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  1. Hah no way in hell bell would go there with hunt and chubb there
  2. Time for bell to announce his decision and steal the Beckham thunder
  3. Idk I like the heat. Sick of northeast winters
  4. At least its warm...pittsburgh weather is sh*t
  5. Now let's trade the giants our pick for 6 and 17
  6. If he needed more than an hour to record that sh*t pull the offer now
  7. This is true. I lived there for like 5 months. Met some of the dumbest people I've ever known
  8. This better have been a ploy to get in some chicks panties
  9. Just go after a duo of ingram and coleman. To hell with bell if he doesnt wanna tell us
  10. this is the way to do it. try to fill as many holes as possible wth free agency this way you can draft best player available. thats the way you build a team......by drafting best player available....not for need. eventually you can't pay everyone when your roster is full of goo dplayers, so you need to the cheaper younger guys to be good
  11. Worth it for a legit backup who can actually win games for you
  12. I'd say trading back to #6 and throw in jermaine kearse
  13. we have tons of cap space and neither will cost much
  14. him and tevin colrman would make a pretty competent duo
  15. Epic for the Bill's and dolphins....that was right around when I first started paying attention to football. Then the 1986 season really sucked me in.....very appropriate since it's been the same ever since....lifting us up just to let us down
  16. Imagine 3 of the top 4 QBs from last years draft kn the AFC east? Kinda weird
  17. funny, but lets at least wait till the roster has more than 30 people on it no?

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