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  1. hey dude, i never justified it. i only said rudolph started it. but guess what. i don't give a rats ass if you like me or not. you can suck my cock....you're SICKENED!!! lol. give me a damn break
  2. idk after further analysis i'm thinking garrett was just trying to put his helmet back on for him
  3. Whatever. I dont see rudolph as an innocent bystander is all. Obviously he didnt deserve to be brained by his own helmet. But he did have a part in escalating the situation from an overzealous takedown into an actual fight
  4. Garrett is definitely an idiot but Rudolph is a bitch for starting the whole thing over nothing
  5. dude seriously? first of all it wasnt close to 5 seconds and it wasnt even a hard take down. rudolph got triggered and tried to twist and rip garretts helmet off but failed. garrett said ok **** it....and succeeded in ripping rudolphs helmet off......then while being attacked by pouncey i believed and restrained by another steeler, rudolph charged after garrett......and proceeded to eat a helmet to his head and then get layed out
  6. seriously.....if this were the case we should start suing steel companies for supplying the metal that makes the frames for cars that are involved in fatal car accidents
  7. rudolph tried and garrett succeeded. just saying, rudolph wrote a check he couldn't cash.
  8. rudolph should be suspended then also. garrett went overboard for sure, but rudolph started the whole thing like a pansy. don't start what you can't finish
  9. people act like such girls on the internet. its funny
  10. already ruined at 22 years old? kids got a total of 19 games under his belt, and doesn't have a very good set of skill players aurrounding him and his o-line is atrocious. some of these experts are annoying af

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