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  1. ahh you know...i just basically got on the internet about 4 years ago. i don't know much about html and all that crap. i guess that's the result of not growing up with computers like kids now-a-days do. i mean seriously, my 4 year old can get on the computer and get to his websites without any help.
  2. so it does work that way on some forums and not others???
  3. that's a little harsh. the only real problem this team has is the bullpen. and we could use an upgrade at secondbase.
  4. yeah i don't know. that used to work on a different forum. maybe that matters, idk. but i know it worked for me, cause i had no idea how to do it your way.
  5. hmmmm. that's weird. how come it used to work the other way i did it though? btw, i know i suck at computers...oh yeah thanks.
  6. for some reason any youtube videos i've tried to embed lately just show a link instead. what is the problem? i usually just copy and paste the url and it just works, but now that's not working, what am i doing wrong?
  7. brother cain is pretty cool. here's an awesome version of this song...... XXrwlEquWpI
  8. if bbq boy can get another coaching gig anyone can.......
  9. you have faith.....i don't. not that i don't think he's a good back, he definitely is. just that he's going to split carries with williams....and the dophins offense is not going to be good. not with pennington in there allowing defenses to stack the box. maybe i'm wrong, maybe you're wrong....who knows, we'll see though.
  10. ronnie brown is not going to give you another performance like last week....ever. truth is that he splits the carries 50/50 with ricky williams and that probably won't change much. maybe it will go 60/40. yeah you got a monster week from him last week, but you can't expect anything even resembling that week to week. besides no one is going to be caught off guard like that again......just saying.
  11. lol.....there's nothing really to knwo about it. they're idiots. it's a cult started by a sci-fi writer l. ron hubbard. they belive that like 75 million years ago some intergalactic rule rnamed xenu trapped everyone in a volcano and nuked it......and all those souls got trapped on earth and are "infecting" us. so they use some BS thing called an e-meter to clear you of these souls and then you become clear and gain powers. it's terrifically stupid....all these sessions supposedyl cost a hell of alot o fmoney. the cult targeted celebrities cause they have alot of money and like half of them are
  12. how about not trading fragile phil for the beast known as johan muthafuggin santana?
  13. they're playing buffalo which is part of the reason i'm considering perry over jackson. i just have such a hard time benching a guy like jackson...even though the rams have been sh*t, that guy has the potential to have huge games.
  14. lol....that almost as bad as this moron.....
  15. out of these 3 which 2 should i play? jamal lewis, steven jackson, chris perry. right now i'm thinking lewis and jackson.
  16. well.....some threads do deserve to be dumped. not saying this is one though. thats said...this place is a hell of alot better than ji.
  17. repeat after me...... "mangini is fat and he is stupid" "mangini is fat and he is stupid" now think about it again. i promise you won't be confused anymore. you'll just understand that the man is a stupid f-u-c-k and sucks as a head coach.
  18. i'll tell you what. if your whole defense just goes to sh*t cause of the loss of one player well then mangidiot shoudl be fired immediately.
  19. like i've been saying...mangini is a fat stupid f-u-c-k. and schottenheimer sucks my smelly ballsack.
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