TD and completed 17 straight passes at one point. A fumble by Ricky Williams and a couple dropped passes prevented that game from being a blowout. Look, I think Sanchez and Henne both have a chance to be great. But RIGHT NOW I would go with Henne, just based on what I saw last year. Ask me again in 5 years I might have a different opinion.
  10. You're looking at the outcome of games, and not Henne's performance. He actually played better towards the end of the season. The Dolphins defense **** the bed at the end of the year. Save for the Buffalo game, Henne was playing well at the end of the year.
  11. Tell that person they have failed at life. Then punch them in the balls.
  12. Just adding some context. You could say someone was arrested for murder, but if you leave out the fact they were later exonerated, it paints a different picture.
  13. Starks' charges were dropped after the cop admitted he did nothing wrong and it was a misunderstanding. Brown and Will Allen had DUI's. McDaniel's arrest was serious. Domestic violence. No defending a guy there.
  14. Race relations between the Hispanic/Latino communities and the rest of American culture have been at odds mainly because those communities have not assimilated as well as other ethnic backgrounds. Simply put, they're Mexicans living in America instead of Americans with Mexican heritage. In SoFla, MANY Cubans have adapted to American culture and still respect and honor their heritage. I don't see that happening as much in Texas, Arizona and California. Not to say that they're the only ethnicity refusing to assimilate, as the Haitians in SoFla have basically done the same thing.
  15. Dammit. I take a few days off and miss this. Some good stuff in here.
  16. Maybe the flight attendant asked if his mother was a prostitute? Sorry, wrong forum.
  17. That's the one he married, Kristin. He's a weird cat. He actually said he didn't miss kids, but only when he didn't think about them. Wrap your head around that one. At the end, they made it seem like the only kid he never sees is the one in Hawaii, who's name is Blaze, ironically.
  18. You didn't watch the whole thing, apparently. He married one of the baby mamas last year, whom he has two kids with.
  19. I haven't seen a single fan unhappy with the BM acquisition. If they are, they haven't said so. Some are concerned about his past, as they should be, but we haven't had a receiver this good in a Phins uniform maybe since Clayton or Duper (or maybe never). A LOT of people were happy to see Ginn go. Personally, I would've liked to see him play one year next to Marshall, but I wasn't sad to see him leave. Gish still has a man-crush on Ginn, but is already sporting a BM avy. So I think he'll live.
  20. It was a dumbass question, plain and simple. I've been saying so on the Dolphins boards all day, and getting lambasted for it. However, A LOT of Dolphins fans think this was a dick move by Ireland. There was no reason to ask it. Period. There was nothing to gain from Dez's answer or reaction. I don't like Ireland or Parcells, never have. They way they've handled guys leaving (not letting them go, just the way they've let them go) has been pretty classless. Of course all is forgiven when you win and most are happy with the direction of the team. However, if the Dolphins
  21. Right on. From what I know of him, he definitely seems to be a versatile player. Many think he's best suited for the 5 technique. I've heard comparisons to Jay Ratliff, who is basically the same build. If that's the case, hard not to like the pick.
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