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  1. Mike white looks like hes not sure about being the number 1 pick anymore
  2. I mean saleh sucks so far but it's not because hes benching that turd known as mike white
  3. He looks like something I PICKED out of my tangled ass hairs this morning
  4. I'm gonna recommend watching the jets defense to all my bulimic friends.
  5. Why is it that no matter how many yds left on 3rd down I'm like 90% sure the def will give it all up for a 1st
  6. How tf do you get a delay on 4th and 1 when you are going for it? Idiots!!
  7. "Can the jets defense get off the field on 3rd down" .. No, no they cant
  8. Josh allen easily has the worst mustache I've seen since middle school
  9. all i know for sure is the trade is going to net us high round picks solely due to the guy we traded away. kinda funny. it's like a quantum vortex.....lol
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