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  1. lol.....how funny is it that they pay this guy 1 mil/year???? fred wilpon is an idiot
  2. kinda weird that the first thing that came to your mind was dicks
  3. i think the strongest team we have to face in the division is the bills at this point. and while they have a good defense.....their offense wasn't much better than ours last year. i'm confident both aspects of the team will be better than they were last year
  4. lol dewayne robertson was called a bowling ball with butcher knives.......and then he sucked
  5. a back up who won't play special teams and who really can't play too well anymore. just seems like a waste when we could give his spot to a developmental guy. honestly hope he is cut before the season
  6. seriously....its a waste of a roster spot. not even sure you want him for short yardage so much since it pretty much telegraphs a run up the gut only.....no threat of anything else with him back there. stupid signing that will only serve to take a spot away from a player who can contribute more
  7. how the hell does that work??? teams will have to let so many players go
  8. really going to depend on how many attempts he made. i would like to see that go up to above the average....so let say 575-600 attempts in a 16 game season. if, between him and the oline, they can lower his sack percentage to 6% that would be 34-36 sacks. thats reasonable. lower would be better.
  9. as long as its to play olb. that more his natural position
  10. why is the buttfumble removed as a downvote? if any post ever was deserving of a buttfumble this is it
  11. he looked it last year. take his 13 game stats and extrapolate to a full 16 game season and he had 3700 yds, 24 tds. not amazing but solid numbers for a qb on an offense with mostly medioce players all around
  12. if his numbers are extrapolated across a full season (he missed 3 actual games) he would have about 3700 yds, 24 tds and 16 ints. not a bad 2nd year, especially considering the offensive players he was surrounded by were mediocre at best

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