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  1. yeah....can't miss out on all that JI exclusive content. i never once considered giving that dude my money for that BS exclusive content.
  2. last week: no selection this week: justin fargas
  3. if the pats get blown out moss will wind up with an injury that no one is quite sure how he got......
  4. for my #3 receiver i'm trying to decide between chris chambers, matt jones, and antonio bryant. i'd really like to go with bryant because i really belive he's gonna have a very good year and will surpass galloway in stats this year as one of tampa's starting wide-outs. garcia mis-fired twice last week to a wide open antonio bryant for what would have been 2 deep td's. chambers only caught one pass last week although it was for a td and i'm not sure what to think about matt jones yet.
  5. well as of now i'm going with fargas........just wanted some opinions, if i stay with fargas and lewis has a better day than so be it.
  6. jamal lewis or justin fargas? fargas goes up against kc and lewis up against the steelers.
  7. i just looked it up. he's got 4 kick-return td's and 7 punt-return td's. here's the link... http://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/H/HestDe99.htm
  8. yeah who knows......he is a bit different that's for sure.
  9. yeah....anyway i just saw the thread where he says he had some family thing come up. if that's the case ham overreacted...he told everyone at the draft that jetsrule intentionally tried to sabotage the league. anyway...that's it...i won't be talkibg about JI drama anymore, i was just curious what happened with jetsrule and the draft.
  10. lol...sorry. on the bright side you should be getting some nice pictures from brett favre's bushes pretty soon.
  11. i think it ended up in the dump. i'm not sure who banned me for it though. i was banned once before that for making fun of mangini's man-boobs. no sense of humor over there.
  12. hey what d'ya know jetsrule is here......wtf happened with the fantasy football draft? you just deleted your team like an hour before the draft with no warning and almost ruined the league on us.
  13. cause i started a thread asking any jets players that read the board to tell coles to quit being such a b*tch.........
  14. yeah i hear ya. i was just curious about what i was allowed to say here w/o getting into trouble.
  15. maybe he's not including punt returns. aren't half of hesters td's from punt returns?
  16. yeah figures. one time i got a warning from one of the mods that i should be banned because i posted a picture of diarreah when i was referring to the teams performance in the game that sunday......
  17. come on now...the man was money in the denver championship game..... btw...your avatar here is a hell of alot better
  18. yeah you're right...idk wtf i was thinkning about. i'm retarded sometimes. that's ok. i'm in a FF league with ham...i'll ask him. but, if you would like to know.....i'm actually eating a chicken sandwhich wioth ketchup for dinner tonight....
  19. same savage who moderates on JI? who banned me for telling the jets players to ask coles to quit being a b*tch?
  20. y'knwo about a month ago i saw some message board rankings and i was pretty impressed that this site was ranked pretty high. asterisk nation has come a long way....lol
  21. cassell will throw 2 interceptions and be sacked 4 times minimum. jets win 24 - 10. favre gets 280 yards and tosses 3 td's.....
  22. 4 years ago when i joined it was alot better. but it seems the more seriously somebody over there takes himself the less and less you can actually criticize the team, coaches or even some of the media.
  23. yeah i don't like talking about politics anyway......
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