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  1. can't be any worse than the other horse faced qb who became gm
  2. Again.....win and none of this sh*t matters. It's up to gase at this point to win with what we have
  3. well if its any consolation most of macs draft picks last 1-2 years so he only really set up the next year or so
  4. might as well just keep gase interim till the year is over. weird time to try to find a gm
  5. look righ tnow he is right that it looks dysfunctional. win and this all goes away. gase just put himself in a pressure cooker if he is really the one who orchestrated this. he needs to show he can win and he doesn't have too long.
  6. step 1 : eat dominoes and drink 5 cups of coffee step 2 : sit on toilet step 3 : put head in bowl about 2-6" to get a close up view and good whiff of what you just created this sums up mikes tenure here
  7. mike macaggnan: (holding a cup of coffee and shiving his shlong in chris johnsons agape mouth) you're gonna approve the bell deal after i get done nutting in your mouth you whoa chris johnson (bobbing up and down furiously on mikes tool) ghharrrgklll garrghghhhfffrrr faargggglllegggh (nods approvingly) mike macaggnan: all the way down you scrawny twit
  8. well judging by appearances chris johnson seems to be a submissive bitch. gase is gonna pimp slap the sh*t out of him and then force him to give him rim jobs after taco bell induced diarrhea without wiping first
  9. they got a warrant so whats the problem? couldnt exactly just walk in and tell the place they were installing cameras. this is why our justice system sucks
  10. oh idk...havent really been following the story
  11. well, if that were the case i'd say you are right, but doesn' this case involve girls who were trafficked? in that case its a bit differenrt
  12. The hot fluff of anal air I let out while reading your post was more meaningful.....had a nice strong musk to it with hints of chicken with broccoli undertones but an unpleasant wet finish........like literally wet......it was a slight shartsky. Good news is I'm pretty sure it didnt get past my crack.....underwear saved!
  13. Ok good at least it's not my phone got infected. Her @Maxman looks like you might have a bad ad on the site.
  14. well our defense was basically crap last season....so if he were the one running it he would've and should've been canned
  15. If you're winning the rest is bullsh*t
  16. Well there ya go. Moron trades back a bunch to pick a blocking tight end. asswipe mother****er. Mac is a loser
  17. He teaded down 5 spots in the 4th to move up 8 I the 5th. That's just garbage trade. Didnt pick up an extra pick at all. Except a dick pic maybe
  18. Mac got a 5th and a dick pic for that one. He's ecstatic!
  19. Lol. It's clear mac wanted butler and when he was picked now he has no idea who to pick so just panicking and trading back

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