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  1. gordons ceiling is done. dude is a monumental waste of potential talent. he will never live up to the one season he had. he likely wont even finish this year on any nfl roster
  2. Stop arguing about when you need to find a franchise calibur QB. You get them at whatever point you can. The jets problem is that, right now, it looks like we still have to get a franchise qb
  3. so you mean to tell us that quarterback is more of an impact position than safety? this is revolutionary
  4. lol.....just busting your chops a bit....glad to see you can take it
  5. i like him......watching games with him commentating and you actually learn things about football. who cares if he has a bias towards the cowboys......
  6. this had me laughing out loud
  7. really? cause the way i see it the owners are greedy ****wads and this is the players only recourse. they should have fully guaranteed contracts
  8. whatever, they are draining the team of any talent whatsoever. getting the top pick with some talent is one thing, they arent gonna have any talent at all
  9. maybe not a complete scumbag but definitely an idiot who doesn't seem all that intelligent
  10. i don't get this statement. why is the timing convenient? wouldnt it have been just as convenient after he signed that big deal with the raiders?
  11. Lol...the funny part about this is if true he is turning at the end of their time. Talk about being a day late and a dollar short
  12. they never should have just released him. now they spent the draft picks for nothing and they get nothing for losing him either. they should have sent him a 5 day letter and then put him on the left squad list if he didnt report
  13. The Bills should be a weaker team than us. Which means it's a game you should win, thats it
  14. hey can you switch my draft position with the guy who has the 12th pick? you can read in the league feed that we made a deal to swap spots
  15. so i'm a little confused. are we really gonna draft before the 3rd preseason game?

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