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  1. i mean who really wants to listen to that ponzi scheming piece of sh*t??
  2. bullsh*t really. craig carton is a thief and a sh*tty radio guy also. anyway, gase didn't trash darnold at all
  3. yeah that 3.6 ypa with under 400 yds total, 8 receptions and 0 tds is some high level sh*t you just can't justify moving away from
  4. actually the new helmet is the one thing i like
  5. This is a guy I think we should target in the offseason. There's no way he will want to go back to the Bucs so he can continue playing second fiddle to Jones. He will only be 26 with very little mileage on him. he has shown he can play well in this league and is a legit receiving threat as well as a good runner. He can be had at a fairly reasonable salary as well. If Perine shows us anything with his chance to be the main back the rest of this season this could give us a nice RB tandem that won't cost a lot of money.
  6. i think its hard to give a complete evaluation when he isn't being given all or most of the carries
  7. we really wanted the jags to beat the texans because the texans have more games on their remaining schedule that are winnable
  8. i mean playing gore over him is stupid though. he should be getting just about every carry at this point
  9. i'd be very surprised if any pick in the 4th round or higher gets used on a rb. if we get the first pick its gonna be lawrence, o-line and probably a tight end
  10. its hard to find a win on the jets schedule anywhere. no way bellichick will just sit back and watch the pats lose to the worst team in the league willingly
  11. you seriously think bellichick will bo ok with losing to the worst team in the league while brady is over in tampa winning? billy boy will want to destroy the jets
  12. is this thread a joke? haven't even secured the number 1 pick to potentially draft the kid and you're already talking about how long of a leash should he have? lol
  13. The best case scenario is competitive losses. If Darnold plays well the whole time that's just a good thing
  14. Idk, without Elway's option to play baseball and still make millions or being a Manning, this isn't a good idea. First, you run the risk of looking like a coward who is afraid to step up and lead a team. Second, you run the risk of getting hurt and making it much more difficult for yourself. Third, if everything goes ok in your final college season you are still going to the worst team in the league.
  15. I think a lot of people misunderstood my reason for making this thread. the point was is there a realistic chance for getting a king's ransom type trade offer for trevor lawrence. also, what does that trade need to look like for the jets to really consider giving up the rights to lawrence
  16. well....for washington they didn't make the right moves with what they got. but take a look at this link for what the cowboys got from the blockbuster trade of herschel walker. it pretty much built them a dynasty that won 3 superbowls. this is the type of thing the jest could possibly do if someone were willing to make a monumental trade for trevor lawrence: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herschel_Walker_trade
  17. so you are the jets GM and i am a GM of team in the top 10. I offer you my entire 2021 draft plus my next 2 years 1sts and 3rds, plus 2023 and 2024 2nd round picks. so thats: 1st round picks - 3 (2021, 22 and23) 2nd round picks - 3 (2021, 23 and 24) 3rd round picks - 3 (2021, 22 and 23) 2021 4th - 7th round picks you don't even entertain it or make a counter offer for more picks? or maybe even adding a player?
  18. I think my point is that with all your eggs in the trevor lawrence basket you run the risk of losing trevor lawrence. if a team offers their entire 2021 draft plus, lets say 2022 and 23 1st rounders and, 2023 and 24 2nd rounders and 2022 and 23 3rd rounders i think you start listening very carefully.
  19. huh? he is the one who traded all the picks for ricxky williams. in this scenario we would be on the other side of the trade. i guess you could argue that washington didn't become a juggernaut afterwards though

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