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  1. Is this guy even good? He was a ST player in Philly when you traded for him.
  2. You guys aren't the Ravens. You don't have a Haloti Ngata, Ed Reed or Ray Lewis on your defense.
  3. Ok whatever you say guy. Don't give any credit to the Fins
  4. And I never said anyone here said that. Its the general vibe of the forum. And rushing for 239, 150 and 250 yards on the ground the past 3 weeks is nothing to just shrug off.
  5. K don't know what I was thinking even posting. Jets defense is the 78 Steelers reincarnated and are going to the Super Bowl. That is the general vibe you get on this forum.
  6. Miami has a top 5 rushing offense and top 5 rush defense. It isn't going to be as easy as you guys think.
  7. Both would be great on the Phins but neither was available with the 2nd round pick Miami used on White.
  8. Their personnel better fits the 4-3 scheme.
  9. What makes you so sure the Broncos are going to trade him?
  10. How is that a fair trade for a 25 year old top 10 receiver?
  11. Broncos have said they haven't even spoken to the Jets.
  12. Read from another site the Giants should have blown the Jets out. This was coming from a Cowboys fan so he wasn't biased. Any truth to it?
  13. Yeah, they are going to be terrible.
  14. I'm just repeating what I heard. If he starts good news for opponents bad news for the Jets.
  15. He will be starting the first four weeks of the regular season. He needs some reps with the starters or just reps in general.
  16. Salguero is a terrible reporter. And this is a classic Armando Salguero article.
  17. No one open downfield. Brown was clearly his last option, you could see him go through the progressions.
  18. No. The Bucs first team offense didn't leave the game until the 3rd quarter.
  19. Didn't understand why the Jets would trade up to draft a player like Shonne Greene. They certainly didn't need a running back.
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