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  1. On 5/17/2022 at 7:41 AM, Irish Jet said:

    Even the people who say they wouldn't be pissed would be pissed - Fans are more fickle than they like to think. It's easy to preach patience before the fact. 0-9 would be so bad that everyone in the building would be under pressure. It would have to mean Zach is failing spectacularly. 

    I doubt it will happen. There's some winnable games there and upsets happen. We'll steal one or two and beat some others. We better. 

    could also mean that zach is playing well and the defense is failing spectacularly. 

  2. 7 hours ago, Alka said:

    I mean Breece Hall is 20 years old, and Roger Craig is 61 years old.

    Please follow me here: Let's say that Breece's dad and Roger Craig's mother are siblings.  Assume that Roger Craig's mother was 15 years old when her brother was born.  Now, assume that Roger Craig's mother was 20 when Roger Craig was born.  That would mean that Breece's dad would have to wait until he was 45 years old to conceive Breece, thus when Roger Craig would be 41 years old, and Breece would just be being born.

    Actually, this now makes sense.  If Breece's dad married a woman who was 10 years younger than him, then Breece's mom would have had Breece at 36 years of age, and hs dad would be 46 years old.

    Does all this make sense?  I need to go do something.  I must be bored.

    ok first the man gets aroused and the penis becomes hard. around the same time the vagina becomes wet. the penis goes in and our of the vagina.......etc

  3. On 5/4/2022 at 12:08 AM, FootballLove said:

    I always feel bad for these kids coming out of college and starting their professional careers. They've been interviewed by half the league. They've spent time with the coaching staff, the GM, maybe the Owner. They've walked through the sparkling new buildings....weight rooms, study rooms, recovery rooms with massage tables, the cafeteria. 

    They HAVE to have landed an absolute favorite they HOPE HOPE HOPE drafts them. And at the same time, they've decided to PRAY PRAY PRAY certain teams DON'T draft them. The thought of spending the next 4 or 5 years in some absolute sh*thole is soul crushing.

    Then the draft starts....the team they want doesn't pick them...the team they HATE calls their name. And they have to act super excited to be going there.

    Uggg. I couldn't do it. Hats off to these kids that pull it off.

    Yeah must suck so bad to be drafted into the nfl at the top half of the first round 🙄 

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  4. 13 hours ago, TokyoJetsFan said:

    If you think the Giants call is boring, imagine what Belichicks call to the rookies sounds like? Mumbled call and the player left wondering if he was drafted or it was a butt dial by one of his buddies. 

    i would actually love to hear that call....

    belichick: hello
    cole strange: whats up coach!!!
    .....awkward silence.....
    phone hangs up....

    coles dad: so the patriots are picking you?

    cole strange: ummm idk

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  5. 6 hours ago, Darnold's Forehead said:

    Would be nice for Mims to contribute and Becton to stay healthy, if nothing else but to lessen the slandering of our own players around here.  I mean what GM would want to trade for either of these two when they come on to JetNation all they see is "lazy, fat Becton & useless, salmon, Mims"?

    so you think gms are making trade decisions based on what fans say on a forum??

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  6. 11 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

    A truly disgusting moment in the post-draft presser was when Douglas praised Saleh for “playing the young guys” last year, thus confirming that the whole org viewed it as a redshirt season, and also that they conspired to kneecap Mike White despite the wishes of everyone else on the football team. Douglas then went out and replaced most of those “young players” with new players that he will, no doubt, use as an excuse when the team wins <6 games again this year. They are a group of entitled, self-congratulating, Peter-principled goons that better luck into nine wins this year or the pressure is going to be turned to to a million PSI for 2023, and it’s hard to go from “hey man, six wins is fine” to “holy sh*t, we need to make a playoff run to save our jobs” inside of twelve months.

    this has to be satire

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  7. 2 minutes ago, Irish Jet said:

    He went 16 picks later.

    If he’s the greatest player ever then it still wouldn’t have been value relative to what other teams were going to do. If we’d have wanted a reciever as I’m sure we did the good ones would have been gone. 

    this is all easy to say in hindsight. no one knew what was going to happen until it happened. they were obviously high on him if they were so surprised to still see him at 15 that they tried trading up starting then

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