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  1. True.....but having a higher draft pick is still more valuable for trading down
  2. neckdemon


    I think hes doing just fine for a rookie qb with barely any real talent around him. We lost anderson, enunwa, and Powell. All 3 if which are ok role players but none is an elite player. Yet they were 3 of the 4 best skill players we had. And our oline isnt very good either.
  3. is this thread serious? you want us to rank a rookie qb, 6 game sinto his career where he's had some good games and had some bad games? i know it's been forever since we had a promissing young qb but relax....you're gonna put yourself on such a roller coaster
  4. The kid is one f the youngest rookie qbs to ever start and it's his 3rd game. jeez, if no one expected games like this then you are freaking delusional.
  5. the problem is.....who do we trade bridgewater to? there aren't too many teams to trade him to
  6. neckdemon

    Khalil Mack

    i think it's silly....we need to bolster our offense. this team has been offensively defficient forever. time to change that
  7. I'm going on at least 10 years and no signs of stopping
  8. idk if you were around but there was an actual post "the pig is ripe for the slaughter" referring to the patriots being primed to be dethroned. didn't happen, lol and the post became pretty famous.....in part due to the "eccentric" nature of the poster himself
  9. is 2007 the actual year that dingbat first made that post?
  10. neckdemon

    Happy Birthday Duane, aka StoolSprayer

    Wasn't there a user who named himself stoolsprayer, mocking soothsayer, at one time?
  11. neckdemon

    Tweets from Rookie Minicamp Day 2

    Gay sam it is
  12. neckdemon

    Tweets from Rookie Minicamp Day 2

    I kinda like "gay sam"
  13. neckdemon

    Suck for Sam in 17

    More like teen wolf

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