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  1. Pretty sure this has zero chance of happening.
  2. I'm sure it is. You're still a moron and prove it every time you post.
  3. Another retarded statement. Cody isn't even in the same league as Suh.
  4. You really are a ****ing moron. This guy is the most dominant defensive player in a while.
  5. Good luck with NE next week
  6. Gonna need a top 5-10 pick to get the guy from Nebraska.
  7. He isn't good anyways. Getting kind of tired of him.
  8. The same year the Jets started 8-3 and finished 9-7. Losing the last game of the season to Chad Pennington and having any chance to make the playoffs end. Yeah were the fans that never learn.
  9. 10-6 can absolutely get Miami in and two of their losses are against NFC opponents.
  10. LOL Didn't you say Miami had no chance of beating the Jets either?
  11. Miami was 2-4 last season too and look how that turned out.
  12. Good luck but after giving up 65 yards to Justin Fargas on 8 carries I have my doubts.
  13. K Looking forward to seeing Sanchez playing in the wind and cold again.
  14. Miami beats NY this coming week. Couldn't stop the run with Jenkins and now no Jenkins and the pain in the ass Leon Washington out as well, Miami wins the game.
  15. Tony Sparano isn't a terrible coach. Terrible thread
  16. Players can still get up and walk after a severe knee injury.
  17. Him walking off the field doesnlt mean much. Ronnie Brown jogged off the field when he tore his ACL.
  18. I disagree. Saw way too many posts involving excited Jets fans because Calvin Pace was coming back. Who is an average player.
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