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  1. This SUCKS!!! We probably would have beaten the crap out of the Pats if we had Chad... He knows their schemes much more than Mr. Favre.. Idk about you guys, but Chad is a class act... I still wish he was the QB of this team.. As for the old man'.... He needs to understand that the object of the game is to move the ball forward...
  2. I wish somebody on this board would have the maturity to give me real advice... Who is this boom boom?? I dont get it guys.... Yesterday I slept 9 hours with great sleep efficiency.. Last night.. No.. Im really scared.. What if I start to lose my muscles??
  3. I got really drunk last night, and slept like ****.. It was really weird bc I woke up at like 7 AM and couldn't fall back asleep... I have been having sleep problems all week.. I was lying in bed for like 8 and 1/2 hours yesterday..... i thought I might of had one dream, but doubtful... should I see a doctor??
  4. Hes the offensive coordinator for the steelers.. I think he would make a good head coach... The Steelers are a really solid team
  5. I don't buy this... The same can be said for Merrill Lynch and even Lehman Bros... Merrill Lynch was bought out by BOA, and Lehman Bros faces liquidation... Are you saying that there is no insurance co. that would have been interested in acquiring AIG??? BTW.. my major is Finance... I'm very knowledgeable
  6. ? LOL DID YOU READ MY POST????? You know.. about Jets fans whom are pleased with mediocrity
  7. Yea, but how do you explain Freedie Mac and Fannie Mae? Good point however... The Fed is known to negotiate
  8. get off mangini's back?? If I was the owner he would have been fired....
  9. People don't laugh at the Jets because of their fans... they laugh at the Jets because of the organization. The horrible GM's, the horrible head coaches, the horrible draft picks (not a shot at Tanny, btw), and, most importantly, the horrible players. If you're OK with this loss on Sunday, then I feel bad for you as a fan. Seriously, I do. I will never become the Jet fan (this is the one that others actually make fun of, NOT the ones who want to win) who is satisfied with mediocrity. You know, the Jet fan that ripped me for getting on Herm Edwards, all the way until year #5 (satisfi
  10. Bailouts have been going on since Lee Iaccoca hooked Jimmy Carter.. Nothing knew... I really don't think this economy thing is as big of a deal as people are making it out to be... All these companies made the same mistake... They bought up **** loads of mortgage-backed securities during a major inflation thinking that the price of houses will only go increase, and they will continue to make money... Well, unfortunately for them the price of houses did drop... We are not going into a depression.. The problem is that these finance wizzes aren't as smart as I am..
  11. I'm in college as well.. You probably made the guys day by calling him up, and telling him that. Just go... It can't hurt to have this guy on your good side.. Maybe you could use him in the future to help you with a problem...
  12. Favre has shown he can't get it done as well as the coaching. May as well build for the future. Favre didn't come here to toss 165 yards a game and lose to a kid who hasn't played since High School. He was traded for to come here and stomp on a Bradyless Pats team and go TD for TD with Brady if he were here. Sunday was an embarrassment, for Mangini, Favre, the Jets D and every Jets fan all over the globe. I've watched every Jets games since I was 5 and I can honestly say I've never been more embarrassed to be a Jets fan than I was yesterday...
  13. Yesterday was like a hard kick in the nuts for every REAL Jets fan....
  14. The Jets could have the patriots oline... it wouldn't matter.... The Pats D knew what was coming.. We didn't even change up which hole we tried to run through...
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