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  1. i mean most people look small next to most pro football players
  2. i mean who cares if a linebacker was getting beat 1v1 trying to cover wrs
  3. let's just say (assuming this is true) that i do not in any way support who zach supports........but i couldn't care less who he supports politically. i only care how well he plays quarterback......
  4. i was just watching elijah moore's highlights and thinking this exact same thing. our wr group is deep. we might not have a julio jones type wr1 but we have 4 or 5 guys who might be very good
  5. scott mccaggnan and mike tannenbaum
  6. a lot of them are dumb. walter football graded our pick of wilson a B because he said he liked fields better. then he grades the 49ers a A for taking trey lance. mind you he had wilson as a better prospect than trey lance. so he gives us a whole grade lower than the 49ers who also passed on fields to take a prospect he had ranked lower than who we took. it's just jets hate
  7. piece of crap thief......does anyone actually listen to this jackass?
  8. probably due to being undersized as a linebacker
  9. Yeah but a couple guy might have a mid 1st grade
  10. i'm more enticed by getting another stud player.......something which gets less and less likely the further down the drat you go
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