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    Milk was a bad choice.
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    Quincy MA
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    Im only here to discuss one

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    Born in NY. In the united states coast guard.
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    playoff game in 03 against the colts.


    and the monday night game against the titans to get into the playoffs
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    my father does
  • What Jets memory broke your heart?
    too many to list . but as of recent...id have to say going 5-0 with the pats then going 5-6 for the last 11 games. we had a chance to gor 13 and 3 at least, and keeping chad this long
  • Who is your favorite member of the NY Jets flight crew?
    the blonde that blows me kisses on the regular. she knows who she is
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?
  1. Congrats to the Patriot fans

    What happened to Wicked Awesome or whatever his name was
  2. No I'm not, the spelling was fine
  3. He's smiling! And lying through his teeth!!!!)
  4. He does not look like Brady. He is timid, and stuttering and pathetic. Def not a cocky little sh*t
  5. Jets Presser Wed. at 11 AM

    You should feel honored. You're post was worthy of contradiction given its negative undertones and never ending bitterness. Newsflash Guy. It's not the amount of the posts that determine how smart you are. Obviously I've been a tad busier then you since you've ammassed more than 9,000 in that same time frame. I didn't realize there was a deadline. Does your post count add inches to your schlong? As a veteran poster you shouldn't scare away the first time posters and make them feel in adequate to the almighty New York Mick. Make us feel welcome and don't be such a pessimistic, whining brat.
  6. Jets Presser Wed. at 11 AM

    These threads are the same sh*t over and over. "I like Rex!" No way he sucks! This new guy Bowles is awesome! No way he sucks! Patriots cheated! Trolling pats fan! No they didn't im wicked awesome! Who should we draft? idk! The opposite of what you said!
  7. Top Free Agent Choice for Jets in 2015

    I thought Kevin played basketball
  8. And 32 won't be there because they'll lose that pick
  9. You're kidding right? Vernon fell to us at 6. Talk about a steal
  10. Wilfork was drafted in 2004. In ten years of drafting, over 70 picks and you name 12? +3 ect's? Patriots are horrible at drafting
  11. That was fun for me. Now don't you think at 20 you were impressionable? And didn't realize at the time that your loyalty to what seemed as a classy organization was misguided? I understand your frustration and I just want you to know that everyone here at Jetnation is here for you. It's obvious you're a closet jet fan. You've even admitted on occasion that you've watched the jets from afar coveting Revis because you always "knew" he was destined to be a patriot. Or was it hope? Or maybe you wished you could be a jet? And you merely settled for Revis? How was that? Enjoyable? Does it seem realistic? That's what your posts look like to us. Incoherent, unimaginable and most of all...idiotic. We hate the Patriots, We hate Brady....you can't convince us otherwise. Keep your ideals and theories to yourself. I mean seriously? Who comes on a Jets Fan Forum preaching the sincerity and legitimacy of the New England Championships. A sad Troll with minimal friends, a lot of time and no clue. That's who.
  12. Hey Wicked Awesome. Here's a fun game. How old were you when the Patriots won their last Super Bowl?
  13. Hahhahahhhahhahaahhahahhahahahahahhaah.......hold on.....HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA You couldn't be more wrong. But it's all good, you know why? The patriots are going to win the ever eluding 4TH Brady and Bill SB! To silence all us haters and doubters right? Nope. Baltimore beats New England and the cheating low life bottom feeding Patriots and their sad delusional fans will go back to their holes.
  14. 2015 Offseason Mock 2.0

    Big Mo will be traded to to move up in the draft. Tampa gets Mo and 6. We get #1 and swap second rounders. Who wants to bet on it. Lovie would love him some Mo.