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  1. He also makes better decisions and doesnt sail every 3rd pass he throws.
  2. If Flacco's were in we would probably be winning or at least within 1 score
  3. Sorry bro but he is doody. He is a big lumpy steaming dark brown log of doody
  4. The problem though is that he sucks. We need someone to unsuck him
  5. You guys realize this defense is on pace to be like one of the top 5 worst ever in NFL history
  6. Imagine having to tell people you played in the NFL but missed your first 2 pats and got sh*tcanned
  7. Cant believe these idiots fired amendola for this scrub choke artist
  8. You guys think amendola is available? This kessman kid stinks
  9. I get amendola wasnt that good. But shouldn't we make sure the replacement doesnt suck worse before cutting someone?
  10. He must not have read the forums before signing up....
  11. Fat and sloppy? No. Thick and juicy....hell yeah
  12. Oh yeah? I've supported and watched this team for 35 years. I think calling out a sh*tty player is well within my rights after 35 years of futility and disappointment. Especially since the last 10 might just be the worst ever
  13. Yeah? You think people saying zach sucks on a forum is the problem?
  14. Why does it always seem we get the chuck knoblauch of qbs?
  15. Because our qb is zach "I suck ball bags" wilson
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