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  1. i mean he said he wasn't even sure they were gonna do an mri. if they thought it was that serious wouldn't they do an mri right away, no hemming or hawing?
  2. i'll play for $50 why note. our old league dissolved due to non-payers so i need a league to play. auction draft? i know one or even 2 mor epeople that might wanna play that would make 24
  3. as well i've heard he faps like a mad-man. a bit worried about carpal tunnel or penis chaffing
  4. If we drafted better we would have played better and then we wouldn't have been in position to draft darnold most likely.
  5. supposedly polite looked pretty good in practice today. maybe we should give the kid more than 2 weeks of his first pro camp ever before we decide he can't play
  6. This doesnt look like a guy who can make it through an NFL season
  7. how great would it be to have quinnen sack him and end his season. mo lewis lets him in, and williams takes him out
  8. jetsrule128....i think he's currently the only remaining member of JI.....singlehandedly keeping the forum post count from hitting zero by way of shizophrenic arguments with himself
  9. doesn't matter to me....what would make it sweetest though would be eliminating the patriots in the playoffs (and preferable in the afc championship game) on the way to the superbowl
  10. makes total sense now if i send you a pic of mine will you rate it? pretty sure its also below average but would like verification
  11. can't remember the posters name right now but i'm sure someone will remember: "no one can take a full powershot from me" followed by a shirtless selfie in a punching pose
  12. pretty sure you cant get a brain eating parasite by eating a girls a**hole out
  13. the fact that you are rating brett favres penis is interesting

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