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  1. neckdemon

    Butt Fumble

    This thread made me laugh a lot more than I originally anticipated
  2. thats silly. if darnold ends up a legit franchise qb the window is the 15 years you get to have him for as long as he stays healthy
  3. Except they werent one year deals. They were multi year deals that were easy to get out after one year if the player didnt shi they should stay
  4. neckdemon

    JetNation Is Expanding; Can You Help?

    if i could i would, don't really do any of those things though, sorry
  5. maybe he just loves the game more
  6. neckdemon

    Vince McMahon...

    Hah. I havent really decided who I want to root for. I kinda liked Birmingham though
  7. neckdemon

    Vince McMahon...

    Damn you went and picked the worst team in the league? Lol. I'd rethink that
  8. neckdemon

    Danny Amendola

    Why? Because he does look the part. He will be dirt cheap and if he doesnt work out you can let him go. Its virtually zero risk
  9. neckdemon

    ***AAF Sunday official game thread***

    Yeah I'm liking them so far.
  10. neckdemon

    Danny Amendola

    i hope we take a flier on kevin white.
  11. still not sure yet....the san diego team looked like they might be pretty bad yesterday though
  12. neckdemon

    Jets Full Coaching Staff Announced

    well williams had said that he wanted to end the bounty program and that vitt overruled him. vit said that wasn't true. who knows who lied, but i'm sure gase and williams talked about the defenive staff hirings before they happened. williams must be on board with it.
  13. neckdemon

    When are we getting an OC?

    loggains is the OC in name. gase runs the offense so a typical OC isnt really necessary
  14. i was planning on checking it out. not sure who i'd root for. i was thinking maybe the san diego team
  15. neckdemon

    Jets sign G Jordan Morgan

    neither could spencer long

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