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  1. Fat and sloppy? No. Thick and juicy....hell yeah
  2. Oh yeah? I've supported and watched this team for 35 years. I think calling out a sh*tty player is well within my rights after 35 years of futility and disappointment. Especially since the last 10 might just be the worst ever
  3. Yeah? You think people saying zach sucks on a forum is the problem?
  4. Why does it always seem we get the chuck knoblauch of qbs?
  5. Because our qb is zach "I suck ball bags" wilson
  6. So what qbs are available this offseason? It's clear wilson is sh*t. Next
  7. Is this the quickest the jets have had a qb ruin himself?
  8. Well at least franklin myers decided to finally show back up
  9. Who could've predicted that a QB who had one good year playing a schedule full of scrub teams would come in and possibly suck?
  10. So Zach Wilson legitimately just sucks total ass
  11. unless its absolutely blatant, pass interference shouldnt be called. the reward to the other team is just too high to be calling these ticky tacky PIs. i didnt think it was PI
  12. guaranteed he doesn't play a full season next year either
  13. by the end of the season the nfl may never have seen a defense this bad. we are on pace to take the record for most points allowed in a season. even if we don't get it we have a good shot at being top 5
  14. yeah it's pretty bad. not winning too many games was to be expected. being a total embarrassment on the field was not
  15. we are on pace to beat the record for most points allowed in a season. sure we get 1 extra game to do it, but still, thats terrible
  16. the fact we gave that turd JFM an extension that makes him one of the jets top paid players is reaosn enough to fire joe douglas imo
  17. seriously it's brutal. i wonder how its ranked all time, i can't remember seeing a team give up so many points game after game
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