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  1. Well if we are gonna win anymore games this year I hope it's this one.
  2. it's not the lines fault....he is playing like crap end of story
  3. Seriously. I really dont understand why lafleur keeps calling that play where zach throws the ball 7 feet above the receivers head. Newsflash lafeur....it doesnt work!!
  4. first let him work on not throwing it 5 feet over their heads or into the ground.......then he can work on touch
  5. Problem there is wilson rarely hits a receiver in stride
  6. Kid sucks so far. Feel free to keep virtually lsucking his ball bag though....
  7. He just sails so many passes. Its unbelievable actually
  8. Being in the nfl doesnt suddenly make you an accurate passer. Wilson has been woefully inaccurate. Even many of his completions are iffy throws that the receiver makes great snag on
  9. Sad part about this games is that we should've signed minshew
  10. He also makes better decisions and doesnt sail every 3rd pass he throws.
  11. If Flacco's were in we would probably be winning or at least within 1 score
  12. Sorry bro but he is doody. He is a big lumpy steaming dark brown log of doody
  13. The problem though is that he sucks. We need someone to unsuck him
  14. You guys realize this defense is on pace to be like one of the top 5 worst ever in NFL history
  15. Imagine having to tell people you played in the NFL but missed your first 2 pats and got sh*tcanned
  16. Cant believe these idiots fired amendola for this scrub choke artist
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