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  1. Haha. Just being honest. I agree the Eagles come into every season with a ton of hype only to finish with a mediocre record. McNabb chokes when his team needs him most which is why Philadelphia will never win a Super Bowl with him.
  2. What does the Jets/Miami game have anything to do with this? Were talking about the Fins/Raiders game and I brought up the Jets losing to the Raiders because one of your fellow Jets fans was bashing Miami because they didn't win convincingly. On a side note its looking like the Bengals/Eagles game will end in a tie.
  3. On the road playing a 4 o'clock game on the west coast is no excuse for losing to them. A game they did everything they could to let the Jets win. And I could care less how they won I just want to see them win the game. Would I have liked to see them blow Oakland out? Of course but a win is a win and I'll take that over a loss no matter how ugly it is.
  4. LMAO Jets are the last fans that should be talking smack about this. You guys LOST to the Raiders unlike Miami.
  5. LMFAO TD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Your joking right? One of the main things I hear from Jets fans is Favre and his arm strength and how much better he is then Pennington because of that.
  7. LMAO Favre didn't throw a pass that exceeded 10 yards on that final drive.
  8. Not to to instigate but couldn't you guys run this offense with Pennington?
  9. The Jets have been playing way too conservatively since halftime.
  10. The media can't get enough of Brett Favre and your complaining about bias against the Jets? And don't you think the Jets should have to beat a team that is good before the media gets on their bandwagon.
  11. I wouldn't be too excited about signing Ty Law. A corner who is likely very slow and hasn't played football at all this season don't expect a whole lot from him.
  12. Lucky for Miami they will be playing Buffalo in Canada where the stadium is a dome. Don't have to worry about the cold weather and snow this season.
  13. And you don't think this would be a game they would protect?
  14. And Jemele Hill (who I hate) and Mike Lombardi.
  15. CBS and FOX also have the choice to protect a game to make sure it won't get flexed.
  16. Lol my English was fine. The Jets finished 4-12 last season and are barely getting by crap opponents. What the hell gives the Jets anymore credibility?
  17. He sacked Favre in the first game and 5 wins you guys couldn't be any more ****y.
  18. The Jets play(ed) all the teams Miami plays these next eight weeks. The whole division has an easy schedule.
  19. I don't think they can except for the fact that Tennessee runs the ball to make their offense move and the Jets are good at stoping the run. Some logic
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