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    CONGRATULATIONS Jet fans from a "lurker"...I'm still not a fan of trash talking but your team backed it up so what can I (or any Pat's fan ) say....I'll now be rooting for the Jets to win the SB for the first time since Jets/Colts in 69...
  2. That year they used their 2nd, 4th and 6th (7th?) for Welker and Moss...
  3. ECURB.....you DO know that games that air at 1pm on the East coast are shown at 10AM in the Pacific time zone?...My relatives in SD grumble about this all season....
  4. Yeah, the "fine print" at the bottum of the page identifies it as a joke...(I had already called my daughter in SF though...)
  5. Afosomf...Not sure how true,but I've read that Vrabel was due a roster bonus of $1mil on March 1st which the Pats allowed him to recieve by trading rather than releasing him... That said, I'm sure their primary motivation in the trade was similar to that in franchising and trading Cassel ie to ensure he would NOT wind up in the AFC East...
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