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  1. dude already basically mailed it in. he moves or he is done. he has no leverage.....he sucked hairy ballbags at LT this year
  2. dude spent all of training camp this year getting beat like a drum and then he sucked in the games he played and went out for the year. i'd be surprised if he makes a comeback next year. if so it will be at right tackle because dude is sh*t at pass blocking
  3. no more "big ticket" now it's: "big piece of sh*t"
  4. he's an injury prone right tackle.......drafted way too high
  5. he was? because his pass blocking wasn't even all that good. he was only a good run blocker
  6. i mean i already thought he was done for the year
  7. I mean it's not like any of us are happy the team sucks yet again. For me it's been 36 years of yearly heartbreak. Who needs this wanker telling us to find another team because we are hoping to get a better puck to get a piece we need? Screw him
  8. Lol most of the pro tank crowd has been with thos team through thick and thin for decades. How about you gfy
  9. Yep we always manage to win some meaningless game that ****s us on getting a player. And people cheer about the win. Which is cool. But I dont see what felt good about this win the jags suck and we just sucked slightly less
  10. Well the good news is the jets defense sucks balls. Hoping they blow it here
  11. Meaningless win will keep us from getting o e of the pass rushers we need. Every year this team is sh*t and manages to win a game that ****s their draft position. They can't even be sh*t right
  12. Oh maybe the guide is wrong. Because the pre game on right now is jets/jags. Comcast is just stupid
  13. I am really confused on how the jets game isnt being played on cbs in my area today. Atent they obligated to play that game? It says its bills/Patriots. I'm on the Jersey shore
  14. wow is cbs really playing the bills vs pats in new jersey over the jets game?
  15. its actually best case scenario for us to lose today. at this point the most positive thing that can come out of the rest of this season is as high a draft pick as possible
  16. a jets' win does nothing positive for the team. what i want to see is zach starting to look at least decent while we still lose. i am also rooting for panthers' and seahaws' losses
  17. i mean at best we win one more game this year. because no way in hell we are winning either of the final two. and with everyone going down with covid right now we might have a pretty rough time beating the jags as well
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