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  1. Anyone who thinks Geno Smith is even in the same tier as Tannehill you're tripping. Tannehill is well inside the top 15. Geno is in the bottom 10. Statistics prove Tannehill to be largely the better overall QB in the division next to Shady Brady.
  2. That's why we think we're owing free agency. We addressed the largest holes in our roster and improved. Believe it or not, Fitz is an improvement at QB. Marshall and Decker are heads above whatever WRs lining up down there. Thats a joke. Maybe you havent heard of Cameron Wake or Olivier Vernon.. Dolphins DL will be best in the league. And if we draft a top CB opposite Brent Grimes, it's all over. The Dolphins are better than the the Jests. You'll see. QB Fins by a large margin WR Fins have Mile Wallace, Jarvis Landry and Kenny Stills as the starting unit. How is that a land slide for you? Lmao. RB Tie. Lamar Miller was amazing last year. TE Tie for now our new TE has a higher ceiling OL Jets but Miami has good tackles and C. DL Fins easily LB Both suck DB Jets but dolphins have Brent Grimes at CB, Reshad Jones at FS) we will prolly draft to bulk up secondary After the draft it will be a push. Special Teams: Fins... Jarvis Landry is an amazing kick/punt returner. We also block kicks and return them as well as block punts/FGs.
  3. I've actually been to several games. In both stadiums.. shmuck. Each time I was with a large group of dolfans whether in your house or ours. (and maybe a couple jets fans that were our friends) lol.
  4. I don't post at Finheaven anymore. But, go there and look up the user nyjunc. He only has about 20,000+ posts on a Fins fan forum. At least I'm not here pestering you guys daily. Be grateful you don't have to deal with "that troll." As for why do it? I figure I'd get more and faster insight from the team straight from the horses mouth(the fans) as well as comparing our FA moves thus far. Why do you have a problem with other teams fans posting on your board? We may have a rivalry, but at the end of the day, it's a game. Take a ******* xanax and smoke a bowl or something, most of you Jet fans getting your panties twisted over nothing.
  5. In your own blow hard fashion, you actually gave me the information I was looking for in this thread. Several of those Jets moves I wasn't even aware of. Hence, asking what the Jets are doing to keep up... Do any Jets fans have class? Only the few that I know personally, seem to have any. i Thought I made it clear I don't have a ton of time to keep up with sports news beyond my own teams earlier. But I guess that went over head.
  6. "From" I live in Long Island NY. I was at the game last year when we came back down 10 in the 4th. Lots of Dolphins fans in the area. Hell there's almost as many Fin Fans in NY/NJ as there are Jets fans in Florida.
  7. You got a HOFer who's best years are behind him. I guess Jets fans are incapable of being civil. That's ok with me too.
  8. So you're showing me a picture of your lesser defense? Lol Heard of Cameron Wake, Suh, Vernon, Brent Grimes, Reshad Jones? When we draft top CB or SS it's turnover city in Miami.
  9. Well I actually came here to learn about what you guys are looking at on your own team from a Jets fan perspective. I didn't come here just to brag about Miami. But if you guys want to talk about them. At least we are making moves necessary to knock the Pats off their pedestal. Any analyst or insider would tell you the same that the Dolphins have the best chance of unseating the Patriots based on team strength in the AEAST.
  10. I'm actually more curious to know what the Jets are doing to keep up in the division race. I don't follow you guys close. I barely have time to follow my own sports teams. I'm of the keep your friends close and enemies closer mindframe. And we play you twice a year. And We are arch rivals. So yes I take some interest in the NY Jets.
  11. Sorry for the Double thread. I think Kenny Stills is a solid pickup for a 3rd round. He was near 1000 yrd receiver last season. We also got to unload that piece of garb LB Dannelle Ellerbe.
  12. Looks like you don't want the division as bad as we do. Already in FA. DT - Donkey Kong Suh WR - Kenny Stills TE - Jordan Cameron This actually isn't a troll thread. I was looking at the Jets FA transactions so far and I'm finding it hard to see how you are "getting better." Looks like it's gonna be a Pats/Fins race for the division at this point.
  13. Wow amazing. What a horrible game for us except for the win. You guys did Good. Draft a new QB.
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