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  1. Lol at some posts here. Funny stuff. This isn't going to happen Parcells hates TO.
  2. The Ravens have lost defensive coordinators before and they keep rolling along while the coaches are unsuccessful i.e Mike Nolan and Marvin Lewis.
  3. Ryan will be a disaster as a head coach if I were a Jets fan I'd be opposed to him being the new head coach. OT: The Jets don't have the salary cap room to sign Nnamdi Asomugha so you can give that dream up.
  4. Denver is going to score an outrageous amount of points this coming season with McDaniels there.
  5. Gainzo and jetkid = Fail
  6. Lol at a Patriots fan starting a thread about bandwagon fans. Another thing, if Parcells leaves he won't be going back to New York.
  7. Again not going to happen. Parcells will not be coaching and if he does it won't be in New York he will not want to work for Tannebaum. Cowher is the most likely to coach there when it comes to the big name candidates.
  8. He isn't going to coach anymore so unless Tannebaum wants to work for him or Parcells is willing to work for Tannebaum he won't be going to NY.
  9. Larry English a DE/OLB from Northern Illinois
  10. I don't expect Parcells to leave after one season. Maybe after next season but not now he still has a little more work to do.
  11. Same crappy teams just a different location. NE schedule wasn't much more difficult then Miamis' and the same goes for the other AFC East teams.
  12. LMFAO the fan who had the snow boulder thrown at him was holding a sign that said something about the Dolphins. Pause it before the 10 second mark and you can see the sign say something about "Dolphins".
  13. Miami just won a game in KC where the temperture with the wind chill was -12 below so unless there is an unheard of artic wave coming through NY this weekend I don't think the weather will be a problem.
  14. This thread is funny because a Pats fan is the one who made it.
  15. The same Chiefs who nearly beat the Super Bowl bound Jets in the Meadowlands.
  16. Miami didn't commit to running the ball. They ran the ball 28 times 5 came from the fullback, one was on the Ted Ginn reverse touchdown and 2 were to Cobbs. Ricky and Ronnie only carried the ball a total of 20 times which imo is unacceptable, if they came into the game planning to run the ball they would have plenty of success. And even after not giving the ball to the two best players out of the backfield more then 20 times in a game (which imo is unacceptable) they still ran for 170 yards.
  17. If Chad and the Fins can win a game where the temperture was -10 below with the wind I'm sure they can handle some snow.
  18. Lol like Pats fans have any room to talk.
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