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  1. have you watched this team for the past....ohhhh idk 10 years or so?
  2. whatever the problem is there should have been NO option b in that spot.
  3. how about letting the bucs score a td on the 4th down conversion as well? zach's good play is one of the biggest reasons the jets were even in a position to win the game on the 4th and 2 in the first place
  4. the coaches were also stupid enough to give a rookie qb the option to do that with 2 yards to go. sure he made a bad read......but the kid looked pretty good overall going against the superbowl champs.
  5. yeah it was a bad call. its fine in the long run its better for the team since it looks like we will be able to keep the #4 pick and also another pick in the top 10 from seattle.
  6. He made a bad read no doubt. But it never should have been on the table. The play call was ******* stupid.
  7. He didnt call the play. He was given the play and it was to make a quick read to either keep it or hand to berrios. It was a stupid play call. I've been extremely critical of Wilson all season.
  8. the poor decision was the idiotic playcall honestly. there never should have been a playcall that involved a possible qb sneak at all. it was ******* stupid
  9. **** bart scott. Only thing he is known for is a stupid catch phrase that ended up being nonsense because they lost the next week.
  10. hate to say it....but we are getting wrecked the next 2 weeks
  11. i don't think there's any chance Jd drafts a saftey that high. its just not enough of an impact position. he jettisoned jamal adams for a reason
  12. lol imagine he demanded a trade? dude hasn't done sh*t to be that cocky
  13. dude is soft and he got beat all freaking summer by lawson to the point where he made lawson seem like the second coming of lawrence taylor
  14. was only really good at run blocking. his pass blocking is garbage
  15. his run blocking isn't as strong but he is a much superior pass blocker....which is much more important at left tackle. becton sucks at pass blocking
  16. dude already basically mailed it in. he moves or he is done. he has no leverage.....he sucked hairy ballbags at LT this year
  17. dude spent all of training camp this year getting beat like a drum and then he sucked in the games he played and went out for the year. i'd be surprised if he makes a comeback next year. if so it will be at right tackle because dude is sh*t at pass blocking
  18. no more "big ticket" now it's: "big piece of sh*t"
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