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  1. These Jets fans are something else
  2. Lol there are so many things wrong with this post I'm just going to leave it alone.
  3. I don't see why everyone is so high on him. I think he is overrated.
  4. Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams + Denvers defense = Record breaking day
  5. lol you have to be the worst poster here. They didn't stop the Wildcat. The secondary lost the game for the Fins
  6. What a joke of a thread are you guys that bored? Miami went 1-15 last season and coming off a terrible year like that a team will struggle to bring in fans. The stadium might be the worst stadium in the league it is terrible and don't say all Fin fans down there have switched to a new team and are bandwagoners. A lot of people from the Northeast go down to Florida for vacation during the summer months and stay there for the winter to avoid the snow and cold. Miami wins next week @ Houston I think we will see a lot of fans for the following week when Baltimore comes to play Miami.
  7. Some of you guys are ridiculous with the assumption that Chad isn't doing anything to help Miami win and they are only winning because of the Wildcat which has been very successful. The past two weeks combined Chad has gone 39-49 for 454 yards and 1 touchdown pass. He has played a huge part in opening up the running game and the Dolphins winning two games most thought they had no chance winning.
  8. The statement above is laughable. Cromartie can get interceptions but is very average in coverage. Nnmadi Asomugh is the best corner in the league.
  9. You don't think SD having a 3 touchdown lead had anything to do with his success after that 2nd interception?
  10. If you watched him play he looked like a washed up quarterback. Don't play the "if" game either. Terrible point on your part.
  11. Favre looked like a washed up old quarterback last night. Stop trying to find a silver linging in a bad loss.
  12. [url=http://images.icanhascheezburger.com/completestore/2008/9/22/128666112605638902.jpg]
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