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  1. Pretty sure this has zero chance of happening.
  2. I'm sure it is. You're still a moron and prove it every time you post.
  3. Another retarded statement. Cody isn't even in the same league as Suh.
  4. You really are a ****ing moron. This guy is the most dominant defensive player in a while.
  5. Good luck with NE next week
  6. Gonna need a top 5-10 pick to get the guy from Nebraska.
  7. He isn't good anyways. Getting kind of tired of him.
  8. The same year the Jets started 8-3 and finished 9-7. Losing the last game of the season to Chad Pennington and having any chance to make the playoffs end. Yeah were the fans that never learn.
  9. 10-6 can absolutely get Miami in and two of their losses are against NFC opponents.
  10. LOL Didn't you say Miami had no chance of beating the Jets either?
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