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  1. Ryan Shazier

    no....can you please explain???
  2. Ryan Shazier

    my kid plays. he absolutely loves it. it's his favorite thing in life..... is there a risk of injury? sure but there's a risk of injury in almost everything.
  3. Ryan Shazier

    seriously.... went from hoping shazier recovers from a spine injury to someone with possible latent homosexual tendencies threatening to have his green belt 13 year old kick our asses when he gets bigger in a few years
  4. if the seahawks are worse they get a better pick, which goes to us
  5. maybe the moron will learn a lesson. get drunk and hit people expect to be hit back
  6. Back when the game was played by MEN

    Back when wars were fought by MEN! just line up and march right into the artillery barrage and the line of fire!!
  7. Every NFL Team's Best QBs since 1980

    mark sanchez was not our best qb since 1980.
  8. Thoughts

    except the jets are definitely not the worst team in the nfl
  9. Brady doesn’t practice

    i mean time catches everyone. the idea of him playing another 4 years is a joke really.
  10. this is pure stupidity. if you are projected to go in the top 5 in the nfl draft you are obviously going to go to a team who wasn't that good. it would be pure stupidity to risk injury at college when you are projected to go that high and give up that kind of money. especially when they have no way of knowing what sh*tty team will get them the following year.
  11. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    with a possible worst offense in modern era of nfl
  12. Grade the Trade: Richardson to Seattle

    for a rebuilding team this is a great trade. sheldon was a dope, and we would have been stupid to put all that money into the d-line when we have so many needs on offense. the pick is a nice high value pick and kearse is probably our best healthy wr now
  13. don't worry....there's a miniscule chance this team wins more than 1 game. there's a pretty decent chance they go 0-16. this offense is going to be all-time bad
  14. We can't be worse than the Jags, can we?

    we are going to be the worst team in the league.....so yes
  15. this BS i don't understand how anyone can give him a good grade. if he's not slinging it arond like manning in his prime then he's basically worthless. he's already had about 4 quarters of play at the pro level. more than enough time....if he's not playing like a franchise qb in mid-career form then it's time to cut him