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  1. could also mean that zach is playing well and the defense is failing spectacularly.
  2. mfker. as if brady hasn't been lucky enough in life.....now he got to bang harley quinn also?
  3. ok first the man gets aroused and the penis becomes hard. around the same time the vagina becomes wet. the penis goes in and our of the vagina.......etc
  4. the saucinator the wilsonator the johnsoneater (lol ok ok the johnsonator) the hallinator
  5. Yeah must suck so bad to be drafted into the nfl at the top half of the first round
  6. honestly wilson can play well next year and we can still only win 4 or 5 games
  7. dude barely did sh*t. he was a complete and total jag
  8. beane sounds like a bitch....getting butt hurt when a trade or signing doesnt go his way......gets butthurt, pouts and gets mad at the gm, agent etc....
  9. dude seems like all business
  10. i would actually love to hear that call.... belichick: hello cole strange: whats up coach!!! .....awkward silence..... phone hangs up.... coles dad: so the patriots are picking you? cole strange: ummm idk
  11. 20 yrs later its ripe huh??? lol
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