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  1. Over and over again with your eyelids sewed open a clockwork orange style
  2. Simplified version but yes. Jetsinsider started censoring everything due to press passes, also started charging a fee for VIP access (and limited some site functions to VIP members only). All these things combined with the scout news and Politics and letting a psychopath become a mod had people slowly coming here and then culminated in a large exodus from which it never recovered. **** em, this place is so much better than jetsinsider ever was.
  3. Pretty sure hes on jetsinsider posting to himself as the last remaining member there
  4. Maybe he dressed up like a bush? Would explain the look on bells face
  5. There is no way on Earth we trade down to the 15-20 range and only get a 2nd rounder in return. It would be a horrendous trade and Mac would be a complete moron if he did it
  6. agreed. they should have just released this video months ago. instead we waited months to be tortured by some scrub named max. like who on earth even was that dude? jb smoove was doodoo as well.
  7. Speaking of which has anyone seen @Jet Nut since the reveal? He was adamant the leaks were fake. Hope hes ok
  8. Maybe it's just me....but taking a shade of green and calling it "Gotham green" is sorta corny
  9. it was terrible. i don't understand why they couldnt just have released the new uniforms design at a quick press conference. this was a waste of time and money. ended yup getting leaked beforehand forcing people to lie about it....then tortured us with some unknown sh*t singer before "revealing" uniforms that were already revealed and a logo that was somehow revealed in germany 2 days ago. amateur hour bs
  10. I just cant believe it took 4 years for this. I could've gotten it done in 4 months easily
  11. I just never liked the old logo much. They actually made it slightly better at least. I was hoping for more of a 1980s style logo. But it's better than what it was
  12. The pic of anderson running....the helmet logo looks decent when you see it full on from the side.
  13. This is just embarrassing. Holy sh*t. Like the uniforms dont suck enough? They want to torture us first?
  14. Just when I thought it couldnt get any worse this scrub max shows up singing some lame crap
  15. Lol. Relax man. I'm just busting your chops. It's all in fun. Cheers

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