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  1. maybe you can make the line that divides each topic gotham green. i just find it weird to be looking at the message board and see almost no green
  2. yeah definitely too much white and gray. it doesn't even really feel like a jets message board anymore
  3. right now there is way too much white on the site if you ask me. needs a little more green
  4. i mean, honestly.....before this all started how many of us really knew who joe douglas was, and even if you knew the name you didnt know much about him
  5. maybe the guy had a nice bulge. chris johnson seems like a guy who likes a guy with a nice package......his favorite move is labyrinth
  6. I masturbate. But I do that every day
  7. you do realize they are reflections from the lights right?
  8. are you trolling or just not that smart?
  9. mitch morse also just underwent surgery on core muscles
  10. can't be any worse than the other horse faced qb who became gm
  11. Again.....win and none of this sh*t matters. It's up to gase at this point to win with what we have
  12. well if its any consolation most of macs draft picks last 1-2 years so he only really set up the next year or so
  13. might as well just keep gase interim till the year is over. weird time to try to find a gm
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