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  1. fat and skinny went to bed fat laid a fart and skinny dropped dead
  2. looks like a stupid garbage made up bullsh*t metric. don't ever quote this sh*t on this board to evaluate a qb ever again
  3. not buying it. when you know you're pretty much going to be the 1st overall pick, you know you're going to a team that wasn't very good
  4. it is a dumb ass name. sounds like some stupid sh*t my wife would name the next cat she brings home
  5. only game we will win out of these is the dolphins game at home. the rest of these teams are easily better
  6. it's simple, if he sucks hopefully we are bad enough to get the first pick and draft lawrence
  7. i do. hell i've been watching this team let us down for 35 yrs. but this team doesn't have a lot of talent.......and we have 4 picks in the first 2 rounds
  8. in that case let gase finish the season. we need the best draft pick we can get
  9. unless we get number 1 overall pick and are drafting trevor lawrence we should not be drafting a qb unless darnold is just total balls
  10. we could just use bell at wr. lord knows we need wrs
  11. honestly the best thing that can happen to this team is they win 1 game ......and change these ******* ugly uniforms they "unveiled" last year. they look like sh*t

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