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  1. http://www.esbnyc.com/tourism/tourism_lightingschedule.cfm?CFID=36687387&CFTOKEN=37827621
  2. This will be my first season being down in S. Florida, so I intend on making Hammerjacks my home for JETS football! See you there!
  3. Happy New Year to all! Lets hope our JETS have a great year as well!
  4. Why the Jets will beat the Titans By Roy S. Johnson / Y! Sports Blogs It's over. The Tennessee Titans are toast. The old-as-dirt Dolphins will raise a glass come Sunday afternoon because the undefeated will be no more. Yeah, I'm sayin' it. The New York Jets will beat the Titans this Sunday to dash the NFL's last unbeaten team. The Titans are the 11th tea
  5. I have the whole game HDTV, no commercials or halftime show/report, just dont have anywhere to host it at.
  6. How is AFC East faring in Pro Bowl votes? November 18, 2008 7:28 PM Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham Brett Favre is the AFC's most popular quarterback in balloting for the Pro Bowl. Favre ranks third among all NFL players with 402,514 votes in fan-based balloting, which continues until Dec. 9. Fan balloting counts for one-third of the process, with players and coaches also helping decide who goes to Honolulu. Among AFC East players, what I found most interesting about the early returns is the dearth of Buffalo Bills among the top five at the various positions. Bills fans are passi
  7. Folks, I will be in NYC for the next 2 weekends and although I am sure to be able to get the games on TV, I would like to watch them with a good group of JETS fans at a bar. Does anyone know of a good one in the NYC area? I would like a bar where there is a healthy group of JETS fan that attend regularly! Thanks
  8. I am all with you PaJetFan........It's common sense!
  9. There will be about 15 to 20 of us down here in Jacksonville, Fl watching our NY JETS DOMINATE, DECIMATE and ERADICATE the New England Patsies for good! J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!
  10. Maybe this was just to keep him from signing with NE. NE was interested and possibly worked him out.
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