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  1. it's really no wonder why this team is a laughing stock. funny part is some fans were defending this atrocious move
  2. No. Watson will be suspended eventually
  3. You're the boss with the employees who have sh*t morale because you wanna nickel and dime them over everything
  4. So you're saying long term success is achieved by haggling over nonsense with your #2 draft pick and causing him to hold out?
  5. If he gets it done today then maybe it was a bit much. Bit if not then no it's not. You dont draft jettison your former #3 pick qb, draft a guys 2 overall to be the franchise and then squabble over some stupid offset language.....keeping him from showing up to a very important training camp on time. Its f'ing stupid
  6. Douglas is ******* this up. **** the offset language you stupid ****. Just get the kid in here. If you wind up needing the offset language it means your fat ass is fired anyway. Stupid mfer
  7. both sides need to work it out and get him to camp. thats all there is to it. meet in the middle and lets get this sh*t going.
  8. she did? maybe i missed it or maybe the call was edited but i never heard her actually get the address
  9. the buttfumble was literally one of the most embarrassing plays in sports ever. idk if its worse than bill buckner but its close
  10. good luck to your wife and your family in this fight. **** cancer
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