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  1. how does this really have anything to do with the jets? he is talking about the cowboys. just saying that if you don't win in the post season then its the same as being out like we were.
  2. i think that maybe he hasn't been good in the nfl because he sucks balls
  3. i don't wanna be that guy but a lot people have died from this so let's not act like it can't be very serious
  4. Lol. It's a project developing a tool that can scan and analyze smart contracts. Its anti-rugpull. Anyway it's a good project with a small MC and is fairly new so it has a lot of room for growth. The devs are highly respected
  5. no not at all. did you go to the link?
  6. thnx for the info. here's one i am pretty high on. just released a month ago, really early as it only has 4500 holders and a 25 million market cap. and a good use case imo. https://www.totallyarugpull.com/
  7. as soon as he loses 1/2 step he will be about as good as mike vick was when it happened to him
  8. it is a little bit odd imo because we have very little talent in offensive skill positions and out o-line still needs work
  9. What's the deal with this? An forced advertisement for his website or something?
  10. i don't think the #22 pick will do it.
  11. This was just an embarrassingly bad performance by the defense this season. Idc about the extra game. JD and Saleh got a lot of work to do. Ulbrich should be fired immediately.
  12. Imagine not calling the push off there. If he caught that it wouldnt have been flagged
  13. A lot of people probably. A win here does absolutely nothing good.
  14. It wouldn't have been an automatic review since it wasnt a scoring play
  15. If we win pretty sure we could drop down a few spots in the draft
  16. Not that it matters but they never should have reversed that. And his foot was up
  17. the eagles having 3 first round picks is pretty damn good for them
  18. lol i think bobby bonilla is still getting paid......thats ****in sick
  19. I dont have any cardano. Although with the market bleeding the way it is it might be a good entry point for some I'll do some research on sundae swap....
  20. That's because you dont know wtf you're talking about.
  21. it was a stupid play call....lafleur and zach ****ed up. both of these things can be true at the same time.
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